Galaxy: Milky Way
Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Unknown
Star System: Epsilon Mynos System
Star: Epsilon Mynos
Moons: None
Class: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Species: Aldeans
Federation Affiliation: None

The planet of Aldea was hidden from the outer world for centuries thanks to a shielding and cloaking device controlled by a highly sophisticated computer system, the Custodian. The Aldean society, allowing the inhabitants to excel in intellectual and artistic pursuits, became a legend.

The planet's existence stayed a myth until the Aldeans led the Federation starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D under Capt. Jean-Luc Picard to the planet and uncloaked it. Then, during negotiations, the Aldeans abducted the Enterprise children, using their highly advanced transporter systems to break through the starship's deflector shields, in order to repopulate their planet. Dr. Crusher later discovered that the planet's shield and cloaking device caused the destruction of its ozone layer and resulted in barrenness of its inhabitants due to contamination by UV radiation.

After having explained the situation to the Aldeans, the Enterprise children could be returned to their parents due to the combined efforts of Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher and Capt. Picard. Eventually, the crew offered help to learn about the workings of the Custodian system, and to disable the damaged cloaking device.
The ozone layer of the planet was re-seeded by the Enterprise and the radiation poisoning of its inhabitants were treated successfully by Dr Crusher. The Aldeans may not use the shield or the cloaking device again to maintain the integrity of the planet's atmosphere, so the legend will die; however, the people will live.

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