Name: Acamar, Theta 1/2 Eridani
Galaxy: Milky Way
Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Unknown
Star System: Acamar System
Star: Acamar
Moons: None
Class: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Species: Acamarians
Federation Affiliation: None

The third planet of the [[acamar-s]] is the homeworld of two major clans, the Tralesta and the Lornak. In the Terran year 2086 a blood feud had started between the two clans lasting approx. 200 years and almost wiped out one of them as about in 2280, only five Tralesta survived after the Lornak had decided to eliminate them in common.

The Gatherers, an Acamarian nomad clan, left their home planet in 2266. Instead of accepting a peace treaty between the Lornak and the Tralesta, they moved away through the galaxy and decided to live a space pirate's life, raiding outposts and planets of other systems.
When the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D found a Federation outpost devastated by the Gatherers, they pursued them to their former homeworld in order to make the Acamarian government control the dangerous pirates.

In 2286, Yuta, among the last survivors of the Tralesta clan, had her cell structure changed to remove any signs of ageing. Yuta survived until the 24th century and became the chef and chief food taster of the female political leader of Acamar III, Sovereign Marouk.
Previously unknown to others, she was exacting a long lasting and methodical revenge on the Lornak as her body was infused with a genetically engineered microvirus that was harmless to all except the members of the Lornak clan, enabling her to kill them only by a touch of her hand. Her almost successful revenge was ended during the negotiations between Marouk and the Gatherers on the planet of Gamma Hromi III. Commander Riker of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D was attracted to her, but after determining her true purpose, he was forced to kill her with a type II hand phaser when she wanted to fight her last battle against the Lornak, trying to assasinate Chorgan, the Gatherers Leader.

After Yutas death and the finish of the negotiations that granted amnesty and seats in the Acamarian Council to the Gatherers, they accepted to return to Acamar III.