Name: Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri
Galaxy: Milky Way
Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Unknown
Star System: Aldebaran System
Star: Aldebaran
Moons: None
Class: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Federation Affiliation: Member

The third planet of the [[aldebaran-s]], where Dr. Janet Wallace and her husband Theodore analyzed Carbohydrate connections and their usage in stopping the aging of plants. Wallace, working aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 during a crisis, suggested to use the results of their research as cure in cases of rapide aging processes among the crew (later known as the Aging Disease). Eventually Dr. McCoy of the Enterprise discovered that Adrenaline conjunctions can be used as cure. The deadly virus had been brought aboard by a landing party that visited the planet of Gamma Hydra IV.

In 2371, Belongo, a nephew of the Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek, had been arrested by Starfleet for several offenses on Aldebaran III.

Aldebaran whisky is green, expensive and high-proof.