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~beH:~ ready|set up (device) {vs2}
~bej:certainly|undoubtedly ~ {vs6}
~be':~-not {vsR}
~bogh:which ~ (rel. clause marker) {vs9}
~chaj:their ~ {ns4}
~choH:~-change {vs3}
~chugh:if ~ {vs9}
~chuq:~ one another {vs1}
~chu':clearly|perfectly ~ {vs6}
~DI':as soon as|when ~ {vs9}
~DIch:~(-ordinal) {num}
~Daj:his/her ~ {ns4}
~Daq:~(-locative) {ns5}
~Du':~(-plural-body-part) {ns2}
~ghach:~-action/quality {ns4}
~Ha':~(-undo) ~ {vsR}
~Hey:~(-apparent) {ns3}
~Hom:~(-diminutive) {ns1}
~jaj:may ~ [KGT; in toasts and wishes; in toasts, the suffixed word moves to the end even if that violates normal word order; thus, /wo' ghawran DevtaHjaj/ "empire Gowron lead-continuous-may" (instead of /wo' DevtaHjaj ghawran/), meaning "May Gowron continue to lead the Empire"; but cf. the fixed ceremonial reply /ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj/, lit. "scared (adv.) run enemy-plural-may", for "May (your) enemies run with fear"]
~laH:can|able ~ {vs5}
~law':seems|apparently ~ {vs6}
~lIj:your ~ {ns4}
~lI':~ in progress {vs7}
~logh:~(-repetition) {num}
~lu':~ (indefinite subject) {vs5}
~II':your ~ {ns4} (noun capable of using language)
~maj:our ~ {ns4}
~ma':our (noun capable of using language) ~ {ns4}
~meH:for ~ (purpose-clause marker) {vs9}
~mey:~(-plural (general)) {ns2}
~moH:cause of ~ {vs4}
~mo':due to ~ {ns5}
~na':definite ~ {ns3}
~neS:~(-honorific) {vs8}
~nIS:need to ~ {vs2}
~pa':before ~ {vs9}
~pu':~-plural (beings capable of using language) {ns2}
~pu':~(-perfective) {vs7}
~qang:willing to ~ {vs2}
~qa':do again|resume ~ {vs3}
~qoq:so-called ~ {ns3}
~qu':~(-emphatic) {vsR}
~Qo':do not!|will not! ~ {vsR}
~raj:your (plural) ~ {ns4}
~ra':your (plural) (noun capable of using language) {ns4}
~rup:ready|prepared (referring to beings) ~ {vs2} 
~taH:continuous ~ {vs7}
~ta':~ accomplished|done {vs7}
~vaD:for ~ {ns5}
~vam:this ~ {ns4}
  ex=:[see TKD p.163]
~vetlh:that ~ {ns4}
~vIp:afraid to ~ {vs2}
~vIS:while ~ {vs9}
~vo':from ~ {ns5}
~wI':one who is|one who does|thing which does ~ {vs9}
~wIj:my ~ {ns4}
~wI':my (noun capable of using language) ~ {ns4}
~'a':~(-augmentative) {ns1}
~'a':~(-interrogative) {vs1}
~'e':topic {ns5}
~'egh:~ oneself {vs1}
bach:shot {n.}
  bach:shoot {v.} [disruptors or phasers]
    bachHa':err, make a mistake (slang) {v.} [KGT; listed as {n.} in Klingon-English side (likely an intentional mistake), but {v.} in English-Klingon side and in body text.]
baghneQ:spoon {n.} [startrek.klingon]
baH:fire (torpedo, rocket, missile) {v.}
  baHjan:launcher {n.} [BoP]
  baHwI':gunner {n.}
bang:love, one who is loved {n.}
baQa':general invective {excl.} [TKD p178]
baS:metal {n.}
batlh:honor {n.} [TKD; /HolQeD/, v12n3p9: general, philosophical concept, associated with integrity]
  batlh:honored, with honor (adv)
bav:orbit {v.}
ba':sit {v.}
beb:roof {n.} [NEWS]
bech:suffer {v.}
begh:deflectors {n.}
beH:rifle {n.}
bej:watch {v.}
bel:be pleased {v.}
  bel:pleasure {n.}
    belHa':be displeased {v.}
ben:years ago {n.}
bep:agony {n.}
  bep:complain, object, gripe {v.}
beq:crew, crewman {n.}
bergh:be irritable {v.}
bertlham:end (of an opera, play, story, speech) {n.} [refers to the final section of such a performance (last act, scene, sentence, etc.); /HolQeD/ v12n2p8}]
betleH bey':Bat'telh display {n.} [KCD]
be':female, woman {n.}
  Be'etor:B'Etor - one of the DuraS sisters {proper n} [/HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S26]
  be'Hom:girl {n.} ["female-diminutive"; see /Hom/]
  be'nal:wife {n.} [maybe related to /Da'nal/, which would mean "female-erratic/unpredictable/irritation"]
  be'nI':sister {n.}
bID:half {n.}
bIghHa':prison, jail {n.}
bIH:they, them (incapable of language) {pro.}
bIng:area below, area under {n.}
bIp:hundred thousand {num.}
bIQ:water {n.} [water is used as the symbol of weakness and disdain. TKD, TKW p34-35]
  bIQSIp:hydrogen {n.} ["water-gas", see /SIp/; BoP Poster]
    bIQSIp 'ugh:deuterium isotope {n.} ["hydrogen that is heavy"; BoP Poster]
  bIQtIq:river {n.} ["water-be-lengthy"]
  bIQ'a':ocean {n.} ["water-augmentative"]
bIr:be cold {v.}
  bIreQtagh:bregit lung {n.} [addendum; food item shown and described on KCD.]
bIS'ub:bottom (interior) {n.} [/HolQeD/ v8n3p2]
bIt:be nervous, uneasy {v.}
bIv:break (rules) {v.}
bI'rel tlharghDuj:B'rel-class Scout {n.} [BoP Poster]
bI'reS:beginning (of an opera, play, story, speech) {n.} [refers to the opening section of such a performance (last act, scene, sentence, etc.); /HolQeD/ v12n2p8]
bobcho':module {n.}
boch:shine, be shiny {v.}
boH:be impatient {v.}
boj:nag {v.}
bogh:be born {v.}
bom:song|chant {n.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
  bom:sing|chant {v.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
  bom mu':lyrics {n.} ["song ?"; "Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
bong:accidentally, by accident (adv)
bop:be about, be concerned with {v.} [qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIch; from entry August 1, 2005 by ubykhlives]
  ex=HolQeD bopbe' paqvam:This book is not about linguistics.
boq:alliance / bloc, coalition / fusion {n.} [TKD, KGT, BoP poster]
  boq:ally with, form an alliance with, used in math for addition {v.} [used in math: /boq/ for addition, /boqHa'/ for subtraction, X-/logh boq'egh/ Y for multiplication, X-/logh boqHa''egh/ Y for division. See /chen/; TKD, KGT, BoP poster/HolQeD v9n3p10]
    boq'egh:used in math for multiplication {v.} [used in math: X-/logh boq'egh/ Y for multiplication; /HolQeD/ v9n3p10]
      boqHa':used in math for subtraction {v.} [used in math: /boqHa'/ for subtraction; /HolQeD/ v9n3p10]
      boqHa''egh:used in math for division {v.} [used in math: X-/logh boqHa''egh/ Y for division. See /chen/. TKD, KGT, BoP poster, HolQeD v9n3p10]
  boQ:aide {n.}
    boQ:assist {v.}
    boQDu':aide-de-camp {n.}
borghel:a very small bird whose eggs are considered quite tasty {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
bor:gurgle {v.} [specifically refers to the sound that a stomach makes. /HolQeD/, v12n4p8]
bortaS:revenge {n.}
boS:collect {v.}
bot:prevent, block, prohibit {v.}
botlh:center, middle {n.}
bov:era {n.}
bo:feather {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p5]
  bo'Degh:bird, the most general word for a bird-like creature {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
bo'DIj:court {n.}
  ghIpDIj:court-martial {v.}
buD:be lazy {v.}
bup:quit {v.}
buQ:threaten {v.}
bur:hiccup {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
  burgh:stomach {n.}
buS:concentrate on, focus on, think only about {v.}
butlh:dirt under fingernails; symbolic equivalent of gall, an admirable trait to have {n.} [TKD; TKW p142]
buv:classification {n.}
  buv:classify {v.}
bu':sergeant {n.}
cha:torpedoes|missiles {n.} [cf. /peng/]
chach:emergency {n.}
chaDvay':Hertz (frequency) {n.} [/veS QonoS/, /HolQeD/ v1n3p9]
chagh:drop {v.}
chaH:they, them (capable of using language) {pro.}
chal:sky {n.}
cham:technology {n.} [KGT]
  chamwI':technician {n.}
chan:eastward, area toward the east {n.} [90 degrees on Terran 360 degree compass with north as 0 and degrees counted clockwise; /HolQeD/ v8n4p6]
chang'eng:pair {n.} [BoP Poster]
chap:back (of hand) {n.}
chaq:perhaps (adv)
chargh:conquer {v.}
chaS:top of walking cane or ceremonial cane {n.} [/HolQeD/ v12n2p7]
chav:achieve {v.}
  chav:achievement {n.}
chaw:permit (n.) [This entry was missing from the Klingon-English side of TKD, though it is used as a noun in PK: /cha'puj vIngevmeH chaw' HInobneS/.]
  chaw':allow, permit {v.}
chay':how? (ques)
cha':show, display (picture) {v.}
cha':two (num)
  cha'DIch:second (num)
    cha'DIch:second, aide {n.} [TKW p21; ST:TNG "Sins of the Father": One is not allowed to fight while standing accused; one's /cha'DIch/ will fight for them instead – as Picard, later Kurn, did for Worf, son of Mogh, while he defended allegations of treason against this father before the Klingon High Council. In that position, the /cha'DIch/ must obey the accused even though social statuses and military ranks can be reversed.]
      yaS cha'DIch:second officer {n.} [KGT p53]
  cha'logh:twice (adv)
cha'bIp:a bird noted for its speed {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
cha'Do':a species of Klingon bird about which little is known {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
cha'naS:a small bird which digs up bugs to eat {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
cha'qu':a bird with a noisy, repetitive cry {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
cha'par:a bird noted for its song {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
cheb:unit weight approx. 5 pounds (2.25kg) {n.} [MSN]
  cheb'a':unit weight approx. 45-46.4 pounds (20.4-21.05 kg) (9-9.28 cheb) {n.} [TLI: "The numbers don't quite mesh, but this is the best I can figure from different equivalences we've been given"; BoP poster]
chech:be drunk, intoxicated {v.}
chegh:return (to) (direct object is place returned to) {v.} [TKD; NEWS]
cheH:defect {v.}
chel:add {v.}
chem:field {n.} [inferred from /HoSchem/, /pIvchem/ and /Surchem/]
  chen:build up, take form {v.} [used in math where the subject is the result of the formula statement (typically using some form of the verb /boq/). The /chen/ statement follows the /boq/ statement with a semicolon dividing them in Okrand's notation. TKD; /HolQeD/ v9n3p9]
    chenmoH:form|make|create|design [KGT]
    chenmoH:design {v.} [PE]
      chenmoHghach:design {n.} [PE]
      chenmoHwI':designer {n.} [PE]
chep:prosper, be prosperous {v.}
cher:establish, set up {v.}
chergh:tolerate {v.}
che':rule, reign, run {v.}
chetvI':torpedo tube|stick with a hook at the end, on a /tlhevjaQ/ spear {n.}
chev:separate {v.}
chevwI' tlhoy':territorial wall (e.g. Berlin Wall) {n.} [NEWS]
chIch:purposely, on purpose, intentionally {adv.}
chID:admit {v.}
chIj:navigate {v.}
  chIjwI':navigator {n.}
chIm:be empty, deserted, uninhabited {v.}
chIp:cut, trim (hair) {v.}
chIrgh:temple (structure) {n.}
chIS:be white {v.}
chob:corridor {n.} [BoP Poster]
  chob'a':main corridor {n.} [BoP Poster]
choH:change {n.}
  choH:alter, change {v.}
chol:close in, get closer, come nearer {v.}
  choljaH:ponytail holder {n.} ["get-closer-go", see /jaH/]
chom:bartender {n.}
chong:be vertical {v.}
chop:bite {v.}
choQ:deck (on a ship) {n.} [BoP Poster]
choq:preserve(, save) {v.t.} [TKD; TKW p211]
chor:belly {n.}
chorgh:eight {num.}
  chorghDIch:eighth {card.}
choS:twilight {n.}
  choS:desert {v.}
chot:murder {v.}
  chotwI':murderer {n.} [KGT]
chovnatlh:specimen {n.}
chuch:ice {n.}
chuH:hurl a spear (at) {v.} [KGT]
chun:be innocent {v.}
  chunDab:meteor {n.}
chung:accelerate {v.}
chup:recommend, suggest {v.}
chuq:range, distance {n.}
  chuq'a':long range {n.} [BoP Poster]
chuQun:nobility {n.}
chuS:be noisy {v.}
chut:law {n.}
chuv:be left over {v.}
  chuvmey:leftovers {n.} {gr.}
chuyDaH:thrusters {n.}
chuy:sneeze {v.} [/HolQeD/, v12n4p8]
chu':be new {v.}
  chu':engage, activate (a device) {v.}
Dach:be absent {v.}
DaH:array, bank {n.} [BoP Poster and KGT p56]
DaH:now {adv.}
Daj:be interesting {v.}
Dal:be boring {v.}
Dan:occupy (military term) {v.}
Dap:nonsense {n.}
Daq:eavesdrop {v.}
Daq:site|location {n.}
DaQ:ponytail {n.}
DaS:boot {n.}
  DaSpu':boot spike {n.}
Dat:everywhere {n.}
DavHam:false honor {n.} [/HolQeD/, v12n3p9]
Dav:sway (aircraft moves to the side without yawing) {v.} [it is unknown if this has meaning outside of the context of aircraft attitude descriptions; /HolQeD/ v11n2p9]
Daw':revolt {v.}
  Daw':revolt, revolution {n.}
Da':corporal (rank) {n.}
Da'nal:a bird characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior {n.} [similar to Da'vI'; /HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
Da'vI':a bird characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior {n.} [similar to Da'nal; /HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
Deb:desert {n.}
Dech:surround {v.}
Degh:helm {n.}
  DeghwI':helmsman {n.}
Dej:collapse {v.}
Del:describe {v.}
DenIb:Denebia {n.} [TKD; in the English-Klingon listing of TKD, this is spelled /DenIbya'/]
  DenIbngan:Denebian {n.} [TKD]
  DenIb Qatlh:Denebian slime devil {n.} [TKD; in the English-Klingon listing of TKD, this is spelled /DenIbya'ngan Qatlh/]
  DenIbya':Denebia {n.} [TKD; in the Klingon-English listing of TKD, this is spelled  /DenIb/]
    DenIbya' Qatlh:Denebian slime devil {n.} [TKD; in the Klingon-English listing of TKD, this is spelled  /DenIbngan Qatlh/]
    DenIbya'ngan:Denebian {n.} [TKD; in Klingon-English side, this is spelled /DenIbngan/]
Dep:being (nonhumanoid) {n.}
DeQ:credit (monetary unit) {n.}
Der:yaw (aircraft nose points left or right) {v.} [it is unknown if this word has meaning outside the context of aircraft attitude. /HolQeD/ v11n2p9]
DeS:arm (body part)|handle of an axe {n.} [TKD, KGT]
Dev:lead, guide {v.}
De':data, information {n.}
  De'Hom:cookie {n.} ["data-diminutive"; PE]
  De'wI':computer {n.} ["data/information-thing"]
DIb:privilege|right {n.} [TKD; KGT]
DIch:certainty {n.} [see also /cha'DIch/]
DIl:pay for {v.}
DIlyum:trillium {n.} {TKD} [An unspecified commodity. In the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy" Spock poses as a Vulcan trader in kevas and trillium. Thus, both appear in TKD. Star Trek Encyclopedia lists them as a gemstones, established in DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations".]
DIng:spin {v.}
DIn:Open entryway (to corridor, tunnel, conduit, Jeffries tube, branch of sewer) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p7} [This is the open entryway of any enclosed space longer than wide in which people might find themselves. If there is a door that closes, this is not a {DIn}. It is merely a {lojmIt}.]
DIp:noun {n.}
DIr:skin {n.} [TKD, KGT]
DIS:cave {n.}
DIS:confess {v.}
DIS:year (Klingon) {n.}
DIv:be guilty {v.}
DIvI':federation, organization {n.} [association, league, union] {n.} {The last three from /HolQeD/ v4n4p11}
  yuQjIjDIvI':United Federation of Planets {n.} {TKD} ["planet-cooperate-federation"; in the Klingon-English listing of TKD, this is /yuQjIjQa'/]
    yuQjIjQa':United Federation of Planets {n.} {derogative} ["planet-cooperate-(type-of-)animal"]
  yuQjIjQa':United Federation of Planets {n.} {TKD} [in the English-Klingon listing of TKD, this is /yuQjIjDIvI'/]
Doch:thing {n.}
  Doch:be rude {v.}
Dogh:be foolish, silly {v.}
  Doghjey:unconditional surrender {n.}
Do:velocity {n.}
DoH:back away from, back off, get away from {v.}
Doj:be impressive {v.}
Dol:entity[, whole] {n.} {TKD "entity" only; TKW p209} [translated as "whole"]
Dom:radan (crude dilithium crystal) {n.}
Don:be parallel, go parallel to {v.}
Dop:side {n.}
Doq:be orange, red {v.}
  Doq 'ej wovbe':be brown {v.} ["be orange/red and bright-not", see /'ej/, /wow/ and /~be'/; /HolQeD/ v8n1p7]
DoQ:claim (territory) {v.}
Dor:end {v.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p8} [The subject of this verb is a period or unit of time. This verb is not adjectival and takes no direct object.]
  Dor:escort {v.}
DoS:target {n.}
Dotlh:status {n.}
Doy':be tired {v.}
Doy'yuS:Troyius {n.}
Do':be fortunate, lucky {v.}
  Do':luckily, with luck (adv)
  Do'Ha':be unfortunate {v.} {Inside front cover of TKD, but not in word list.}
Dub:back (of body) {n.}
Dub:improve {v.}
DuD:mix {v.}
Du':farm {n.}
Dugh:be vigilant {v.}
DuH:possibility, option {n.}
  DuH:be possible {v.}
Duj:instincts {n.}
Duj:ship, vessel {n.}
Dum:nap {v.}
Dun:be wonderful, great {v.}
Dung:area above, area overhead {n.}
Dup:strategy {n.}
DuQ:stab {v.}
Duran lung DIr:Durani lizard skins [a food item which never uses plural suffix] {n.} [KCD]
DuraS:Duras (proper n) {/HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S26}
DuSaQ:school {n.}
DuS:torpedo tube {n.}
Duv:advance {v.}
Duy:agent, emissary {n.}
Duy':defect {n.}
  Duy':be defective {v.}
ghagh:gargle {v.} {KLI}
ghaH:he, she, him, her (pro)
ghaj:have, possess {v.}
ghal:be jealous (of), envy {v.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p4}
ghang:end prematurely (an event, voyage, battle, play, opera, story, song, etc.) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p8} [The subject of this verb is the person causing an event to prematurely end. The direct object is the event that is ended.]
  ghangwI':horizon {n.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8}
ghap:or, either/or (joining nouns) {conj.}
ghaq:contribute {v.}
ghar:diplomacy {n.}
  ghar:conduct diplomacy {v.}
    gharwI':diplomat {n.}
ghargh:serpent, worm {n.}
ghatlh:dominate {v.}
ghawran:Gowron {proper n.} [KGT; /HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S25 & S26]
ghaytanHa':unlikely (adv) {British television magazine, "Radio Times"}
ghay'cha':general invective (excl) {TKD P178}
gheb:horn (musical instrument) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p9}
ghegh:be rough {v.}
ghem:midnight snack {n.}
gher:formulate, compile, pull together (v.t.) {Okrand Forum, MSN}
ghet:pretend {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p8} [no deception is implied; simply role-playing]
  ghetwI':pretender {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p8} [no deception is implied; simply role-playing]
ghIb:consent {v.}
ghIch:nose {n.}
ghIgh:necklace {n.}
ghIH:be messy, sloppy {v.}
ghIj:scare {v.}
ghIlaSnoS:Glasnost - ancient political movement {n.} {TKW p186}
ghIm:exile {v.}
ghIntaq:/ghIntaq/ (battle spear, also use ceremonially) [KGT]
ghIq:then, subsequently (adv) {/HolQeD/ v8n3p4}
ghIQ:vacation, take a vacation {v.}
ghIr:descend {v.}
ghIt:open, flat hand|blade of an axe [KGT]
ghItlh:manuscript {n.}
  ghItlh:script (program) {n.} [PE]
  ghItlh:write|mark (upon) {v.} {Okrand's notes, /HolQeD/ v2n4p18} ["'To mark (upon)' something is /ghItlh/.  This isn't just writing; it's any kind of marking.  (Note that /ghItlh/, 'to write,' refers to the physical act of writing. It doesn't mean 'to create a composition.')"]
  ghItlhwI':stylus {n.} {KGT p79}
gho:circle {n.}
ghob:ethics {n.}
  ghobchuq loDnI'pu':The Brothers Fight One Another - famous statue {proper n.} [KCD; Kahless fought against his brother because the latter had dishonored the family betraying it to the tyrant, Molor]
ghobe':no (answer to a question) (excl)
ghoch:destination {n.}
  ghochwI':the constellation "Tracker" {n.} [from KCD lab]
ghoD:stuff {v.}
ghogh HablI':telephone {n.} {/HolQeD/ v5n2p20}
ghogh:voice {n.}
ghoH:argue, dispute {v.}
ghoj:learn {v.}
  ghojmeH taj:boy's knife {n.} [KCD]
  ghojmoH:teach, instruct {v.}
  ghojmoq:nanny {n.}
  ghojwI':student {n.}
ghol:opponent, adversary {n.}
  ghom'a':crowd {n.}
ghom:group, party {n.}
  ghom:meet, encounter, assemble, rendezvous {v.}
    ghomHa':scatter, disperse {v.}
ghonDoq:/ghonDoq/ (slender-bladed knife) [KGT]
ghong:abuse {n.}
  ghong:abuse {v.}
ghop:hand {n.}
ghopDap:asteroid {n.}
ghoq:spy {v.}
  ghoqwI':spy {n.}
    jey'naS ghoqwI':double agent {n.} {slang} ["double-bladed ax spy", see /jey'naS/; 2012-01-26-Email]
ghor:break {v.}
ghor:surface (of a planet) {n.}
ghorgh:when? (ques)
ghoS:approach, go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course) {v.}
  ghoS:thrust {v.}
ghotI':fish, most general word for fish-like creature {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
ghot:person (humanoid) {n.}
ghov:recognize {v.}
gho':step on {v.}
  gho'Do:sublight speed {n.}
ghu:baby {n.}
  ghubDaQ:first born child {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p9}
ghuH:alert {n.}
  ghuH:prepare for, be alerted to {v.}
    ghuHmoH:alert, warn {v.}
  ghum:alarm {n.}
    ghum:alarm, sound an alarm {v.}
ghung:be hungry {v.}
ghun:program (a computer) {v.}
  ghun:program|software {n.} [PE]
ghup:swallow {v.}
ghur:increase {v.}
ghuS:be prepared, ready (to launch)|lower a thrown spear to a horizontal position {v.}
ghuy':Klingon curse, damn (excl) {/HolQeD/ v8n4p13} [From ST5]
  ghuy'cha':Klingon curse (excl) {TKD p58} [In CK, this is the curse one would use  after receiving an unsettling communiqué. It is far worse than "Darn it!"]
ghu':situation {n.}
Hab:be smooth {v.}
HablI':data transceiving device {n.}
Hach:be developed (e.g., civilization) {v.}
HaD:study {v.}
  yejHaD:institute {n.} ["assembly-study"; KLI]
Hagh:laugh {v.}
Haj:dread {v.}
Hal:source {n.}
HanDogh:nacelle {n.}
Hap:matter {n.}
HaQchor:saccharin {n.}
Haq:surgery {n.}
Har:believe {v.}
HaSta:visual display {n.}
Hat:temperature {n.}
Hat:be illegal {v.}
Hatlh:country, countryside {n.}
Haw':flee, get out {v.}
Hay':duel {v.}
Ha':let's go, come on (excl)
Ha'DIbaH:animal {n.}
Hech:intend, mean to {v.}
He:course, route {n.}
  HeDon:parallel course {n.} ["course-parallel", see /Don/]
HeD:retreat {v.}
Heghba':ritual suicide {n.} [from "Sarek", the novel by A. C. Crispin]
  Hegh:die {v.}
    HeghmoH:be fatal {v.}
HeH:edge {n.}
Hej:rob {v.}
Hem:be proud {v.}
HeQ:comply {v.}
Hergh:medicine {n.}
HeS:commit a crime {v.}
  HeS:crime {n.}
    HeSwI':criminal {n.}
Hev:receive {v.}
He':smell, emit odor {v.}
  He'So':stink {v.}
HIch:handgun {n.}
HIchDal:airlock {n.}
HIDjolev:menu {n.}
HIgh:fight dirty {v.}
HIja':yes, true (answer to yes/no question) (excl)
HIp:uniform {n.}
HIq:liquor {n.}
HISlaH:yes, true (answer to yes/no question) (excl)
HIv:attack {v.}
  ex=HIv tlhIngan:The Klingon attacks. [KGT]
  ex=HIv tlhInganpu':The Klingons attack. [KGT]
  ex=romuluSngan HIv tlhIngan:The Klingon attacks the Romulan. [KGT]
  ex=romuluSnganpu' HIv tlhIngan:The Klingon attacks the Romulans. [KGT]
  ex=romuluSnganpu' HIv tlhInganpu':The Klingons attack the Romulans. [KGT]
  ex=romuluSngan luHIv tlhInganpu':The Klingons attack the Romulan. ["Romulan they--him/her/it-attack Klingon-plural (sentient)."; KGT]
  ex=romuluSnganpu' luHIvlu':Someone attacks the Romulans/The Romulans are attacked. ["Romulan-plural (sentient) they--him/her/it-attack-unknown."; KGT]
HIvje':glass (tumbler) {n.}
HI':dictator {n.}
  HI'tuy:dictatorship {n.}
Hob:yawn {v.}
Hoch:each|everyone|all|everything {n.} {TKD; TKW p33 - first in noun-noun pair} [In /HolQeD/ v5n2p11: If noun following Hoch is explicitly plural, it means "all". If it is singular, it means "each".]
HoD:captain {n.}
  Ho':admire {v.}
Hogh:week (Klingon) {n.}
  HoH'egh:commit suicide {v.}
HoH:kill {v.}
Hoj:be cautious {v.}
Hol:language {n.}
  ta' Hol:Standard Klingon (language) [the language of the current Emperor becomes the standard language]
  tlhIngan Hol:Klingon (language) [KGT]
    (tlhIngan) Hol poD:Clipped Klingon (language) [TKD, KGT]
  /HolQeD/:the KLI journal {n.} {from /HolQeD/}
Hom:bone {n.}
  Hom:use the second toe {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p10}
    HomwI':second toe {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
Hon:doubt {v.}
Hong:impulse power {n.}
  Hong boq chuyDaH:impulse fusion thrusters {n.} {BoP Poster}
  Hongghor:impulse drive {n.} {BoP Poster}
Hop:be remote, far {v.}
Hoq:expedition {n.}
  Hoqra':tricorder {n.}
HoQ:be honored falsely, be falsely honorable {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p8} [deception is implied]
HoS:strength, energy, power {n.}
  HoS:be strong {v.}
    HoSghaj:be powerful {v.} ["be-strong-possess"]
  HoS choHwI':transtator {n.} ["power change-thing(-of)"; /veS QonoS/, /HolQeD/, v1n3p9]  
  HoSchem:energy field {n.} ["energy-field"; see /chem/]
  HoSDo':energy beings {n.}
Hotlh:project, put on (screen) {v.}
  Hotlh:scan {v.}
    HotlhwI':scanner {n.}
Hot:touch, feel {v.}
Hov:star {n.}
  Hovtay':star system {n.}
Hoy':congratulate {v.}
Ho':tooth {n.}
  Ho''oy':toothache {n.}
Hub:defend {v.}
  Hub:defense {n.}
Huch:money {n.}
HuchQeD:economics {n.} {KGT p148} [This is slang with no non-slang counterpart]
Hu:zoo {n.} {missing from E-K section of TKD}
HuD:mountain, hill {n.}
Hugh:throat {n.}
HuH:bile [TKW/KGT], gall [TKW], slime [KCD/KGT] {n.}
Huj:be strange {v.}
Huj:charge (up) {v.}
Human:human {n.}
Hum:be sticky {v.}
Hung:security {n.}
Hup:punish {v.}
Huq:transact {v.}
Hurgh:be dark {v.}
Hurgh:pickle (cucumber) {n.}
Hur:outside {n.}
HuS:hang {v.}
Hu'tegh:general invective (excl) {TKD p178}
Hut:nine (num)
  HutDIch:ninth (num)
  Hutvagh:too many people or things in a place at once {n.} {/HolQeD/ v11n3p13} [Disclosed during a congested drive on Interstate 95.]
Huv:be clear, not obstructed {v.}
Huy':eyebrow {n.}
Hu':get up {v.}
Hu':days ago {n.}
  cha'Hu':day before yesterday {n.} ["two-days-ago"; see /cha'/]
jabbI'ID:data transmission {n.}
jab:serve (food) {v.}
jach:scream, cry out, shout, yell {v.}
jagh:enemy {n.}
  ex=>jIlajneS. ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj.<:"I accept (with honor). May your enemies run with fear." ["I-accept-honorific. Scare-adverbial run enemy-plural-may"; ritual answer to being asked to be /cha'DIch/]
  jaghla':enemy commander {n.} {TKD p64-65}
jaH:go {v.}
jaj:day (from dawn to dawn) {n.} {TKW p69 - /jajvam/}
  jajlo':dawn {n.}
    jajlo' Qa':a noisy animal (not a bird) known for making a ruckus at dawn, like a rooster {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
jajvam:today {n.} {TKW p69 - /jajvam/}
jan:device {n.}
jang:answer, reply {v.}
janluq pIqarD HoD:Captain Jean-Luc Picard {proper n} [/HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S25]
jaq:be bold {v.}
jar:month (Klingon) {n.}
jatlh:say {v.}
  ja':tell, report {v.}
    ja'chuq:discuss, confer {v.} ["tell-one-another", see /~chuq/]
jat:tongue {n.}
  javDIch:sixth (num)
jav:six (num)
jaw:chat {v.}
jaw:lord {n.}
je:also, and (joining nouns) (conj) {TKD} [described in grammar section. It follows the verb it modifies.]
jech:disguise {v.}
jegh:surrender, give up {v.}
jeH:be absentminded {v.}
jej:be sharp {v.}
jen:be high {v.}
  'eDjen:an arrogant or haughty person {n.} [/HolQeD/, v12n3p9]
jeQ:be self-confident {v.}
jer:surge (aircraft suddenly moves forward or backward) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p9} [It is unknown if this has meaning outside of the context of aircraft attitude descriptions]
jeS:participate {v.}
jev:storm, [wheeze, breathe noisily] {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [The verb to Storm is in TKD, but this new meaning "wheeze" arrived in /HolQeD/.]
jey:defeat {v.}
  jey'naS:double-bladed axe ["defeat-be-vicious"; KGT]
je:and (joining nouns)|also (following verb) {conj.} [cf. /'ej/]
je':feed (someone else) {v.}[, enrich (spirit)] (v.t.) {TKW p7}
  je':buy, purchase {v.}
jI~:I ~ (no object)
jIb:hair (on head) {n.}
jIH:I, me (pro)
jIH:viewing screen {n.}
jIj:cooperate {v.} {TKD} [/jIj is listed only in the Klingon-English side of {TKD} while /yeq/ is listed only in the English-Klingon side. {KGT} lists  it as "be cooperative".]
jIl:neighbor {n.}
jIm:heave (aircraft rising or falling without pitching) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p9} [It is unknown if this has meaning outside of the context of aircraft attitude descriptions]
jInmol:project {n.}
jIp:penalty {n.}
jIv:be ignorant {v.}
jo:resources {n.}
joch:be harmful {v.}
joD:stoop {v.}
joH:lord {n.}
joj:area between {n.}
  jojlu':consul {n.}
jol:transport beam {n.}
  jol:beam (aboard) {v.}
    jolpa':transport room {n.}
  jolpat:transporter system {n.} {BoP Poster}
    jolvoy':transporter ionizer unit {n.}
jon:capture {v.}
jonta':engine {n.}
  jonwI':engineer {n.}
joq:flap, flutter, wave {v.}
  joqwI':flag {n.}
joq:or, and/or (joining nouns) {conj.}
jor:explode {v.}
  jorneb:warhead (of a torpedo) {n.} [KGT, in the body text and E-K]
  jornub:warhead (of a torpedo) {n.} [KGT, in K-E]
  jorwI':explosive {n.}
joS:gossip {v.}
  joS:rumor, gossip {n.}
jot:be calm {v.}
  jotHa':be uneasy {v.}
jotlh:take down {v.}
joy':torture {v.}
  be'joy':ritualized torture by women {n.} ["female-torture"; see /be'/; "Sarek" (novel)]
jo':machinery {n.}
jub:be immortal {v.}
  jubbe':be mortal {v.}
juch:have a width of {v.} {MSN}
juH:home {n.}
jum:be odd {v.}
jun:evade, take evasive action {v.}
  junchoH:Evasive! {excl.} ["take evasive action-begin to", see /~choH/; ST:TMP]
jup:friend {n.}
juS:overtake, pass {v.}
juv:measure {v.}
lab:transmit data (away from a place) {v.}
lach:exaggerate {v.}
la':commander {n.}
laD:read {v.}
laH:ability {n.}
laj:accept {v.}
  laj:acceptance {n.}
lalDan:religion {n.}
lam:dirt {n.}
  lam:be dirty {v.}
lang:be thin {v.}
lan:place {v.}
laQ:fire, energize (e.g., thrusters) {v.}
laq:flap {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [move like a bird's wings, not like a flag. Proper usage: laq tel. tel laqmoH bo'Degh.]
largh:smell, sense odors {v.}
laSvargh:factory {n.}
law':many, be many, numerous, be numerous {v.} [TKD, in E-K]
lay':promise {v.}
legh:see {v.}
leH:maintain {v.}
  leH:maintenance {n.}
lel:get out, take out {v.}
leng:roam, travel, rove {v.}
  leng:trip, voyage {n.}
  lengwI':rover (grammatical term) {n.}
leQ:switch {n.}
leS:days from now {n.}
  cha'leS:day after tomorrow {n.} ["two-days-from-now"; see /cha'/]
  leS:rest, relax {v.}
    leSpoH:shore leave {n.}
let:be hard (like a rock) {v.}
lev:hard palate, roof of mouth {n.} {qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIch} [Got this from entry August 1, 2005 by ubykhlives]
le':be special, exceptional {v.}
lIgh:ride {v.}
  lIH:begin a song {v.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p9}
lIH:introduce {v.} {TKD}
lIj:forget {v.}
lIm:panic {v.}
lInDab:espionage {n.}
lIng:produce {v.}
lIq:round up {v.}
lIr:a nocturnal bird {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p4}
lIS:adjust {v.}
lIy:comet {n.}
  lobHa':disobey {v.}
lI':be useful {v.}
  lI':transmit data (to a place) {v.}
lob:obey {v.}
loch:mustache {n.}
loD:male, man {n.}
  loDHom:boy {n.} ["male-diminutive"; see /~Hom/]
  loDnal:husband {n.}
  loDnI':brother {n.} ["male-lengthy", ref. to long duration of relation, see /nI'/]
loghqam:unit of measure, 1.25 light years {n.} {BoP Poster}
logh:space {n.} {TKW p33 - outer space}
loH:administer {v.}
  loH:administration {n.}
loj:be all gone {v.}
  lojmIt:door, gate {n.}
lol:a specific position in the martial arts form Mok'bara {n.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8}
  lol:be in an attitude (aircraft); be in a stance, be in a pose (people animals or martial arts) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8}
    lolchu':be in a correct attitude (aircraft) {v.} ["position-engage"; /HolQeD/ v11n2p8; It is unknown if this is used outside the context of aircraft attitude.]
      lolchu'taH:maintain a correct attitude (aircraft) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8} [It is unknown if this is used outside the context of aircraft attitude.]
    lolmoH:maneuver (an aircraft) to be in an attitude {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8} [canon: qughmeH Duj vIlolmoH]
    lolSeHcha:attitude-control thrusters {n.}
    loltaH:maintain an attitude (aircraft) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8} [It is unknown if this is used outside the context of aircraft attitude.]
lom:corpse {n.}
lon:abandon {v.}
lop:celebrate {v.}
loQ:slightly, a little bit (adv)
lor:cousin (mother's brother's child or father's sister's child), niece or nephew (man's sister's child or woman's brother's child) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
  lorbe':female cousin (mother's brother's daughter or father's sister's daughter), niece (man's sister's daughter or woman's brother's daughter) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
  lorloD:male cousin (mother's brother's son or father's sister's son), nephew (man's sister's son or woman's brother's son) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
loS:four (num)
  loSDIch:fourth (num)
  loSpev:quadrotriticale {n.}
loS:wait (for) {v.}
lot:catastrophe {n.}
lotlh:rebel {v.}
  lotlhwI':rebel {n.}
  lotlhmoq:a bird that swoops into the water in order to catch food, but cannot swim {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p4}
loy:guess {v.}
lo':use {v.}
  lo' law':utility (precedes noun it modifies) {n.} ["use many", see /law'/; BoP Poster]
  lo'laH:be valuable {v.}
    lo'laHbe':be worthless {v.}
      lo'laHbe'ghach:worthlessness {n.} {TKD p176}
    lo'laHghach:value {n.} {TKD p176}
luch:equipment, gear {n.}
lugh:be right, correct {v.}
  lu':yes, okay, I will (excl)
luH:yank {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
luj:fail {v.}
lulIgh:refuge {n.}
lum:postpone, procrastinate {v.}
lup:second (of time) {n.}
lup:transport {v.}
luq:yes, okay, I will (excl)
lurDech:tradition {n.}
lur:pupil (of eye) {n.}
lurSa':Lursa (proper n) {/HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S26}}
lut:story {n.}
lutlh:be primitive {v.}
ma~:(we-)~ (no object)
mab:treaty {n.}
mach:be small {v.}
magh:betray (v.t.) {MSN and /HolQeD/ v5n3p15 - S26}
  maghwI':traitor {n.}
maH:ten (combining form)/(number-forming element) (num) {TKD} [The E-K listing somewhat confusingly includes {maH} as "Ten (combining form) while the K-E lists it as "ten (number-forming element). There is no such confusion over words for hundred, thousand, ten-thousand, etc.]
  maH:we, us (pro)
maj:good (expressing satisfaction) (excl)
  majQa':well done, very good (excl)
malja':business {n.}
mang:soldier {n.}
  mangghom:army {n.} ["soldier-group"; see /ghom/]
maQmIgh:dark omen, sign of evil coming {n.} {veS QonoS, listed in /HolQeD/, v1n3p9}
maq:proclaim {v.}
mara:Mara, TOS "Day of the Dove" Kang's wife &amp; Sci. officer (proper n) {TKD p58}
mar:use the big toe {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p10}
  marwI':big toe, first toe {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
maS:moon {n.}
  maSwov:moonlight {n.} ["moon-is-bright", see /wov/]
maS:prefer {v.}
matHa':gunner {n.}
matlh:be loyal {v} [KGT]
matlh:Maltz {proper n.} [TKD p58]
mavjop:paper clip {n.}
maw:offend {v.}
  maw':be crazy {v.}
may':battle {n.}
  may:be fair {v.}
  may'Duj:battle cruiser {n.}
    DIvI'may'Duj:Federation battle cruiser {n.}
  may'luch:battle gear {n.} [KGT]
  may'morgh:battle array {n.}
ma':accommodate {v.}
ma'veq:a ceremonial knife used in the ritual of /moghto'vor/. One Federation Standard spelling of this weapon's name is /M'veQ/. {n.} { - Klingon spelling confirmed via Email by Okrand}
meb:guest {n.}
mech:trade {v.}
megh:lunch {n.}
megh'an:end (of stick, rope, etc.), other end from {'er'In} {n.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p6} [This can refer to either end of the rope, stick or whatever, but once you arbitrarily choose an end to call {megh'an}, the OTHER end is called {'er'In}. Before you make this initial reference, either end can be called either {'er'In} or {megh'an}.]
meH:bridge (of a ship) {n.}
mellota':Melota - proper name from Klingon Opera (proper n) {TKW p187}
mem:catalog {n.}
mep:plastic {n.}
meq:reason {n.}
  meq:reason {v.}
  meqba':type of legal proceeding; portion of the trial or appeal where evidence is heard {n.} ["reason-sit", see /ba'/; Addendum; Star Trek Encyclopedia]
meQ:burn {v.}
mer:surprise {v.}
mev:stop, cease {v.}
  mevyap:stop, enough already (excl) {KGT p113} [Described in the body text: "it comes from two Klingon verbs, {mev} ("stop, cease") and {yap} ("be enough, be sufficient"). No doubt in the past, the locution was longer, perhaps /yImev, yap!/ ("stop! it's enough"). The dropping of the imperative prefix /yI-, pe-/ is what would be expected in Clipped Klingon. The two words have been used in juxtaposition for so long, they have come to be accepted as a single, though grammatically peculiar, word."]
meyrI':square {n.} {qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIch} [from entry August 1, 2005 by ubykhlives]
me':aunt, mother's sister {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
  me'nal:aunt, mother's brother's wife {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
mIch:sector, zone {n.}
mID:colony {n.}
mIgh:be evil {v.}
mIl:be formerly honored {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p8} [loss of honor is implied; an adjective to describe one who has fallen from grace; not applicable to {'utlh}, which implies a voluntary, honorable retirement]
mIm:delay {v.}
mIn:eye {n.}
mIp:be rich {v.}
mIqta':machinery {n.}
mIr:chain {n.}
mIS:confusion {n.}
  mIS:be confused, mixed up {v.}
    mISmoH:confuse {v.}
mIStaq:sculptor who made Blood Oath Circles (proper n) [KCD]
mIv:helmet {n.}
mIy:brag {v.}
mI':number {n.}
mob:be alone {v.}
moch:superior {n.}
moD:hurry {v.}
mogh:be frustrated {v.}
  moghto'vor:Mauk-to'Vor ["be-frustrated-tactics-cure"; ritual in which a Klingon kills another wrongfully disgraced one in order to restore his honor; ST:DS9 "Sons of Mogh"] 
moHaq:prefix {n.}
moH:be ugly {v.}
moj:become {v.}
mojaq:suffix {n.} {TKD} [Note: in English-Klingon side of TKD, this is /mojaQ/]
mol:grave {n.}
  mol:bury {v.}
mon:capital (of a place) {n.}
mong:neck {n.}
  mongDech:collar {n.}
mop:robe {n.}
moQ:sphere {n.}
moS:compromise {v.}
motlh:be usual/be normal/standard {v.} [TKD/BoP Poster/S14; additional to other defs]
  motlhbe':be unusual {v.}
moy'bI':slingshot {n.}
mo':cage {n.}
mub:be legal {v.}
much:presentation {n.}
  much:present {v.}
muD:atmosphere|weather {n.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
  muD Dotlh:weather conditions {n.} ["atmosphere status"; "Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
mughato':mugato {n.} [from Star Trek, The Worlds Of The Federation: (p140-1). Introduced TOS episode #47: A Private Little War. One of the more notable native animal forms on Neural (Zeta Bo&ouml;tis III) is the mugato, a large, white, ape-like creature with dorsal spines and a cranial horn. The mugato are monogamous, mating for life. Little or no provocation will spark an attack by this hostile creature, whose bite is highly poisonous and fatal if untreated. The only antidote for the mugato bite is the proper application of the native mako root, which has the ability to draw the toxin out of the human nervous system. (No mention is made of how to draw it out of a Klingon nervous system. Of the planet, the text says:) The native inhabitants of the planet are humanoid, possibly the descendants of a Centaurian exploration mission that disappeared in the area some two hundred years ago. The population was once one of tranquil, peace-loving hunters, but a serious breach of the Prime Directive has resulted in their development of war and comparatively advanced projectile weapons. Direct Klingon interference, countered by Federation involvement, has divided the inhabitants into five major factions, each of which is feuding with the other four. (see also illustration in center insert in that text)]
mugh:translate {v.}
  mughwI':translator {n.}
muH:execute, put to death {v.}
muj:be wrong {v.}
mul:be stubborn {v.}
mung:origin {n.}
mup:impact, strike {v.}
muS:hate, detest {v.}
  mu'tay':vocabulary {n.}
mut:species {n.}
  mut:be selfish {v.}
muv:join {v.}
mu':word {n.}
  mu'ghom:dictionary {n.} ["word-group"; see /ghom/]
  mu'tlhegh:sentence {n.}
nab:plan {v.}
nach:head {n.}
naDev:here, hereabouts {n.}
naDqa'ghach:re-commendation {n.} {TKD p176}
nagh:rock, stone {n.}
naHjej:thistle {n.} {KGT p88}
naHnagh:pit (of fruit) {n.} {KGT p89}
naj:dream {v.}
namtun:the familiar beginning of a song {n.} [/HolQeD/ v12n2p9: "After hearing just this short portion of the beginning of the song, a listener will recognize the tune."]
nan:use the fourth toe {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p10}
  nanwI':fourth toe {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
nap:be simple {v.}
naQ:be full, whole, entire[, complete] {v.} {from the Addendum of TKD [E-K side only]}
  naQjej:spear (general term) {n.} ["entire-sharp", see /jej/; KGT]
  weQmoQnaQ:World Wide Web {n.} ["Web-sphere-whole", Okrand, 2012-11-18-Email]
nargh:appear {v.}
naS:be vicious {v.}
natlh:drain (v.t.) {/HolQeD/ v6n2p9 S33}
natlIS:last item in a list {n.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p9}
nav:paper {n.}
  nav HablI':FAX machine {n.} {/HolQeD/ v5n2p20}
naw':access {n.} {This is listed as a noun in the E-K side, but as a verb in K-E}
  naw':access {v.}
nawlogh:squadron {n.}
nay:marry (wife does this) {v.}
nay':course, dish (at a meal) {n.} {TKW p133} [{Under "dish" in English-Klingon side of TKD, (food) replaces (at a meal).}]
neb:beak, bill {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
nech:be lateral, move laterally {v.}
negh:soldiers {n.}
neH:only, merely, just (adv)
  neH:want {v.}
  neHmaH:neutral zone {n.}
nej:look for, seek, search for {v.}
nem:years from now {n.}
nep:lie, fib {v.}
neSlo':small mirror {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [smaller than SIla']
netlh:ten thousand (num) {TKD 5.2} [should be noted as number-forming element]
net:that (previous topic) (pro)
ne':yeoman {n.} [petty officer; this was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD]
nIb:be identical {v.}
nIch:ammunition {n.}
nID:attempt, try {v.}
nIH:right (side) {n.}
nIH:steal {v.}
  nIHwI':thief {n.}
nIj:leak {v.}
nIn:fuel {n.}
nIQ:breakfast {n.}
nIS:hinder, interfere {v.}
  nISwI':(phase) disruptor (beam) (weapon, general term) [KGT]
    nISwI' HIch:(phase) disruptor pistol (weapon) [KGT]
    nISwI' beH:(phase) disruptor rifle (weapon) [KGT says /nISwI' bej/, but this conflicts with TKD /beH/ "rifle" so is probably a typo]
    nISwI' DaH:(phase) disruptor banks (weapon) [KGT]
    nISwI' tIH:(phase) disruptor beam (weapon) [KGT]
nItebHa':together (adv) {BoP Poster}
nItlh:finger {n.}
nIv:be superior {v.}
nIvnav:pajamas {n.}
nI':be long, lengthy (duration) {v.}
nob:gift {n.}
  nob:give {v.}
noch:sensor {n.}
noD:retaliate {v.}
nogh:writhe {v.}
noH:judge, estimate {v.}
noj:lend {v.}
nol:funeral {n.}
nom:fast, quickly (adv)
non:be rotten {v.}
nong:be passionate {v.}
nop:omit {v.}
noSvagh:deodorant {n.}
not:never (adv)
notqa':a large, black bird {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p4} [nowhere near as large as a qa'rol, which is really big]
nov:alien, foreigner {n.}
  nov:be foreign, alien {v.}
noy:be famous, well known {v.}
  no':ancestors {n.}
nub:be suspect {v.}
  nubwI':predecessor {n.} ["suspect-one"]
nuch:coward {n.}
nuD:examine {v.}
nugh:society {n.}
nuH:weapon {n.}
  nuH bey':Pride of Weapons {n.} [KCD]
  nuHHom:small arms {n.} ["weapon-diminutive"; see /~Hom/]
nuj:mouth {n.}
num:promote {v.}
nung:precede {v.}
nup:decrease {v.}
nuq:what? (ques)
  nuqDaq:where? (ques)
  nuqneH:what do you want? (greeting) (excl)
  nuQ:annoy, bother {v.}
nural:Neural {n.} [from Star Trek, The Worlds Of The Federation: (p140-1); introduced TOS episode #47: A Private Little War. Federation Catalog Name is Zeta Bo&ouml;tis III. "This Class M world is the third of ten that orbit a brilliant, moderate-size yellow star in a binary system. The planet is quite Earth-like, with vast oceans and desert, moderate, and tropical climate zones. Neural is the only planet in the Zeta Bo&ouml;tis system to have a moon, which has been named Asetia by the native population of Neural's lower desert. The native inhabitants of the planet are humanoid, possibly the descendants of a Centaurian exploration mission that disappeared in the area some two hundred years ago. The population was once one of tranquil, peace-loving hunters, but a serious breach of the Prime Directive has resulted in their development of war and comparatively advanced projectile weapons. Direct Klingon interference, countered by Federation involvement, has divided the inhabitants into five major factions, each of which is feuding with the other four. One of the more notable native animal forms on is the mugato.]
  nuralngan:Neuralese {n.}
nur:dignity {n.}
nuS:ridicule {v.}
nuv:person (humanoid) {n.}
ngab:disappear, vanish {v.}
ngach:debate {v.}
ngan:inhabitant {n.}
ngaq:support (military term) {n.}
ngaS:contain (have inside) {v.}
ngat:gunpowder {n.}
nga'chuq:sex (i.e., perform sex; always subject) {v.} {from veS QonoS, listed in /HolQeD/ v1n3p9} [Note: it is unclear about what part of speech this may be, though it is probably a verb and "always subject" probably refers to the concept that all involved parties collectively make the subject of this verb.]
ngav:writer's cramp {n.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD} [linguist humor]
ngeb:be counterfeit, false, fake {v.}
ngech:valley[, woman's cleavage] {n.} {confirmed at /qep'a' wejDIch/ by Okrand}
ngeD:be easy {v.}
ngeH:send {v.}
ngej:infect {v.}
ngem:forest, woods {n.}
ngeng:lake {n.}
ngep:override {v.}
nger:theory {n.}
ngev:sell {v.}
nge':take away {v.}
ngIj:be rowdy, unruly {v.} {KGT p150}
ngIl:dare {v.}
ngIm:be putrid {v.}
ngIp:borrow {v.}
ngIv:patrol {v.}
ngoD:fact {n.}
ngoH:smear {v.}
ngoj:be restless {v.}
ngong:experiment {n.}
  ngong:experiment {v.}
ngop:plates (for eating) {n.} {KGT} [Incorrectly listed as a verb.]
ngoq:code {n.}
  ngoqDe':encoded message {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n4p12}
ngoQ:goal {n.}
ngor:cheat {v.}
ngoS:dissolve {v.}
ngotlh:be fanatical {v.}
ngoy':be responsible {v.}
ngo':be old (not new) {v.}
ngugh:then, at that time (adv) {Newsgroup}
ngun:perch {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [if bird lands on land, use Saq, on water, use tlhot]
ngup:cape (clothing) {n.}
nguq:be arrogant, haughty, conceited {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p9} [an undesirable trait]
nguSDI':motor {n.} {BoP Poster}
ngu':identify {v.}
pab:follow (rules) {v.}
pab:grammar {n.}
pach:claw, talon {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
pagh:nothing, none {n.}
  pagh:zero (num)
pagh:or, either/or (joining sentences) {conj.}
paH:gown {n.}
paj:resign {v.}
paq:book {n.}
par:dislike {v.}
  parHa':like {v.}
parbIng:a mid-sized bird with particularly garish coloring (at least from a Klingon point of view) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p4}
paQDI'norgh:teachings {n.}
pa':there, over there, thereabouts {n.}
pa':chamber {n.} {BoP Poster} [add to existing defs]
  pa':room {n.}
    pa' beb:ceiling of top story room {n.} {NEWS, /HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
    pa' reD:interior face of exterior wall {n.} {NEWS}
paSlogh:socks {n.}
pat:system {n.}
pav:be urgent {v.}
paw:arrive {v.}
paw':collide {v.}
pay:regret {v.}
pay':suddenly (adv)
pe':cut {v.}
peD:snow {v.}
pegh:be secret {v.} {CK &amp; PK}
pegh:keep something secret {v.}
peghmey vIttlhegh:secrecy proverb {n.} {/HolQeD/ v5n1p10}
  pegh:secret {n.}
pej:demolish {v.}
  QIghpej:Klingon agonizer {n.} ["?-demolish"]
pem:daytime {n.}
  pemjep:midday {n.}
peng:torpedo|missile {n.} [cf. /cha/]
pep:raise {v.}
per:label / ascertain, specify {v.} {TKD / NEWS group online}
  per:label {n.}
petaQ:epithet (excl) {TKD p178}
pey:acid {n.}
pIch:fault, blame {n.}
  pIch:blame {v.}
pIgh:ruins {n.}
pIH:be suspicious {v.}
  pIH:expect {v.}
pIj:often (adv)
pIm:be different {v.}
  pImwI':difference {n.} ["be-different-thing"; new]
pIn:boss {n.}
pIn tlhoy':territorial wall (e.g. Berlin Wall) {n.} {NEWS}
pIp:spine {n.}
pIpyuS:pipius [whose claws are used as food, requiring breaking] {n.} {Addendum of TKD, TKW p185}
pIq:time period from now (future) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p3}
pIqaD:Klingon writing system {n.}
pIrmuS:bottom (exterior) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
pItlh:done {excl} [KCD; all done, all finished - a common exclamation uttered upon the completion of a project.]
pIv:be healthy {v.}
pIvchem:warp field {n.} {BoP Poster}
pIvghor:warp drive {n.}
pIvlob:warp factor {n.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
  pIvlob:warp factor {n.}[TKD K-E]
pI':be fat {v.}
po:morning {n.}
pob:hair (on body) {n.}
poch:plant {v.}
poD:be clipped {v.}
poDmoH:clip {v.} {This entry was omitted from the Klingon-English side of TKD}
pogh:glove {n.}
po Ha'DIbaH:literary name for 'uSgheb or jajlo' Qa', commonly used in operas and plays, but rarely in everyday speech {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [Maltz guesses this term can also refer to jajlo' Qa' as well]
  poH:period of time {n.}
poH:time {v.}
poj:analysis {n.}
  poj:analyze {v.}
pol:keep, save {v.}
pom:dysentery {n.}
pong:name, call {v.}
pong:name {n.}
pon:persuade, convince {v.}
pop:honor, reward, token of esteem {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p9} [formal recognition of an accomplishment or accomplishments]
poQ:demand, require {v.}
poq:indigestion {n.}
porgh:body {n.}
porghQeD:scientific study of bodily functions {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [Klingons don't talk all that much about bodily functions as a group, but they certainly do talk about specific bodily functions.]
poS:left (side) {n.}
poS:be open, opened {v.}
  poSmoH:open {v.}
potlh:consequential thing, something important {n.}
pov:afternoon {n.}
pov:be excellent {v.}
  po':be expert, skilled {v.}
pub:boil {v.}
  pu'beH:phaser rifle {n.}
  pu'beq:phaser crew {n.}
  puchpa':washroom {n.}
puch:toilet {n.}
  pu'DaH:phaser banks {n.}
pugh:dregs {n.}
puH:land {n.}
puj:be weak {v.}
  pujmoH:weaken {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
  pujwI':weakling {n.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD, TKW p24}
  cha'puj:dilithium {n.} ["two-light(-stuff)"]
    cha'pujqut:dilithium crystal {n.}
pum:accusation {n.}
  pum:accuse {v.}
pum:fall {v.}
pung:mercy {n.}
pup:be perfect, exact {v.}
  pup:be high resolution {v.} {BoP Poster} [added to existing defs]
pup:kick {v.}
puq:child, offspring {n.}
  puqbe':daughter {n.}
  puqloD:son {n.} ["child-man"; see /loD/]
  puqnI':grandchild {n.} ["child-lengthy", ref. to one's lifetime, see /nI'/; /HolQeD/ v9n3p9]
    puqnI'be':granddaughter {n.} ["grandchild-female", see /be'/; /HolQeD/ v9n3p9]
    puqnI'loD:grandson {n.} ["grandchild-male"; /HolQeD/ v9n3p9]
  puq chonnaQ:fork {n.} {From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup)}
puQ:be fed up {v.}
pur:inhale {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
puS:be few, be several, be a handful {v.}
puS:sight (with gunsight) {v.}
puv:fly {v.}
puy:wreck {v.}
  puyjaq:nova {n.}
pu':phaser {n.}
  pu'HIch:phaser pistol {n.}
  pu'beH:phaser rifle {n.} [KGT, but see comment on /nISwI' beH/]
  pu'DaH:phaser banks {n.} [KGT]
  pu'beq:phaser crew {n.} [KGT]
qab:face {n.} {TKD; TKW p59} [symbol of identity]
  qab:be bad {v.}
qagh:interrupt {v.}
qaH:sir {n.}
qal:be corrupt {v.}
  qalmoH:corrupt {v.}
qach:building, structure {n.}
qaj:soar {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
qam:foot {n.}
qama':prisoner {n.}
qan:be old (not young) {v.}
  qanraD:a bird known for its song {n.} ["be-old-force", see /raD/; /HolQeD/ v10n4p4]
qan:use the pinky (little finger) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [An idiomatic gesture: to point your pinky at someone is to comment that you believe they are old.]
  qanwI':pinky, little finger {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [Pointing with the pinky is an idiomatic gesture indicating that the person being pointed at is old.]
qap:insist {v.}
qar:be accurate {v.}
  qarwI':accuracy {n.} [PE]
qarghan:Kargan (proper n) {/HolQeD/ v4n3p4}
qaryoq'a':bird capable of mimicking speech, larger than qaryoq {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [Some people pluralize these with -pu', but most use -mey.]
qaryoq:bird capable of mimicking speech {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [Some people pluralize these with -pu', but most use -mey.]
qaS:occur, happen {v.}
qat:wrap {v.}
qatlh:why? (ques)
qawHaq:memory banks[, data banks (singular)] {n.} {TKD and [Addendum of TKD]} [It's listed in both TKD and its Addendum with different definitions]
  qawHaq:memory banks {n.}
  qawmoH:remind {v.}
qaw:remember {v.}
qay:use the second (middle) finger {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
  qaywI':middle finger, second finger {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
  qay':be a problem, be a hassle {v.}
qa'meH:replacement {n.} [/HolQeD/ v5n1p10, KGT; "...something that takes over for or is used instead of something that is gone or that has been lost. It is not  used for a temporary substitute or stand-in; the word for that is /lIw/."]
  qa'meH vIttlhegh:replacement proverb {n.} [/HolQeD/ v5n1p10]
qa'rI':end (of corridor, tunnel, conduit, Jeffries tube, sewer, road, bridge, long field, etc.) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p7} [This is the end of any clearly defined space longer than wide in which people might find themselves.]
qa'rol:a really big bird {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p4} [much larger than a notqa']
qa'vam:Genesis {n.}
qa'vaQ:qa'vak (traditional game); hoop and stick maneuver {n.} [KGT; TKW p199]
qech:idea {n.}
qeD:vacate {v.}
qej:be grouchy, mean {v.}
qelI'qam:kellicam {n.} [TKD; according to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, one kellicam is roughly equal to two kilometers]
qem:bring {v.}
  qempa':ancestor {n.}
qen:recently, a short time ago {adv.} [NEWS]
qeng:carry, convey {v.}
qeng:Kang {proper n.} [TOS "Day of the Dove"; TKD p11, p58]
qep:meeting {n.}
qeq:drill (military) {n.}
  qeq:practice, train, prepare {v.}
qeS:advice {n.}
  qeS:advise {v.}
qet:run, jog {v.}
qetlh:be dull, uninteresting {v.}
qevaS:kevas {n.} {TKD} [An unspecified commodity. In the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy" Spock poses as a Vulcan trader in kevas and trillium. Thus, both appear in TKD. Star Trek Encyclopedia lists them as a gemstones, established in DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations".]
qev:crowd {v.}
qevpob:cheek {n.}
qew:use the ring (third) finger {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
  qewwI':ring finger, third finger {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
qeylIS:Kahless (proper n) {TKD p58}
  qeylIS mInDu':Eyes of Kahless {n.} [KCD; a guessing game with dice where the winner receives a punch.]
qIb:galaxy {n.}
  qIbHeS:galactic rim {n.}
qIch:condemn {v.}
qIgh:shortcut {n.}
qIH:meet (for the first time) {v.}
qIj:be black {v.}
qIl:cancel {v.}
qImHa':disregard {v.}
qIm:pay attention, concentrate {v.}
qIp:hit (with hand, fist, implement) {v.}
  qIpwI':implementation {n.} ["implement-thing"; new]
qIQ:mutiny {v.}
qIrq:Kirk (proper n) {/HolQeD/ v8n4p12}
qIv:knee {n.}
  QIv:be inferior {v.}
qI':sign (a treaty) {v.}
qoch:partner {n.}
qogh:belt|outer ear {n.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
qoH:fool {n.}
qoj:cliff {n.}
qoj:or, and/or (joining sentences) {conj.}
qon:record|compose {v.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
qop:arrest {v.}
qoq:robot {n.}
qorDu':family {n.}
qor:scavenge {v.}
qoS:birthday {n.}
qotlh:tickle {v.}
qoy':plead, beg {v.}
qo'qaD:phlegm {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
qub:be rare {v.}
quch:kidnap {v.}
qugh:cruise {v.}
  qughDo:cruising speed {n.} {BoP Poster}
quHvaj:dandruff {n.}
qul:fire {n.}
qul tuq:"House (family, ancestral unit) of Fire" name of an opera {n.} {KCD}
qum:govern {v.}
  qum:government {n.}
qung:hole in a musical instrument {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p8} [This is to change pitch in a wind instrument; apparently not a soundhole for stringed instrument.]
qun:history {n.}
qun:scold {v.}
qup:elder {n.}
  quprIp:Council of Elders {n.}
  Qup:be young {v.}  
quq:happen simultaneously {v.}
qur:be greedy {v.}
quS:chair {n.}
qut:crystal (geologic formation) {n.}
  qutluch:type of hand weapon {n.} ["crystal-equipment"; traditional weapon of an assassin; from the Addendum of TKD, TKW p103; ST:TNG "ins of the Father"]
quv:honor {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p9} [personal honor, earned by one's behavior]
  quv:be honored {v.} [TKD]
  quv bey':honor display {n.} {KCD}
quy'Ip:vomit {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [Spelled backwards, {pI'yuq} is a phonetic spelling of the English "puke".]
Qach:wield|swing (a blade) {v.} [KGT]
Qab:theragen {n.} {Appeared in TOS episode #63: The Tholian Web}
QaD:be dry {v.}
Qagh:error, mistake {n.}
  Qagh:err, be mistaken, make a mistake {v.}
Qaj:type of animal with brown lips, kradge {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n1p7} [{Qaj wuS rur} often used to indicate brown colored object.]
Qam:stand {v.}
  Qan:protect {v.}
Qap:work, function, succeed {v.}
  Qap:win (a competition) (v.t.) {from Okrand's notes, /HolQeD/ v2n4p18, TKW p211} ["'To win' a competition is /Qap/. (If it's a decisive or particularly gratifying victory, they'd say /Qapchu'/, even though that's a bit redundant.) In {TKD}, /Qap/ is translated as 'succeed, work, function. To a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly.]
  QapwI':function|feature ["function-thing"; new]
Qapla':success {n.}
QaQ:be good {v.}
  Qaq:behave falsely honorably, behave in a falsely honorable manner {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p8} [deception is implied]
Qargh:fissure {n.}
QaS:troops {n.}
Qat:be popular {v.}
Qatlh:be difficult {v.}
Qay:transfer {v.}
Qa':type of animal {n.}
  Qa'Hom:an animal (not a bird), like a Qa' but smaller {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [This does not make a ruckus at dawn, like the jajlo' Qa']
QaH:help, aid {v.}
Qav:be final, last {v.}
Qaw':destroy {v.} [TKD p49, TKW p211; TKD erroneously lists this as a noun in both E-K and K-E word lists, but at the top of p49 it is described as a verb, not a noun. It is also used as a verb in TKW p211.]
Qay':blow one's top {v.}
Qay':use the little toe {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p10}
  Qay'wI':little toe, fifth toe {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
Qeb:ring (for finger) {n.}
  QeDpIn:science officer {n.}
QeD:science {n.}
QeH:anger {n.}
  QeH:be angry, mad {v.}
    qeH:resent {v.}
Qel:doctor, physician {n.}
Qep'It:any gas produced by a body {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
Qey:be tight {v.}
  QeyHa':be loose {v.}
    QeyHa'moH:loosen {v.}
  QeymoH:tighten {v.}
Qe':restaurant {n.}
QIb:shadow {n.}
QIch:speech (vocal sounds) {n.}
QID:wound {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
QIH:damage, cause damage {v.}
  QIH:damage, destruction {n.}
QIj:explain {v.}
QIn:spearhead, sharpened end of pencil {n.} [/HolQeD/ v12n2p6; likely, this can refer to the sharp end of anything spearlike with poke potential.]
  QIn pup:plain spearhead with single sharp point {n.} ["spearhead perfect"; KGT p64]
  QIn vagh:spearhead with multiple points {n.} ["spearhead number five"; KGT p64]
QIp:be stupid {v.}
QIS:/QIS/ (wavy-bladed knife) [KGT]
QIt:slowly (adv)
QI':military {n.}
  QI'lop:a holiday {n.} ["military-celebrate"; from PK, this is a guess as to what Michael Dorn was pronouncing]
QI'tu':paradise {n.} ["military-find"?, see /tu'/; from the Addendum of TKD, KCD; in Klingon mythology, this was the source of all creation]
QI'yaH:Klingon curse (excl) ["military-duty"?, see /yaH/; TKD p58, KCD; vulgar Klingon expression; one of the strongest, most foul Klingon expressions; said to defy translation]
Qob:danger {n.}
  Qob:be dangerous {v.}
Qoch:disagree {v.}
  Qochbe':agree {v.}
  Qo':no, I won't, I refuse (excl)
QoD:maneuver (engines) {v.}
Qogh:type of animal {n.}
Qoj:make war {v.}
Qom:experience an earthquake or tremor {v.}
QongDaqDaq:in bed {n.} {TKW p40}
Qong:sleep {v.}
QonoS:journal, log {n.}
Qop:be worn out {v.}
QopmoH:wear out {v.}
Qorgh:take care of, care for {v.}
Qorwagh:window {n.} [KGT]
QoQ:music {n.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
QoS:be sorry {v.}
Qotlh:disable {v.}
Qot:lie, recline {v.}
Qovpatlh:epithet (excl) {TKD p178}
Qoy:hear, [listen to] {v.t.} [KGT; TKW p31; used as Sentence As Object, TKW p195]
Qub:think {v.}
Quch:forehead {n.}
  Quch:be happy {v.}
    QuchHa':be unhappy {v.}
QuD:insurrection {n.}
Qugh:disaster {n.}
Quj:game {n.}
  Quj:play a game {v.}
Qul:research {v.}
  Qulpa':research lab {n.} {BoP Poster}
Qum:communications, communication related technology {n.} {BoP Poster}
  Qum:communicate {v.}
  QumpIn:communications officer {n.} ["communications-boss"; see /pIn/]
  QumwI':communicator, communications device {n.}
Qun:god, supernatural being {n.} {NEWS}
QuQ:engine {n.}
QuS:conspiracy {n.}
  QuS:conspire {v.}
Qut:be vulgar {v.}
Qutlh:support physically {v.} [BoP Poster; 2010-07-26-Email clarifies that /ghaq/ is for financial support]
Quv:coordinates {n.}
Qu':duty, quest, mission, task, chore {n.}
  qu':be fierce {v.}
Qu'vatlh:Klingon curse (excl) {TKD p58} [CK: said in moments of extreme anger]
rach:invigorate, fortify, strengthen {v.} {MSN news group}
  rachwI':nurse {n.} {MSN news group}
raD:force, compel {v.}
ragh:decay {v.}
ral:be violent {v.}
ram:be trivial, trifling, unimportant {v.}
ram:night {n.}
  ramjep:midnight {n.}
rap:be the same {v.}
raQ:camp (military term) {n.}
  raQpo':passenger {n.}
rar:connect {v.}
raS:table {n.} [KGT]
ratlh:remain {v.}
rav:floor {n.}
  rav'eq:ceiling {n.} {NEWS}
raw':an aquatic bird with colorful plumage {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
  ra'wI':commander {n.}
ray':targets {n.}
ra':order, command {v.}
rech:exhale {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
reD:exterior wall {n.} {NEWS}
  reghuluS 'Iwghargh:Regulan bloodworm {n.}
  reghuluSngan:Regulan {n.}
reghuluS:Regulus {n.}
reH:always (adv)
reH:play {v.}
rejmorgh:worrywart {n.}[TKD K-E]
rep:hour {n.}
ret:time period ago (past) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p3}
retlh:area beside, area next to
rewbe':citizen {n.}
rIgh:be lame {v.}
rIH:energize {v.}
  rIHwI':energizer {n.}
rIl:use the thumb {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [Most commonly used in reference to a child using a thumb. See also {Sen}.]
  rIlwI':thumb {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [Most commonly used in reference to a child's thumb. See also {Sen}.]
  rIl:play (a wind instrument) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p9} [This is a brass technique, not a flute technique. Most typically it is used with /gheb/ as the object.]
rIn:be accomplished, finished ["over" in communications in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"]
rIp:council, assembly {n.}[TKD
rIQ:be injured {v.}
  rIQmoH:injure {v.}
rIvSo':embassy {n.}
rIymuS:Remus {n.}
roghvaH:population {n.}
ro:trunk (of body) {n.}
roj:peace {n.}
  roj:make peace {v.}
  rojHom:truce {n.} ["peace-diminutive"; see /~Hom/]
  rojmab:peace treaty {n.} [see /mab/]
rol:beard {n.}
rom:accord {n.}
  romuluSngan:Romulan {n.}
romuluS:Romulus {n.}
ron:roll (aircraft wings tilt, one up, one down) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p9} [It is unknown if this word has meaning outside the context of aircraft attitude.]
rop:disease {n.}
  rop:be sick, ill {v.}
  ropyaH:infirmary {n.}
roQ:put down {v.}
ror:be fat {v.}
roS:use the third toe {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p10}
  roSwI':third toe {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
rotlh:be tough {v.}
ro':fist {n.}
rugh:antimatter {n.}
rup:fine, tax {v.}
ruq:belch {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [Gas produced is called {SIp} or {Qep'It}.]
ruQ:control manually, by hand
rur:resemble {v.}
rura' pente':Rura Penthe (proper n) {from the Addendum of TKD, TKW p190}
rutlh:wheel {n.} {NEWS}
rut:sometimes (adv)
ruv:justice {n.}
ru':be temporary {v.}
Sab:decline, deteriorate {v.}
Sach:expand {v.}
SaD:thousand (num)
Sagh:be serious {v.}
SaH:be present (not absent) {v.}
SaH:care (about), be concerned (about) {v.}
Saj:pet {n.}
Sal:ascend {v.}
Sam:locate {v.} [KGT]
San:fate {n.}
Sang:obliterate {v.}
  SanID:thousand (num)
Sap:volunteer {v.}
SaQ:cry {v.}
  Saqghom:landing party {n.}
Saqjan:landing gear {n.} {BoP Poster}
Saq:land {v.}
Sar:variety {n.}
  Sar:be varied, various {v.}
SaS:be horizontal {v.}
Satlh:agriculture {n.}
Saw:marry (husband does this) {v.}
Say':be clean {v.}
  Say'qu'moH:sterilize {v.} {/HolQeD/ v1n3p9}
Sa':general (rank) {n.}
Sa'Hut:ass, rear end, buttocks {n.} {qep'a' HutDIch} [This word was revealed during a session of singing and dancing the Hokey Pokey]
Sa'Qej:Sakrej (region of /Qo'noS/)
SeDveq:/SeDveq/ (barbed spearhead) [KGT]
Segh:race (type, sort, class) {n.} [/tlhIngan Segh/; TKW p13]
SeH:control {v.}
  SeHlaw:control panel {n.}
Seng:trouble {n.}
  Seng:cause trouble {v.}
Sen:use the thumb {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [Most commonly used in reference to an adult using a thumb. See also {rIl}.]
  SenwI':thumb {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7} [Most commonly used in reference to an adult thumb. See also {rIl}.]
  SenwI' rIlwI' je:everybody (idiomatic phrase) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p8}
Sep:region {n.}
  Sep:breed {v.}
Seq:fault (seismic) {n.}
SermanyuQ:Sherman's Planet {n.}
Ser:progress {n.}
Serrum:earwax {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p9}
SeS:steam {n.}
Sev:bandage {n.}
  Sev:contain (an enemy) {v.}
Sey:be excited {v.}
  SeymoH:excite {v.}
Se':frequency (radio) {n.}
SIbDoH:satellite {n.}
SIch:reach {v.}
SID:patient {n.}
SIgh:influence {v.}
SIH:bend {v.}
SIj:slit {v.}
SIla':large mirror {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [larger than neSlo']
SIm:calculate {v.}
SIp:gas {n.}
SIQ:endure, bear {v.}
SIq:use the index finger {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
  SIqwI':index finger, first finger {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p7}
SIS:rain {v.}
SIv:wonder {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
Soch:seven (num)
  SochDIch:seventh (num)
SoD:flood {n.}
  SoD:flood {v.}
SoH:you (pro)
Soj:food {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p9} [carries the idiomatic sense of "matter, concern, affair", as in {tlhIngan Soj 'oH -- not bIyaj} meaning, "It is a Klingon matter -- you'll never understand."]
Sol:quarrel {v.}
Som:hull {n.}
Somraw:muscle {n.}
Son:relieve {v.}
Sop:eat {v.}
Soq:gain (v.t.) {/HolQeD/ v6n2p9 S33}
  SoQmoH:close, shut {v.}
SoQ:speech, lecture, address {n.}
  SoQ:be closed, shut {v.}
Sorgh:sabotage {v.}
Sor:tree {n.}
SoS:mother {n.}
  SoSbor:motherboard {n.} {BoP Poster}
    SoSbor'a':main core {n.} {BoP Poster}
  SoSnI':grandmother {n.}
Sot:be distressed, be in distress {v.}
  Sotlaw':distress call {n.} ["be-in-distress-many", see /law'/]
Sov:know {v.}
Soy':be clumsy {v.}
So':hide, cloak {v.}
  So'wI':cloaking device {n.}
Sub:be solid {v.}
Such:visit {v.}
SuD:be green, blue, yellow {v.}
SuH:ready, standing by (excl)
Suj:disturb {v.}
Sun:discipline {n.}
Sung:native {n.}
Sup:jump {v.}
Sup:resource {n.}
Suq:acquire, obtain, get {v.}
SuQ:be toxic {v.}
Surchem:force field {n.}
Surgh:skin {v.}
SuS:wind, breeze {n.}
Sut:clothing {n.}
Sutlh:negotiate {v.}
Suv:fight {v.}
  SuvwI':warrior {n.} [KGT]
    ex=jagh chuH SuvwI':The warrior spears the enemy/throws (a spear) at the enemy. [KGT]
    ex=jagh chuHchu' SuvwI':The warrier spears the enemy perfectly/hits the enemy (with a thrown spear). [KGT]
Suy:merchant {n.}
  SuyDuj:merchant ship {n.}
Su':ready, standing by (excl)
tach:bar, saloon, cocktail lounge {n.}
taD:be frozen {v.}
  taDmoH:freeze {v.}
tagh:begin a process, initiate [proceedings] (v.t.) {Addendum of TKD, TKW p187}
  tagha':finally, at last {adv.} [NEWS]
taH:be at a negative angle {v.}
  taHqeq:epithet (excl) {from TKD p178; also in CK} [this is a classic insult.]
ta:record {n.}
taj:knife, dagger {n.}
  naH taj:/naH taj/ (small knife) ["vegetable/fruit knife"; KGT]
  tajtIq:/tajtIq/ (knife with particularly long blade that is used almost as if it were a sword) [KGT]
  pe'meH taj:tool knife ["cut-purpose knife"]
tajvaj:angle {n.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p9}
tal:cannon {n.} {BoP Poster}
tam:be quiet {v.}
  tammoH:silence {v.}
tam:exchange, substitute {v.}
tangqa':animal species with both genders resembling Terran bull {n.} {/HolQeD/}
taQbang:exhaust {n.}
taQ:be weird {v.}
targh tIq:heart of targ, a food item {n.} {described and shown on KCD}
tar:poison {n.}
taS:solution (liquid) {n.}
tat:ion {n.}
tatlh:return (something) {v.} {NEWS}
tay:be civilized {v.}
  taymoH:civilize {v.}
  tayqeq:civilization {n.}
  tay':be together {v.}
ta':accomplishment {n.}
  ta':accomplish {v.}
  ta':emperor {n.}
teb:fill {v.}
teblaw':jurisdiction {n.}
teH:be true {v.}
tej:scientist {n.}
tel:wing {n.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
telun Hovtay':Tellun Star System {n.}
tem:deny {v.}
ten:embark {v.}
tengchaH:space station {n.}
tennuSnal:uncle, father's sister's husband {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
tennuS:uncle, father's brother {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
tep:cargo {n.}
  tepqengwI':cargo carrier/lift {n.} ["cargo-carry-thing"; BoP Poster; (add to current defs)]
teq:remove, take off {v.}
tera':Earth {n.}
  tera'ngan:Terran, Earther {n.}
teS:inner ear {n.} ["Okrand's Notes", from /HolQeD/ v2n4p17, 18]
tet:melt {v.}
tev:prize {n.}
tey':confide {v.}
  tey':cousin (mother's sister's child or father's brother's child), niece or nephew (man's brother's child or woman's sister's child) {n.} [/HolQeD/ v9n3p8]
    tey'be':female cousin (mother's sister's child or father's brother's child), niece (man's brother's daughter or woman's sister's daughter) {n.} ["cousin-female", see /be'/; /HolQeD/ v9n3p8]
    tey'loD:male cousin (mother's sister's son or father's brother's son), nephew (man's brother's son or woman's sister's son) {n.} ["cousin-male", see /loD/; /HolQeD/ v9n3p8]
tIch:insult {v.}
tIgh:custom {n.}
tIH:shaft of a spear|ray|beam {n.} [KGT]
tIj:board, go aboard {v.}
  tIjwI'ghom:boarding party {n.} ["board(ing)-one-party"; TKD p20]
tIl:salivate {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
tIn:be big {v.}
tIng:southwestward, area toward the southwest (approx 220 degrees on terran 360 degree compass counting clockwise with 0 at north) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n4p6}
tIq:be long, lengthy (of an object) {v.}
tIq:heart {n.} [TKD; TKW p23 - symbolic]
tIqnagh lemDu':Tknag hooves, a food item always referred to in plural {n.} {KCD}
tIQ:be ancient {v.}
tIr:grain {n.}
tIS:be light (weight) {v.}
tI:vegetation {n.}
tIv:enjoy {v.}
tI':fix, repair {v.}
tI'ang:T'Ong (name of a ship) (proper n) {S15, /HolQeD/ v4n3p5}
tob:prove {v.}
toch:palm (of hand) {n.}
toD:save, rescue {v.}
  toDDuj:rescue ship {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n4p11}
  toDSaH:epithet (excl) {TKD p178; CK} [you would call someone this if you were not on the best of terms.]
togh:count {v.}
toH:so, well (excl)
toj:deceive, trick {v.}
tongDuj:freighter {n.}
toplIn:topaline {n.}
toQ:a bird of prey {n.} [/HolQeD/ v10n4p5]
toq:be inhabited {v.}
torgh:Torg (proper n) {TKD p58}
tor:kneel {v.}
tor:pitch (aircraft tilts nose up or down), kneel (action of a person or animal) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p9}
toS:climb {v.}
toy':serve (a master) {v.}
  toy'wI':servant {n.}
to':tactics {n.}
tuch:forbid {v.}
tugh:hurry up! (excl) {MSN}
tugh:soon (adv)
tuH:maneuver (military term) {n.}
  tuH:be ashamed {v.}
    tuHmoH:shame {v.}
tuj:heat {n.}
  tuj:be hot {v.}
    tuj muvwI':thermo-suture {n.} [presumed; in /veS QonoS/, listed in /HolQeD/, v1n3p9]
tul:hope {v.}
tum:agency {n.}
tun:be soft {v.}
tung:discourage {v.}
  tungHa':encourage {v.}
tup:minute (of time) {n.}
tuq:tribe|house|<ancestral unit> {n.} [TKW p.34; KGT]
  tuq Degh:family crest (on knives) [KGT]
  tuqnIgh:a member of one's house {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p9}
tuQ:wear (clothes) {v.}
  tuQHa'moH:undress {v.}
  tuQmoH:put on (clothes) {v.}
tuQDoq:mind sifter|mindripper (Klingon psychic probe) {n.} ["wear-orange/red"?]
tuS:cough {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
tut:column {n.}
tuv:be patient {v.}
tuy':spit {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [If you spit out liquid, {bItuy'}, but if you spit out solids, {bItlhIS}.]
tu':discover, find, observe, notice {v.}
thla:sleeve {n.} [inferred from /tlhamey/ "sleeves" in KGT]
tlhab:freedom, independence {n.}
  tlhab:be free, independent {v.}
tlhach mu'mey:jargon {n.} {KGT p45}
tlhap:take {v.}
tlhaq:chronometer {n.}
tlhaQ:be funny {v.}
tlha':chase, follow {v.}
tlheD:depart {v.}
tlhegh:line, rope {n.}
tlhej:accompany {v.t.} [/HolQeD/ v2n4p18, TKW p161; Note: this is labeled as a noun in TKD, but Okrand corrected himself in Okrand's notes.]
tlhepQe':saliva {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
tlhetlh:progress {v.}
tlhevjaQ:/tlhevjaQ/ (a spear with a hook on the end, as an aid for throwing) [KGT]
tlhe':turn {v.}
tlhIb:be incompetent {v.}
tlhIch:smoke {n.}
tlhIH:you (plural) (pro)
  tlhIl:mineral {n.}
tlhIl:mine {v.}
  tlhIlwI':miner {n.}
tlhIngan:Klingon {n.}
tlhIng yoS:Kling District (proper n) {BoP Poster}
tlhIv:be insubordinate {v.}
tlhob:ask {v.}
tlhoch:contradict {v.}
tlhogh:marriage {n.}
tlhoj:realize {v.}
tlhol:be raw, unprocessed {v.}
tlhon:nostril {n.}
tlhong:barter, bargain {v.}
tlhoQ:conglomeration {n.}
tlhot:land on water (like a bird) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [if bird lands on land, use Saq, in a tree, use ngun]
tlhov:wheeze {v.}
tlhov:wheeze {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
tlhoy:overly, to an excessive degree, excessively, too much (adv) {/HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
tlhoy':wall, interior wall, interior face of exterior wall, territorial wall {n.} {NEWS}
  tlhoy' SaS:ceiling/floor between stories {n.} ["wall that is horizontal"; NEWS]
tlho':thank {v.} [KGT]
  tlho'ren:unit measure approx. one quart/litre {n.} {MSN}
tlhuH:breath {n.}
  tlhuH:breathe {v.}
  tlhuch:exhaust {v.}
tlhup:whisper {v.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
  tlhup:whisper {v.}
tlhutlh:drink {v.}
tlhu':be tempted {v.}
  tlhu'moH:tempt {v.}
vaD:be flexible {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n2p11}
va:general invective (excl) {TKD p178}
vagh:five (num)
  vaghDIch:fifth (num)
vaH:holster|sheath {n.} [TKD, KGT]
vaj:so, then, thus, in that case (adv)
val:be clever, smart, intelligent {v.}
valQIS:Valkris {proper n} [TKD p58]
van:end (an event, voyage, battle, play, opera, story, song, etc.) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p8} [The subject of this verb is the person causing an event to end. The direct object is the event that is ended.]
vang:act, take action {v.}
van:salute {v.}
vaQ:be aggressive {v.}
vatlh:hundred (num)
vatlhvI':percent {n.}
vav:father {n.}
  vavnI':grandfather {n.}
vay':somebody, something, anybody, anything {n.} [also "someone" in TKW p88]
veD:fur {n.} [KGT]
  veDDIrmey:animal pelts {n.} [KGT]
vegh:go through (an open door, a tunnel, etc.) {v.} {/qep'a' loSDIch/}
veH:boundary {n.}
vem:wake up, cease sleeping {v.}
  vemmoH:wake (someone) up {v.}
vem'eq:a bird that feeds almost exclusively on the serpent worm from which qagh is made {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [Klingons are not particularly fond of this bird]
veng:city {n.}
  vengHom:village {n.}
veQ:garbage {n.}
  veQDuj:garbage scow {n.}
veqlargh:devil, demon, Fek'lhr {n.} {from the Addendum of TKD, TKW p197, KCD} [the beast who guards the dwelling place of the dishonored dead]
verengan Ha'DIbaH:Ferengi dog - a classic insult {n.} [KCD]
vergh:dock {n.}
  vergh:dock {v.}
veS:war {n.}
  mu'qaD veS:curse warfare {n.} [PK: written on the printed card]
vetlh:cockroach {n.}
vID'Ir:baffle {n.} {BoP Poster}
vIj:thruster {n.}
vIlInHoD:bird capable of mimicking speech {n.} ["?-captain"; /HolQeD/ v10n4p5: "Some people pluralize these with -pu', but most use -mey."]
vIn:cousin, niece or nephew {n.} [/HolQeD/ v9n3p9; "In the singular, typically /tey'/ or /lor/ is preferred unless the individual is being referred to as a member of a group that likely includes both /tey'/ and/or /lor/. The plural form (/vInpu'/) is used for a group that includes /tey'/ and/or /lor/."]
  vInpu':cousins, a group of /tey'/ and /lor/ {n.} [/HolQeD/ v9n3p9; "In the singular, typically /tey'/ or /lor/ is preferred unless the individual is being referred to as a member of a group that likely includes both /tey'/ and/or /lor/. The plural form (/vInpu'/) is used for a group that includes /tey'/ and/or /lor/."]
vIng:whine {v.}
vIno'va' qurgh:finova bean{s.} {n.} {KCD, /HolQeD/ v5n1p20}
vIq:battle, combat (abstract) {n.} {KGT p47}
vItHay':the truth test {n.} {KCD}
vIt:tell the truth {v.}
vI':accumulate {v.}
vI':decimal point {n.}
voDleH:emperor {n.}
vogh:somewhere {n.}
voHDajbo':ransom {n.}
volchaH:shoulder {n.}
vong:hypnotize {v.}
voq:trust, have faith in {v.}
  voqHa':distrust {v.}
voQ:choke {v.}
vo':propel {v.}
vor:cure {v.}
vub:hostage {n.}
vuD:opinion {n.}
vul:be unconscious {v.}
vulqan:Vulcan (planet) {n.}
  vulqangan:Vulcan (person) {n.}
vum:work, toil {v.}
vup:pity {v.}
vuQ:fascinate {v.}
vuS:limit {v.}
vut:prepare food|cook|make a beverage {v.} [a common translation is "cook", but /vut/ is not limited to cooked food; KGT]
  vutpa':galley {n.}
  vutwI':food-preparer|cook|brewer {n.} [KGT]
vuv:respect {v.}
vu':manage {v.}
  vu'wI':manager {n.}
wab:sound, noise {n.} {NEWS}
wam:hunt {v.}
wanI':phenomenon, event, occurrence {n.}
waqboch:a bird with a very long beak {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
waQ:months from now {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p3}
waQ:obstruct {v.}
waq:shoe {n.}
watlh:be pure {v.}
wav:divide {v.}
waw':base (military term) {n.}
wa':one (num)
  wa'DIch:first (num)
  wa'logh:once (adv)
  wa'maH:ten (num)
    wa'maHDIch:tenth (num)
  wa'Hu':yesterday {n.} ["one-day-before"; see /Hu'/]
  wa'leS:tomorrow {n.} ["one-day-from-now"; see /leS/]
web:be disgraced {v.}
wegh:confine {v.}
weH:raid {v.}
  wejDIch:third (num)
wej:not yet (adv)
wej:three (num)
wejpuH:charming (used only ironically) (excl)
wem:violate {v.}
  wem:violation {n.}
wen:months ago {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p3}
wep:jacket, coat {n.}
wew:glow {v.}
wIb:be sour {v.}
wIch:myth {n.}
wIgh:genius {n.}
wIH:be ruthless {v.}
wIj:farm {v.}
wIv:choice {n.}
  wIv:choose, select {v.}
wIy:tactical display {n.}
wob:throwing a spear {v.} [KGT]
  ex=tlhevjaQ wob:He/she puts the /tlhevjaQ/ into the /chetvI'/ and hurls the spear. [KGT]
woD:throw away {v.}
wogh:transgress, do more than is acceptable {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n3p9} [{bIwogh} might be translated "You go too far."]
woH:pick up {v.}
wom:peck {v.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} [used for both eating and attacking by pecking]
woQ:authority, political power {n.}
woS:chin {n.}
wot:verb {n.}
wov:be light, bright {v.}
  wovmoHwI':light (lamp) {n.} {BoP Poster}
wo':empire {n.}
  tlhIngan wo':Klingon Empire {n.}
wo'rIv:Worf (proper n) {/HolQeD/ v4n3p4}
wuD:snore {v.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [Breathe more noisily than {jev}.]
wuq:decide {v.}
wuQ:have a headache {v.}
wuS:lip {n.}
wutlh:underground {n.}
wuv:depend on, rely on {v.}
yab:mind, brain {n.}
yach:pet, stroke {v.}
yaD:toe {n.}
yaH:duty station, station {n.}
  yajHa':misinterpret {v.}
yaj:understand {v.}
yap:be enough, sufficient {v.}
yaS:officer {n.}
yaS wa'DIch:first officer {n.} {KGT p53}
ya:tactical officer {n.}
yatqap:a gray (sometimes white) bird that can travel particularly long distances without pausing {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5}
yav:ground {n.}
yay:victory, triumph {n.}
  yay':be shocked, dumbfounded {v.}
yej:assembly, council {n.}
yem:sin {v.}
yem:sin (v.i.) {KCD}
yep:be careful {v.}
  yepHa':be careless {v.}
yeq:cooperate {v.} {TKD} [This was missing from Klingon-English listing in TKD, which listed instead /jIj/, while /jIj/ is missing from the English-Klingon side of TKD]
yer:domain, holdings, territory {n.} {NEWS}
  yergho:wall of a city (from yer+gho) {n.} {NEWS}
yev:pause {v.}
yIb:vent {n.}
yIH:tribble {n.}
yIn:life {n.}
  yIn:live {v.}
  yInroH:life signs {n.}
yIntagh:epithet (excl) {TKD p178}
  yIntagh:life-support system {n.}
yIQ:be wet {v.}
yIt:walk {v.}
yIv:chew {v.}
yIvbeH:(traditional warrior's) tunic|shirt {n.} [TKD, KGT]
yob:harvest {v.}
yoD:shield {n.}
  yoD:shield {v.}
yoH:be brave {v.}
yoj:judgment {n.}
yol:conflict {n.}
yon:be satisfied {v.}
  yonmoH:satisfy {v.}
yong:get in {v.}
yopwaH:pants {n.}
yoq:humanoid {n.}
yor:top (exterior) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
yoS:district, area {n.}
yot:invade {v.}
  yot:invasion {n.}
yotlh:field (of land) {n.}
yov:charge (military term) {v.}
yoy:be upside down {v.}
yo':fleet (of ships) {n.}
  yo'SeH yaHnIv:Operations Command {n.} ["fleet-control station-is-superior(-of)", see /SeH/, /yaH/, and /nIv/; /HolQeD/ v8n4p11; apparently this is a proper noun.]
yuch:chocolate {n.}
yuD:be dishonest {v.}
  yuDHa':be honest {v.}
yupma':festival {n.}
yuQ:planet {n.}
  yuQHom:planetoid {n.}
yur:distant cousin, niece or nephew (second cousin, grand-nephew, etc.) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8} [The singular form is never used in place of /tey'/ or /lor/, but the plural may be used for a group including /tey'/ and/or /lor/, so long as there is at least one more distance cousin, niece or nephew in the group.]
yuv:push {v.}
  yuvtlhe':lid, cover, cap {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
yu':question, interrogate {v.}
yu'egh:wave {n.} {This was omitted from the English-Klingon listing of TKD}
'aIngegh:axe with an added spike at the end [KGT]
'ach:but, nevertheless, even so, however (conj)
  'a:but, nevertheless, even so, however (conj)
'ab:have a length/height of (object is length) (v.t.) {/HolQeD/ v6n2p9 S32}, MSN}
'aD:vein {n.}
'ang:show, reveal {v.}
'ar:how many? how much? (ques)
'argh:worsen {v.}
'aqleH:/'aqleH/ (blade weapon that looks like half a /bat'leth/) [KGT]
'aqroS:maximum / bottom surface of a table, ceiling {n.} {BoP Poster, /HolQeD/ v8n3p2}
'aqtu':Aktuh - proper name from Klingon opera (proper n) {TKW p187}
'arlogh:how many times? (ques) {NEWS}
'av:guard {v.}
  'avwI':guard {n.}
'aw':sting {v.}
'ay':section {n.}
'eb:opportunity {n.}
'eDSeHcha:Take-Off/Landing Thrusters (n, plural) {BoP Poster}
'eH:ready {excl.}
'ej:and (joining sentences) (conj)
'ejDo':starship, starship class {n.} ["and-fortunate"?]
  'ejyo':Starfleet {n.} ["and-fleet"]
    'ejyo'waw':star base {n.} ["starfleet-base"]
'elaS:Elas {n.}
'el:enter, go in {v.}
'em:area behind [KGT]
'em:vomit {v.} [/HolQeD/, v12n4p8]
'e'nal:someone who married into the family {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p9} [No specific family relationship is given.]
'eng:cloud {n.}
'entepray':Enterprise (name of ship) (proper n) {S15 /HolQeD/ v4n3p5}
'er:type of animal {n.}
'er'In:end (of stick, rope, etc.), other end from {megh'an} {n.} {/HolQeD/ v12n2p6} [This can refer to either end of the rope, stick or whatever, but once you arbitrarily choose an end to call {'er'In}, the OTHER end is called {megh'an}. Before you make this initial reference, either end can be called either {'er'In} or {megh'an}.]
'et:fore {n.}
'e':that (previous topic) (pro)
'e'mam:aunt, father's sister {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
  'e'mamnal:aunt, father's brother's wife {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
'etlh:sword {n.}
'ev:northwestward, area to the northwest (320 degrees on terran 360 degree compass counted clockwise with 0 at north) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v8n4p6}
'IH:be beautiful, handsome {v.}
'Ij:listen {v.}
'Il:be sincere {v.}
'Ip:oath {n.}
  'Ip:vow, swear {v.}
'IQ:be sad {v.}
'Iq:be too much, be too many {v.} {/HolQeD/ v8n3p3}
'IqnaH:mucus {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8}
  'IqnaH QaD:dry mucus, booger {n.} {/HolQeD/, v12n4p8} [charghwI' is interpreting this first definition (provided by Okrand) in creating the second one (created by charghwI') because he can't figure out any other meaning.]
'IrneH:uncle, mother's brother {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
  'IrneHnal:uncle, mother's sister's husband {n.} {/HolQeD/ v9n3p8}
'ISjaH:calendar {n.}
'It:be depressed {v.}
'Itlh:be advanced, highly developed {v.}
'Iv:altitude {n.}
'Iv:who? (ques)
'Iw:blood {n.}
  'Iw 'Ip ghomey:blood oath circles - the name of a well known sculpture by  /mIStaq/ (proper n) {KCD}
'o':aft {n.}
'obmaQ:axe (general term) {n.} [KGT]
'och:tunnel {n.}
  'och:conduit {n.} {BoP Poster} [(add to previous defs) ]
'ogh:invent, devise {v.}
'oH:it (pro)
'oj:be thirsty {v.}
'ol:verify {v.}
'ong:be cunning, sly {v.}
'or:pilot, operate (an aircraft) {v.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8}
  'orwI':pilot, one who operates (an aircraft) {n.} {/HolQeD/ v11n2p8}
'orghen:Organia {n.} {TKD} [in TKD English-Klingon side, it lists /'orghenya'/.]
  'orghen rojmab:Organian Peace Treaty {n.} {TKD} [in TKD English-Klingon side, it lists /'orghenya' rojmab/]
  'orghengan:Organian {n.} {TKD} [in TKD English-Klingon side, it lists /'orghenya'ngan/]
  'orghenya':Organia {n.} {TKD} [in TKD Klingon-English side, it lists /'orghen/.]
    'orghenya' rojmab:Organian Peace Treaty {n.} {TKD} [in TKD Klingon-English side, it lists /'orghen rojmab/]
    'orghenya'ngan:Organian {n.} {TKD} [in TKD Klingon-English side, it lists /'orghenngan/]
'oS:represent {v.}
  'oSwI':emissary {n.}
'ov:compete {v.}
'oy':ache, hurt, be sore {v.}
  'oy':ache, pain, sore {n.}
'o'megh:end (of a song) {n.} [/HolQeD/ v12n2p9]
'o'wen:double agent|someone or something that is ambiguous {n.} {form.} [2012-01-26-Email; cf. /jey'naS ghoqwI'/ {slang}]
'uD'a':laser {n.} [/veS QonoS/, listed in /HolQeD/, v1n3p9]
  'uD Haqtaj:laser scalpel {n.} [/veS QonoS/, listed in /HolQeD/, v1n3p9]
'ugh:be heavy {v.}
'uH:have a hangover, be hung over {v.}
'um:be qualified {v.}
'uQ:dinner {n.}
'ur:treason, commit treason {v.} {Addendum of TKD} [This is missing from the Klingon-English side of TKD.]
  'urmang:treason {n.}
  'urwI':traitor {n.} {Addendum of TKD} [This is missing from the Klingon-English side of TKD]
'uS:leg {n.}
  'uSgheb:a noisy bird known to make a ruckus at dawn, likened to a rooster {n.} {/HolQeD/ v10n4p5} ["leg-horn", see /gheb/; much fiercer than a rooster]
'ut:be essential, necessary {v.}
  'utlh:officer {n.}
'uy:press down {v.}
'uy':million (num)
'u':universe {n.} [cf. "omega"]