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# Modern Golic Vulcan (MGV):Federation Standard English (FSE)
# Compiled from the website of the Vulcan Language Institute,
# archived at <
# (/Travilal s'vis-tum-vel t'Shi'Oren t'Gen-Lis Vuhlkansu,
# oskalan na'<
# Compiled from the website of the Vulcan Language Institute
# at <>.
# (/Travilal nash-veh s'vis-tum-vel t'Shi'Oren t'Gen-Lis Vuhlkansu
# na'<>./)
# Two inconsistencies have been found in the received data:
# (/Ki'tal-tor goh dah lafosh svi'faik poprahik:/)
# The following inconsistencies have been found in the received data:
# (/Ki'tal-tor nash-veh ritsurkan'es svi'faik poprahik:/)
# 1. /pekhaya/ both for “stop” {n.} and related terms in
# “Introduction to Vulcan Linguistics” (/fa-wak pehkau/
32,27 → 30,27
# while the word root /pekh/ uniformly refers to concepts related
# to defecation (as in /pe_kh_aya/ “defecation” and /pekh-razh/
# “anus” [“feces-exit”]).
# [/1. Dah-wak-isan t'/pekhaya/ na'>stop< |v-zh.| heh tersau-zhitlar
# [/1☐ – Dah-wak-isan t'/pekhaya/ na'>stop< |v-zh.| heh tersau-zhitlar
# svi'°Ragtaya na'Gen-Lis-Tal Vuhlkansu° | /fa-wak pehkau/
# >will stop< | - svi'°Ragtaya na'Zhit-Isan t'Gol-Vuhlkansu°
# | /ulef-pekhaya/ >half-stop< - hi /ek'pe*kh*aya/ >full-stop< |
# | /ulef-pekhaya/ >half-stop< - hi /ek'pe¦kh¦aya/ >full-stop< |
# eh svi'°Tupa t'Gen-Lis Vuhlkansu° 2 - 3 - 25 - 27 heh 29 -
# eh na'>defecation< heh tersau-zhitlar svi'°Vulcan Medical
# Lexicon°.
# Kupi ki'ka-stariben natya-zhit-shidlar heh stariben weh-lo'uk
# ka-zhit il ka-nen-zhit svi'Gol-Vuhlkansu ri-ozhik[1] –
# na'li-fal - kup-stariben /pekhaya/ >defecation< | vel-zhit
# t'>to defecate< | eh /pa'kizh-pekhaya/ >respiratory arrest<
# | >around-gasses-stop< | na'ka-wak uf - kup tra'nam-tor
# /khaf-spol-pe*hk*aya/ >cardiac arrest< | vel-zhit
# t'>blood-pump-stop< | - hi /pa'kizh-pe*kh*aya/ >respiratory arrest<
# na'ka-wak uf – vesht tor-yehat lafoshlar svi'zukitan-sasaya
# il svi'ne-stukh-sasaya heh tersau nen-zhit /pehk/
# na'>stopping< | vah na'/pehkau/ >to stop<, /ek'pe_hk_aya/
# >full-stop< heh /pa'kizh-pe_hk_aya/ >respiratory arrest< |
# ek'shidoraya - tersau nen-zhit /pekh/ ek'shidoraya na'vellar
# t'pekhaya | vah svi'/pe_kh_aya/ >defecation< heh svi'/pekh-razh/
# “anus” || >feces-exit< || |./]
# Ri k'ozhika kupi on-ma ka-tvah natya-zhit-gir - heh ka-zhit il
# ka-zhit-gir pohl-tvah svi'Gol-Vuhlkansu – na'li-fal -
# kup-tvai /pekhaya/ >defecation< || >to-defecate-noun< || heh
# /pa'kizh-pekhaya/ >respiratory arrest< || >around-gasses-stop< ||
# na'ka-wak uf - kup-tra'nam-tor /khaf-spol-pe¦hk¦aya/
# >cardiac arrest< || >blood-pump-stop-noun< || - hi
# /pa'kizh-pe¦kh¦aya/ >respiratory arrest< na'ka-wak uf –
# miyusau nash-veh tra'vesht lafoshlar svi'zhit-kitaun il
# svi'ne-stukh-sasaya - eh wuh-shid-dzhinau zhit-gir /pehk/
# na'pehkaya | vah /pehkau/ >to stop<, /ek'pe¦hk¦aya/
# >full-stop< heh /pa'kizh-pe¦hk¦aya/ >respiratory arrest< | -
# du'wuh-shid-dzhinau zhit-gir /pekh/ na'vellar t'pekhaya
# | vah /pe¦kh¦aya/ >defecation< heh /pekh-razh/ >anus<
# || >feces-exit< || |./]
# 2. As word for “symbol”, /sehtebihk/ in “Vulcan Language Lesson 6:
# Punctuation”, /setebihk/ in “Example Phrases (VLI)”, and
62,14 → 60,30
# It is assumed that the i/u-difference occurred from the
# neighboring positions of the keys for the letters “u” and “i”
# on computer keyboards, and that /setebihk/ is misspelt.
# [/2. Na'zhit t'>symbol< - /sehtebihk/ svi'°Gen-lis Vuhlkansu Tupa 6 -
# [/2☐ – Na'zhit t'>symbol< - /sehtebihk/ svi'°Gen-lis Vuhlkansu Tupa 6 -
# Pehkamitaya° - /setebihk/ svi'°Li-Falik Zhit-Ballar° heh
# /setebuhk/ svi'°Vulcan Rituals and Ceremonies°. Vesht tal-tor
# wuhr-shid svi'vesht-varik-faik | °Star Trek: The Motion Picture° | -
# tal-tor vah yeht-veh. Vesht tor-yehat i/u-natyan s'be'shul
# t'ozh-svinlar t'zhit-sehtebihk >u< eh >i< fi'ozh-svin-math
# /setebuhk/ svi'°Vulcan Rituals and Ceremonies°. Ki'kla-hil-tor
# nash-veh wuhr-shid svi'vesht-varik-faik | °Star Trek: The Motion
# Picture° | - tal-tor vah yeht-veh. Vesht tor-yehat i/u-natyan
# s'be'shul t'ozh-svinlar t'zhit-sehtebihk >u< eh >i< fi'ozh-svin-math
# t'tum-vel heh ri yeht-nazhitovaun /setebihk/./]
# 3. /tehtvun/ for “century” (100 years), but /leh-teh-tevun/ for
# “millennium” (1000 years). The word for “year” (time for one
# rotation of Vulcan) is /tevun/. is not logical to shorten it
# to /tvun/, an otherwise unknown word root, for “century
# (100 year[s])”, and to use the combining form with “1000 year(s)”
# but not “100 year[s]”.
# Therefore, we assume this is a typo copied to all documents,
# and that the word for “century” is /teh-tevun/.
# [3☐ – /tehtvun/ na'>century< (teh tevun) - hi /leh-teh-tevun/
# na'>millennium< (leh-teh tevun). Zhit na'wak t'wuh-dan
# t'T'Khasi /tevun/. Pen-tor na'/tvun/ ri-ozhik - vathru
# zhit-git rifainuk - na'>century (100 year[s])< heh is-tor
# terishanik shid na'>1000 year|s|< hi ri na'>100 year|s|<.
# Miyusau nash-veh ki'va'asal lafosh k'ozh-svin-math
# na'ek'varik-faik heh zhit na'>century< /teh-tevun/.]
# [1] /Na'natya-is - natya-shid./ “For different use, a different
# form.” —Tenek of Shi'Han (famous ancient Golic grammarian)
126,6 → 140,10
# Only when all applying superordered criteria are the same,
# entries are sorted by the FSE alphabet (not the MGV alphabet,
# in order to help learners.)
# Therefore, if you cannot find the translation for a compound
# word at entries beginning with the letter of the word, look
# into the entry for the main root.
# The following abbreviations have been used:
136,6 → 154,7
# anc. – ancient (word), from before Surak’s language reforms;
# probably with irr. verb-forms
# anorg. – anorganic; not related to life forms
# arch. – archaeology, archaelogic
# auto. – automotive
# biol. – biology, biologic; related to life forms
# borr. – borrowed word
173,6 → 192,8
# ocean. – oceanography, oceanographic
# ord. – ordinal form (of a number): 1st, 2nd etc.
# pl. – plural (form)
# pol. – politics, political
# rec. – recreation, recreational
# reg. – regular (verb; vs. irr.)
# sing. – singular (form)
# standal. – standal. (form)
181,12 → 202,12
# vs. – /versus/ Latin for "as opposed to", "as compared to"
# zool. – zoology, zoologic; related to animal life forms
~al:(regular strong verb, past form)
~au:(regular strong verb)
~al:(reg. strong v., past form)
~au:(reg. strong v.)
~aya:(reg. strong verb-based noun)
~ik:(standalone adj. form)
~lar:(plural form, except with numbers)
~ik:(standal. adj. form)
~lar:(pl. form, except with numbers)
ex=Kal'uh nash-veh..:Let me! [from /kal-tor/]
ex=Vasha'uh yel-hali t'nemut..:Destroy the enemy starship! [from /vashau/]
196,15 → 217,16
ex=Vasha'voh yel-hali t'nemut..:Destroy the enemy starship!
ex=Tu'ash'voh svep..:Open the door!
~-kam:dear ~ (affection)
a'gal:proton|positron ["positive-?"]
a'gal-lushun:proton torpedo ["proton-?"]
tehn-a'gal:antiproton ["anti-proton"]
a'rak(-~|ik):positive (polarity) ~ {adj.} {anc.} [from in CLGV, "good-direction" in AGV]
# a'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:[see /vihish/]
raf-a'rak(-):electropositive ["?-positive"]
abi'~:until ~ {prep.}
fi-zhel-aborayek:strap-on booster {aero.} ["on-strap-?"]
abukhau:(to) rule over {arch.} ["up-rule"?]
(abu)khausu:ruler (person) {n.} {arch.}
abuli(-~|ik):vertical {adj.}
abunaf:uplink {n.} {aero.}
kahr-abu:zenit (directly up) ["?-up"]
215,13 → 237,23
abrupik:dominant (adj.; biol.)
abrupik'es:dominance ["dominant-noun"; inferred]
ul-abrupik'es:partial dominance {zool.} ["partial-dominant-noun"]
achut:brush {n.} [inferred]
Abu-Sihm'bel:Abu Simbel {borr.} {arch.}
achut:brush {n.}
puyan-achut:cleaning brush [see /puyek/]
zud-achut:toothbrush ["?-brush"; see /zud/]
af'tum:galley (kitchen)
ahkh:war {borr.}
ex=Svi'ahm t'Surak ra..:What in Surak's name?!? ["In-name of-Surak what!!!"]
ahn-wun:/ahn-wun/ (traditional melee weapon with leather-strips and metal balls at the ends; anc.) [also transcribed /ahn-woon/]
nuk-ahs|-hinek|:mandible {ocean.}
ang'klung:Angklung {mus.}
anuh'dzhuhr:onager (asiatic ass) {borr.} [from FSE]
ahs:jaw {n.} {arch.}
ahs-fam(-~|ik):jawless ["jaw-without"]
ahs-fam-aluk:jawless fish ["jawless-fish"; see /ahs/]
ahs-hinek:jawbone {arch.}
abru-ahs|-hinek|:maxilla {n.} {ocean.}
nuk-ahs|-hinek|:mandible {n.} {ocean.}
aitlu:(to) desire [irr. strong v.]
ex=Aitlu Sonok yokul sash-savas.:Sonok wants to eat /sash-savas/.
241,6 → 273,9
akhlami:among us
aluk:fish {n.}
abu-vla-nu'leyik khlup-aluk:upside-down jelly(fish) {zool.} ["upward-?-down-? ?-fish"]
kus-vakhik khlup-aluk:bell jelly(fish) {zool.} ["?-? ?-fish"]
ar'kada:(to) work ["?-same-rotation"?]
ar'kada-has:occupational disease {med.}
248,6 → 283,7
ar'kadan:work (n.) ["?-same-rotation"?]
fi'ar'kadan:working|at work
ex=Sonok heh T'Luki fi'ar'kadan.:Sonok and T'Luki are working.
raf-ar'kada-vellar:electronics (equipment) {tech.}
arev:desert wind {?GV} [from ST:ENT "The Forge"]
# asal-yem:[see /yem/]
321,6 → 357,10
ex=Bolau sa-veh yokul ein-vel.:He needs to eat something. ["Needs he to-eat something"]
ex=Bolau etek oren-tor uf hash-tor.:We need to learn how to fly. ["Need we to-learn how to-fly."]
ex=Bolau ish-kan oren-tor nazhu-tor.:That child needs to learn to listen. ["Needs that-child to-learn to-listen."]
Borg Praim:Borg Prime
borgik mesakh-tchas-vistra:Borg transwarp network
Borkuh (Beituh Haidri):Borka (Beta Hydri)
buhfik:perfect {adj.}
d'mallu:/D'mallu/ (a type of carnivorous plant) {anc.}
371,6 → 411,7
dorlan:honorific {n.}
ridor-~:dishonorable ~
pudor-tor:(to) be honored
du|tu:you {sing.} [/du/ when alone or after consonant, /tu/ otherwise]
Qual se tu.:Is it you? {anc.}
odu:you ["honored you-singular"; to a superior or honored person]
417,6 → 458,7
sakadvin-tor:(to) decommission
sakadvin:decommissioning {n.}
dvun:move(ment) {n.}|motion {n.}|moving {ger.}
dah-da-sfekik gol'dvunek:coaxial relay ["two-?-point help-movement-noun"]
dvunel:motion {biol.}
dvunel-eik'es:range of motion {med.} ["motion-?"]
dvunel-has-mar:kinetosis {med.} ["motion-medical-?"]
453,6 → 495,9
Ekkuu-Gollisk:Planar Golic (Vulcan language)
ekon:(a) god
Oekon:God, the Supreme Being
elakh:cable {n.} {tech.}
elakhtra:cabling {n.}
# esh-tukh:[see /tukh/]
542,6 → 587,7
fu-~:proto-~ {sci.}|before|leading ~
fulag-tor:(to) lead
gabuluh:party (celebration) {n.} {rec.}
gad:day [inferred]
ek'gad:all day
nash-gad:today ["this-day"]
550,10 → 596,103
gahv-~:purple ~
galat-vulu:angle of heel {e-g-a}
galu:atom {n.}
galu(-~|pik):atomic {adj.}
samuyek t'seshan-galu-gasu:Magnatomic flux chiller ["? of-?-atom-?"]
a'gal:proton|positron ["positive-?"]
a'gal-lushun:proton torpedo ["proton-?"]
tehn-a'gal:antiproton ["anti-proton"]
ha'gal:photon [inferred]
ha'gal-dataya:photon propulsion
ha'gal-lushun:photon torpedo (photorp)
ha'gal-lushun-mev:photon torpedo tube
ha'gal-lushun-spusayek:photon torpedo launcher
ha'gal-lushan-sutauk:photon torpedo bay [/lushun/ vs. /lushan/?]
ha'gal-thorshek:photon grenade
na'gal-sayek:polaron emitter
na'gal-vunai:polaron field
pi'gal:particle [inferred]
patalek t'nuk-tepulik vifalunal-pi'gallar:low-energy charged-particle detector ["? of-low-? ?-particles"]
nen-pi'gal:elementary particle
ritsuri-pi'gal:exotic particle
sih-pi'gal:alpha particle
tih-pi'gal:beta particle
pi'gal-sahrayek:particle accelerator
pi'gal-zehl:particle beam
pi'gal-zehl-mishu:particle beam engine
pu'gal-kashek:baryon sensor
pu'gal-su'us:baryon number
sesh'gal-zehlek:graviton beam
wek-terauk sesh'gal-zehlek:phase-conjugate graviton beam
sesh'gal-zehlek-sayek:graviton beam emitter
sesh'gal-vunai:graviton field
sesh'gal-tihetilayek:graviton stabilizer
sahr'gal-glashayek:tachyon scanner
sahr'gal-vunai:tachyon field
sahr'gal-zehl:tachyon beam
thahk-ska'gal-zehl(ek):coherent neutrino beam
thor'gal:thoron [inferred]
leshanik thor'gal-ferek:portable thoron generator (PTG)
thor'gal-kolau-sayek:thoron shock emitter ["?-shock-?"]
u'gal-fo:electron shell
u'gal-glashaun:electron scanning
u'gal-ha'zehl:electron beam
u'gal-kusilau-glashayek (UKG):electron resonance scanner
u'gal-pohshek:electron gun
u'gal-salash:electron stream
u'gal-shif:electron pair
u'gal-shivak:electron mass
u'gal-thorshkau-kwitek:electron bombardment thruster
u'gal-yumau-tal:electronics {edu.}
u'gal-zehl-mev:cathode ray tube (CRT)
u'galik numo-zan-vel:electron microscope
wak'gal-zehl(ek):chroniton beam
ne-galu-feshelek:subatomic disrupter
galutravek:molecule ["atom-there-?"]
galutravek-glakuv-glashayek:molecular imaging scanner (MIS) ["atom-there-?-?-?"]
galu-dahshaya:(nuclear) fission
galu-dahshau-folayek:fission reactor
galu-dataya:nuclear propulsion
galu-folayek:nuclear reactor
galu-kaunshaya:(nuclear) fusion
galu-kaunshau-folayek:fusion reactor
galu-mesurubah:atomic transmutation
galu-pa'ashtra:atomic plane
galu-raf-dataya:nuclear-electric propulsion (NEP)
galu-rasath:atomic weight
galu-sagauk yon-hashek:nuclear pulse rocket
galu-sakuvu:atomic radius
(galu-)saya-saikhut:Radiation suit (radsuit)
galu-shivak:atomic mass
galu-su'us:atomic number
galu-tepul:atomic energy
galu-tepul-torvayek:nuclear power plant
galu-thorshek:atomic bomb
galu-velek:atomic structure
galu-wak-wel:atomic clock
galu-wun:atomic|nuclear weapon
gen-lis-tal:linguistics ["language-study"]
gish:(to) expect
ex=Gish etek fa-gad lasha.:They expect to arrive tomorrow. ["Expect they tomorrow to-arrive."]
ex=>Gishen worla ihk-banut.<:"He's never what I expect." ["What-is-expected never the-one-of-which-is-spoken."]
580,7 → 719,6
gluvau:(to) display [inferred]
(gluvau-)math:panel (display) ["(display-)board"]
per-gluvaya:play (n.; performance of drama or comedy, etc.)
ne-torektra t'snazh-gluvaya:plasma display subsystem ["sub-? of-?-display"]
gluvayek:display|monitor (viewscreen) {n.}
nel-gluvayek:main viewer {tech.}
su-shi-gluvayek:personnel locator display ["person-place-display"]
616,7 → 754,7
ha'fek:candle(stick) ["fire fully contained"]
ha'gel:light {n.}
ha'gel-rubah-dvun:phototaxis {biol.} ["light-change-movement"]
ha'gel-slah-elakh:fiber-optic cable {tech.}
ha'gel-slah-elakh:fiber-optic cable {tech.} ["light-?-cable"]
ha'kiv:life ["fire of being"?]
ha-tor:(to) live [also: "burn"?]
ex=Ha-tor Sonok heh T'Luki svi'pi'kelek svi'suk'solai.:Sonok and T'Luki live in the small house on the big field.
632,6 → 770,9
sov-sa'haf:air bladder {biol.}
halovau:(to) travel|journey
halovausu:traveler ["travel-person"]
halovaya:travel {n.} [inferred]
weh-sahr-ha'gelik halovaya:faster-than-light (FTL) travel ["more-fast-light travel"]
halovau-tvi'haf:travel pod {aero.} ["travel-inter-gap"]
hal-tor:(to) go
ex=Hal-tor Sonak na'ar'kada.:Sonak is going to work.|Sonak goes to work. ["Goes Sonak to work"; do not use gerund in GV]
halan:going {ger.}
652,11 → 793,18
zahal-tor:(to) follow
ex=Zahal-tor pi'Sonok os nesh-sehlat fna'masupik solai na'fau-yut.:Little Sonok follows the old black /sehlat/ through the wet field to the road.
zahalan (k'):followed (by)
halek:wheel {n.}
masu-hali:boat ["water-ship"]
shan-hali:shuttle ["transfer-ship"]
yel-hali:starship ["star-ship"]
halek:wheel {n.}
belk-hali:scout vessel {aero.} ["?-ship"]
ifis-hali:transport (vessel)|freighter {n.} ["transport-ship"]
kla-hil-hali:research vessel ["research-ship"]
masu-hali:boat ["water-ship"]
shan-hali:shuttle ["transfer-ship"]
stukh-hali:spacecraft ["space-ship"]
thorshek-hali:bomber {aero.} ["?-ship"]
thorshek-hali-travek:bomber group (BG) {aero.} ["?-ship-group"]
thorshek-hali-suk'travek:bomber wing (BW) {aero.} ["?-ship-big-group"]
yel-hali:starship ["star-ship"]
mashalovau:(to) sail ["water-travel", see /masu/]
samashalovau:(to) sail away
samashalovaun:sailing away
677,9 → 825,16
yonan t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage ignition {aero.} ["fire? of-?-upper-?"]
yontau-pehkaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage burnout {aero.} ["fire?-stop of-?-upper-?"]
hashsu-shal:cockpit {aero.} ["pilot-zone"]
ohashsu:ace|expert pilot
hif-bi:to me (TGV)
hishek:printer (device)
kla-hil:research {n.}
kla-hil-kebitra:research facility ["research-?-there"]
kla-hil-tor:(to) research ["research-to-do"]
ek'tal-kla-hil:scientific research ["science-research"]
hitra-~:media ~
Hitra-Zukitan:Media Script (Vulcan writing script)
hizh-~:quiet ~
707,7 → 862,6
ex=Tishau ko-veh pelal if.:Which robe does she like? ["Like female-one robe which."]
ex=Tishau weh-rom ash'ailar if.:Which socks do you like better? ["Like better socks which."]
ifis:transportation {n.}
ifis-hali:transport (vessel)|freighter {n.} ["transport-ship"]
ifis-tor:(to) transport ["transport to-do"]
igen:sky {n.}
ihk-banut:the one of which is spoken
747,7 → 901,6
k'~:with|by ~
k'kan:pregnant ["with-child"]
k'kan-wak:pregnancy ["with-child-time"]
k'kvai:through [TGV only, rare]
ka(-~):same ~
875,22 → 1028,32
klacha:(to) lock [irr. strong v.]
ex=Klacha ko-kan svep.:The boy locks the door.
klachu:(to) lock {aero.} [to be zeroed on in]
klau-bosh(-~):harmful ~
klepovau:(to) shop
ex=>Kling akhlami buhfik - Saavik-kam.<:"Nobody's perfect, Saavik." ["Not-one among-us perfect, Saavik-(affection)."]
nu-kliton:down-arrow (" ˅ ") [used as the asterisk is used in FSE with a bottom-of-the-page note]
nu-kliton:down-arrow (" ↓ ") [used as the asterisk is used in FSE with a bottom-of-the-page note]
kloshah:(to) behave
kluf:boot {n.}
kluhvau:(to) flush [inferred]
kluhvaya:flush [inferred]
kluhvau:(to) flush
kluhvaya:flush {n.}
kef-kluhvaya:emergency flush ["?-flush"; inferred, see /kef/]
prah-vel t'kef-kluhvaya:emergency flush intake
kef-kluhvau-krau:emergency flush vent
klu-tor:(to) ram [inferred]
klun:ramming {ger.} [inferred]
klunyau:(to) ram
klunyanuhp:embolon {arch.}
klunyaya:ram {n.} {aero.}
klunyayek:ram {n.}
klunyavush:ramjet ["ramming-jet"; see /vush/]
maweh-klunyavush:scramjet ["?-ramjet"]
sva-yel-klunyavush:interstellar ramjet ["?-star-ramjet"]
sva-yel-klunyavush t'Bussard:Bussard interstellar ramjet ["?-star-ramjet of-Bussard"]
klunya-tavat:ram ratio {aero.} ["ram-?"]
klunya-vetsaya:ram recovery {aero.} ["ram-?"]
klunya-vihish:ram pressure {aero.} ["ram-pressure"]
ko-kan:girl ["female-child"]
910,15 → 1073,13
Kol-Ut-Shan:/Kol-Ut-Shan/ (IDIC symbol) ["?-transfer"]
kolau:(to) shock [inferred]
kolau-tviyan t'nel'ashayek:replicator memory core ["shock-? of-?"]
thor'gal-kolau-sayek:thoron shock emitter ["?-shock-?"]
kolaya:shock {n.} [inferred]
pid-folau-kolaya:anaphylactic shock ["?-?-shock"]
kwul-kolaya:concussion ["?-shock"]
raf-kolaya:electric(al) shock ["?-shock"]
Kolinahr:/Kolinahr/ (rigorous training program at Gol to purge oneself of all emotions) ["?-now-discipline"]
ex=>Kolinahr – k'kvai'ei ek'zherka t'forti foshuhl<:"Kolinahr: Through which all emotion is finally shed." ["Through-which all-emotion(s) finally shed."]
Kolinahru:those who have attained /Kolinahr/
komihn:human {adj.}
komihnsu:human {n.}
ten-abul-komihnsu:homo erectus {arch.} ["?-vertical-human"]
korsau:(to) conserve [inferred]
nala-korsau-haf:vacuole ["cell-conserve-bag"]
989,6 → 1150,7
kus-vakh:bell {n.}
k'kvai'ei:through which [TGV only, rare]
kwai:wild {n.}
kwi'~:from a distance|from far away
1000,9 → 1162,17
lashan:arrival ["here-transfer"]
lashayan:arriving {ger.}
la'ash:axe {anc.} [originally a compound word]
lafosh:error {n.} {anc.}
lafot:fault (defect) {n.} {aero.}
lafot-nisaya:fault analysis {aero.} ["fault-?"]
lafot-patalan - -sameskaraya eh vetsaya (LP-S|V):Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) ["fault-?, ? and ?"]
lafot-ufesan:fault tree {aero.} ["fault-?"]
lafot-wivel'es:fault tolerance ["fault-?"]
lanet:bottom {geo.}
lapek:boom (beam, pole) {n.} {aero.}
laptra:forest ["tree-there"]
ex=Lau tal-tor nash-veh yut fa-gad.:I might find the way tomorrow. ["Might find this-one way tomorrow."]
1171,7 → 1341,7
ex=Lasha sa-mekh t'du lu.:When does your father arrive? ["Arrive father of-you when."]
ma:(to) have|own|possess
ex=Ma sa-kan dukal heh kep - ko-kan mokuv heh leitri.:The boy owns a ball and a gong; the girl a ring and a toy.
ex=>Ma etek natyan — teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on.<:"We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us:" —Surak [">Have we difference — together may we grow greater than sum of-us.<"]
ex=>Ma etek natyan — teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on.<:"We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us:" —Surak [">Have we difference — together may we grow greater than sum of-both.<"]
ma~:very ~|highly ~|exceptional(ly) ~|extra~|ultra~
ex=:see /pi/ and /suk/
1200,6 → 1370,8
malat-nemut:natural enemy {biol.} ["nature-enemy"]
malat-tal:ecology (study) {biol.} ["nature-study"]
malat-tash:natural control {biol.} ["nature-control"]
mantuhs:mantis {zool.} {borr.} [inferred; from FSE]
ekon-shoretan-mahntuhs:praying mantis {zool.} {borr.} ["?-?-mantis"; from FSE]
1231,8 → 1403,6
mesah:catwalk {tech.} [lateral access conduit running the entire length of the warp nacelles]
mesakh-dvunik tvi-shal:transkinetic chamber ["trans-moving inside-zone"]
mesakh-tchas-tvur:transwarp corridor ["trans-?-?"]
mesakh-tchas-yeturek (MTY):transwarp drive ["trans-?-?"]
mes-sef:transverse dune
sha'meskar-falek:latent heat ["?-heat"]
1249,9 → 1419,13
mestau:(to) contact [inferred]
mestaya:contact {n.} [inferred from /mestaya-ek'rubah'es/]
mestaya-gisam:contact poison {biol.}
mestev-tor:(to) fall across
mestevan:across-fall, falling-across
ek'mesukh-stari-vel (ESV):universal translator ["all-crossing-translate-thing"]
abru'mesukh:across {obs.} ["over-translation"]
ek'mesukh-stari-vel (ESV):universal translator (UT) ["all-translation-speak-thing"]
mesukh-tor:(to) translate
ek'mesukh-zhit-isan:universal grammar {gr.} ["all-translation-word-use"]
spes-vitoral-mesukhek:voice-activated translator ["?-?-translate-all"]
yahv-mesukh:calque {gr.} ["?-translation"]
mesut:bridge (structure)|pons {med.} ["across-noun"]
mesya:/mesya/ (game similar to "tag")
mesyut-~:counter(-)~|anti(-)~|retro~|back~ [inferred]
1304,7 → 1478,9
mor-gril:Mor-gril (a wolverine-like animal)
mor-gril:/mor-gril/ (a wolverine-like animal)
mo'uh:? {borr.}
abu-solektra-mo'uh:upland moa {zool.} ["up-?-moa"]
mu'yor:night {anc.} [originally a compound word]
ex=Gla-tor etek wuh'rak yel t'mu'yor.:We see the first star of the night. ["See we first star of-night."]
ek'mu'yor:all night
1328,10 → 1504,15
nafek:organ {med.}
pi'nafek:gland ["small organ"]
ex=:[see /Kolinahr/]
Kolinahr:/Kolinahr/ (rigorous training program at Gol to purge oneself of all emotions) ["?-now-discipline"]
ex=>Kolinahr – k'kvai'ei ek'zherka t'forti foshuhl<:"Kolinahr: Through which all emotion is finally shed." ["Through-which all-emotion(s) finally shed."]
Kolinahru:/Kolinahru/ [those who have attained /Kolinahr/]
ex=>Nahp - hif-bi tu throks.<:Your thoughts, give them to me. ["Thoughts - to-me you give."]
nah-tor:(to) think
panahp:consideration ["about-thought"; inferred]
panah-tor:(to) consider ["about-think"]
nakarat:endeavor {n.}
nakh-tor:(to) index
mes-nakh-tor:(to) cross-index
1342,6 → 1523,7
nalatra-tin t'el-lesek:synovial membrane ["tissue-layer of-?-joint"; see /lesek/]
sakasu-nalatra-neshuhk:biotroph ["bring-out-being-tissue-parasite"]
torupik nalatra-ifis:active transport ["working tissue-transport"]
tersau-nalatra:connective tissue {biol.} ["connect-tissue"]
nam-tor:(to) be|exist
1363,7 → 1545,7
a'rak-kraulaya t'dvudau-natuhn:positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) {auto.} ["positive-? of-?-box"]
a'rak-kraulau-kapol t'dvudau-natuhn:positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) filter {auto.} ["positive-?-? of-?-box"]
a'rak-kraulau-spunek t'dvudau-natuhn:positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve {auto.} ["positive-?-? of-?-box"]
a'rak-kraulau-torektra t'dvudau-natuhn:positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system {auto.} ["positive-?-? of-?-box"]
a'rak-kraulau-torektra t'dvudau-natuhn:positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system {auto.} ["positive-?-system of-?-box"]
natya(-~):different ~
ex=>Na'natya-is - natya-shid.<:"For different use, a different form." —Tenek of Shi'Han
1376,6 → 1558,14
nehau:(to) rot ["under-add"]
ex=Nehau urozh svi'solai.:The crops are rotting in the field.
nelau:(to) suppress ["under-might"]
nelaya:suppression ["under-might-noun"]
ralash-nelaya:noise suppression {aero.} ["sound-suppression"]
ralash-nelau-torektra:noise suppression system {aero.} ["sound-suppression-system"]
spanadvelsu-nelaya:voter suppression {pol.} ["voter-suppression"]
yon-nelaya:fire suppression {tech.} ["fire-suppression"]
yon-nelau-torektra (YNT):fire suppression system (FSS) ["fire-?-system"]
(yon-)nelau-tukh:(fire) suppressant
# ne-yartra:[see /yar/]
ne'~:below|under ~
1384,14 → 1574,14
nem-tor:(to) take
ex=Vesht tar-tor Surak >Nam-tor ri thrap wilat nem-tor rim.<:Surak said, "There is no offense where none is taken." ["Past say Surak >Be not offense where to-take none.<"]
nemut:enemy ["he who takes (e.g. water, without asking)"]
nenik:simple {gr.}
starun-nentular:speech frames ("> — <") [used as quotation marks/double quotes in FSE]
ex=:[see /nemtor/ for ex.]
tresh-nentular:split-frames ("¦ — ¦") [used for emphasis, like bolding or capitals in FSE]
ex=Nam-tor ish ¦suk¦ sehlat..:That is a *big* /sehlat/!
tuhsk-nentular|wuh-nentular:comment frames|single frames ("| — |") [used like parantheses in FSE]
ex=Dungi nam-tor keh os-yel-hali | ek s'kadvin | moguhshau.:Four old starships (all out of commission) will be scrapped. ["Will be four old-star-ship (all out-of-commission) scrap."]
nen(-~|ik):simple ~ {gr.}|primary ~ {tech.}
starun-nentular:speech frames ("> — <") [used as quotation marks/double quotes in FSE]
ex=:[see /nemtor/ for ex.]
tresh-nentular:split-frames ("¦ — ¦") [used for emphasis, like bolding or capitals in FSE]
ex=Nam-tor ish ¦suk¦ sehlat..:That is a *big* /sehlat/!
tuhsk-nentular|wuh-nentular:comment frames|single frames ("| — |") [used like parantheses in FSE]
ex=Dungi nam-tor keh os-yel-hali | ek s'kadvin | moguhshau.:Four old starships (all out of commission) will be scrapped. ["Will be four old-star-ship (all out-of-commission) scrap."]
nesh-tor:(to) cut
neshuhk:parasite {biol.}
1482,6 → 1672,7
numo-zan-vel:microscope ["microscopic-view-thing"]
nu'~:down ~
nuh'~:too ~ {adj.}
o'kapi:okapi {borr.} [from FSE]
o~:honored ~
# osu:sir|madam ["honored person"; see /su/]
1497,7 → 1688,7
olau:(to) feel
ex=Olau tu uf.:How are you? ["Feel you how."]
ex=:[see /ma/ for ex.]
opi'~:since ~
1513,6 → 1704,8
ex=Ozhika - fai-tukh heh kenan – nam-tor u'vellar etek saven-tor.:Logic, knowledge and understanding – these are the things we teach.
ex=>Ozhika -- palik t'kau ri shaht.<:"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end." ["Logic: Beginning of-wisdom not end."]
k'ozhika:it is logical
ri k'ozhika:it is illogical
oveh:saint ["honored one"]
ovsot-~:complete {adj.}
# ovsot-ek'rubah:[see /rubah/]
1543,6 → 1736,8
palikau:(to) begin|commence
palik:beginning {n.}
ex=:[see /ozhika/]
pash:trap {n.}
pash-tor:(to) trap
pasu:table {n.}
patanafau:(to) design [inferred]
1558,7 → 1753,6
ulef-pehkaya:half-stop ("'") [affix separator, decimal point]
ex=Sehlat pi.:The /sehlat/ is small.
1637,7 → 1831,7
ex=ri bolau nash-veh:I do not need ["not need this-one"]
ex=Ri tishau sa-veh ko-veh.:He does not like her. ["Not like male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau sa-veh ri ko-veh.:he does not like *her*. ["Like male-one not female-one."]
ex=Tishau ri sa-veh ko-veh,:*He* does not like her. [Like not male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau ri sa-veh ko-veh.:*He* does not like her. [Like not male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau Sonok T'Sau hi ri T'Pan,:Sonok likes T'Sau but not T'Pan. ["Likes Sonok T'Sau but not T'Pan."]
ex=Tishau ri Sonok hi Stonn T'Pol.:Sonok does not like Stonn but he likes T'Pol. [single verb is not repeated: "Likes not Sonok but Stonn T'Pol."]
ex=Ri tishau Sonok heh Stonn T'Pol.:Sonok and Stonn don't like T'Pol. ["Not like Sonok and Stonn T'Pol."]
1832,7 → 2026,7
dan-pid-sfek:zenith (highest point) ["rotation-high-point"]
sha':(your|his|her|its|our|your {pl.}|their) own [personal possessive)]
sha':one's own [personal possessive)]
shad (MGV)|shi'nahp (TGV):brain
shan:transfer {n.} [inferred from /shan-hali/ and /lashan/]
1872,6 → 2066,7
tal-shaya:/Tal-shaya/ (anc. technique once used for merciful execution) ["study-of-breaking" another's neck with one hand]
moguhshau:(to) scrap ["?-debris-verb"]
guhsh(-tukh):debris {geol.}
guhsh-khartau-torektra:waste management system (WMS) ["debris-?-system"]
guhsh-skish:debris avalance {geol.} ["debris-?"]
guhsh-yumaya:debris flow {geol.} ["debris-?"]
ha-guhsh:detritus {biol.} ["life-debris"]
1911,6 → 2106,7
ex=Shitau Sonok ras-dunap fi'suk'pasu.:Sonok puts the heavy book on the big table.
shi'~:place of ~
shi'dunap:library ["place-of-book"]
shi'gluvaya:museum {arch.} ["place-of-display"]
shi'oren:institute ["place-of-study"]
ex=Shi'Oren t'Gen-Lis Vuhlkansu:Vulcan Language Institute ["place-of-study of-language Vulcan"]
shi'kwai:wilderness ["place-of-wild"]
1934,6 → 2130,10
ex=Tishau T'Luki kap k'shur t'plomik t'Sonok.:T'Luki likes bread with Sonok's /plomeek/ soup.
si'~:outside (of) ~
si-:exo~|outer(-) ~|ecto~|extra(-)~|exterior(-) ~
snazh:plasma {tech.}
snazh-gluvaya:plasma display ["plasma-display"]
ne-torektra t'snazh-gluvaya:plasma display subsystem ["sub-system of-plasma-display"]
snazh-mev:plasma conduit ["plasma-conduit"]
snauk:fork {n.}
ska'~:off (of) ~
1963,6 → 2163,7
smertaufa:? {n.}
smertausu:? {n.}
sochya-bosh(-~):peaceful ~
stego'sohruhs (abu-math-pla'dorfa daino'sohr):stegosaurus {zool.} {borr.} ["stegosaurus (up-plate-?-?-dinosaur"]
solai:field {agr., fig.}
suk-sov-dan:cyclone (rotation area) {meteo.} ["big-?-rotation"]
1969,6 → 2170,42
spahk:claw {n.} {biol.}
# spahk-mal-aushfa:crustacean {biol.} ["claw-leg-animal"; see /aushfa/]
spanakau:(to) govern {pol.}
spanadvel-tor:(to) vote ["govern-choose"]
spanadvelan:vote {n.} ["govern-choosing"]
spanadvelsu:voter ["govern-choose-person"]
spanakausu:governor {pol.} ["govern-person"]
krusol-spanakausu:state governor {pol.} ["?-governor"]
spanakhat:government {pol.} ["?-rule"]
abu-tospanakelsu:senator {n.}
shasol-ek'pumal-spanakhatektra:communism {pol.} ["?-all-?-government-?"]
tasular-spanakhatektra:democracy {pol.} ["?-{pl.}-goverment-?"]
tasular-spanakau-zahelsu:democrat {pol.} ["?-{pl.}-govern-?-person"]
spanakhat-fam:anarchy {pol.} ["government-without"]
spanakhat-fam-dva:anarchism {pol.} ["government-without-?"]
spanakhat-fam-dvasu:anarchist {pol.} ["government-without-?-person"]
teruk-spanakhat:federal government {pol.} ["?-government"]
odontra-spanakrus:treasury department ["?-govern-?"]
shasol-spanakrus:state department ["?-govern-?"]
spanasutra:party {n.} {pol.} ["govern-person-there"]
Ek'ka-Abukhau-Spanasutra:Fascist Party ["all-same-rule-party"]
Ek'sitra-Spanasutra:Green Party ["all-?-party"]
Korsat-Spanasutra:Conservative Party ["?-party"]
Shasol-Ek'pumal-Spanasutra:Communist Party ["?-all-?-party"]
Shila-Dva-Spanasutra:Socialist Party ["?-?-party"]
Spantabralesku-Spanasutra:Republican Party ["?-party"]
Su'el-Spanasutra:Libertarian Party ["?-?-party"]
Svitan-Spanasutra:Centrist Party ["?-party"]
Tasular-Spanasutra:Democratic Party ["?-{pl.}-party"]
Tikop-Spanasutra:Independent Party ["?-party"]
Tu'el-Spanasutra:Liberal Party ["?-?-party"]
Zup-Spanasutra:Labo(u)r Party ["work-party"]
to'ankha-spanasutra:political party ["?-party"]
spana-ornasu:chancellor {pol.}
spo'~:à la|after|in the manner/style of ~
spol:pump {n.}
2005,8 → 2242,12
ex=masuk-sehlat:a very big or very large /sehlat/ [can mean it is old, full-grown and/or suggest a high level of clumsiness or brutishness]
tsuk-~:common ~ ["of-big"?]
Tsuk-Zukitan:Common Script (Vulcan writing script)
tsuri(-~):common|regular|usual ~
ritsuri(-~):uncommon|irregular|unusual ~
tsuri(-~):common|regular|usual ~
tsurkan'es:consistency {n.}
tsurkan(-~|ik):consistent {adj.}
ritsurkan'es:inconsistency [inferred]
ritsurkan(-~|ik):inconsistent {adj.} [inferred]
ritsuri(-~):uncommon|irregular|unusual ~
sva'~:between ~
2026,7 → 2267,9
ex=>I'tah tehrai k'etwel.<:"He will not achieve his goal with us." ["Now-unobtainable goal with-us."]
takov(-~):pretty ~
tal:science|study {n.}
tal:study {n.}
ek'tal:science ["all-study"]
ek'talsu:scientist ["all-study-person"]
tal-tor:(to) find
talal:find(ings) {n.}
2071,13 → 2314,13
nahp-tash-svitan:cerebrum ["thought-control-?"]
si-tin t'nahp-tash-svitan:cerebral cortex ["outer-layer of-thought-control-?"]
folau-tash-kwitek:Reaction-control thruster ["?-control-?"]
folau-tash-torektra (FTT):reaction-control system (RCS) {tech.} ["?-control-?"]
folau-tash-torektra (FTT):reaction-control system (RCS) {tech.} ["?-control-system"]
kvath-tash-svitan (KTS):auxiliary control (room) {tech.} ["?-control-?"]
vlaik kwitau-tash-torektra (VKTT):lateral impulse control system ["? ?-control-?"]
vlaik kwitau-tash-torektra (VKTT):lateral impulse control system ["? ?-control-system"]
ha'zehl-tash-feretai:beam control assembly ["?-line-control-?"]
zakar-tash:damage control ["damage-control"]
vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system ["pressure-control-?"]
ek'meklar t'vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system safeties ["all-? of-pressure-control-?"]
vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system ["pressure-control-system"]
ek'meklar t'vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system safeties ["all-? of-pressure-control-system"]
tashuhl-mazhiv-kov:arkose {geol.}
tashuhnu-tukh:rhyolite {geol.}
2085,6 → 2328,35
taul-tulek:dive tank {ocean.} ["?-?"]
tav:rate {n.} [inferred from /tselau-tav/]
ha'gel-haulan-tavat:albedo ["light-?-?"]
tchas:warp {n.}
tchas-apalikau-tikap t'Skoht:Scott warp startup method ["warp-?-? of-Scott"]
tchas-klai:warp factor ["warp-?"]
tchas-mev:warp conduit ["warp-conduit"]
tchas-mishu:warp engine ["warp-?"]
tchas-mishu-leshek:warp engine nacelle ["warp-?-?"]
feretai t'tchas-nosh-nisaklar:warp diagnostic assembly (WDA) ["? of-warp-condition-?"]
tchas-snazh:warp plasma ["warp-?"; inferred]
nen-yemek t'tchas-snazh:primary warp plasma feed (PWPF) ["primary-? of-warp-?"]
ne-patorayek t'tchas-snazh:warp plasma subprocessor ["sub-? of-warp-?"]
tchas-snazh-kapol:warp plasma filter ["warp-?-?"]
tchas-snazh-mev:warp plasma conduit (WPC) ["warp-?-conduit"]
tchas-snazh-tihetilayek:warp plasma stabilizer ["warp-?-?"]
tchas-threshan:warp speed ["warp-speed"]
tchas-tviyan:warp core ["warp-?"]
viskulan-tertitayek t'tchas-tviyan:warp core matrix compositor (WCMC) ["?-? of-warp-?"]
tchas-tviyan-shaya:warp core breach ["warp-?-break"]
tchas-vunai:warp field ["warp-?"]
ferek-kebi t'tchas-vunai:warp field generator unit ["?-? of-warp-?"]
tchas-vunai-ferek:warp field generator (WFG) ["warp-?-?"]
tchas-yeturek:warp drive
tchas-yeturek t'Alkubiyer:Alcubierre warp drive
tchas-yeturek t'Kakruhn:Cochrane warp drive
tchas-yeturek t'dah-da-sfek:coaxial warp drive ["warp-drive of-two-?-point"]
fe-palikau-zehlanayek t'tchas-yeturek:warp drive prestart sequencer (WDPS) ["?-start-? of-warp-drive"]
mesakh-tchas-yeturek (MTY):transwarp drive ["trans-warp-?"]
mesakh-tchas:transwarp ["trans-warp"]
mesakh-tchas-tvur:transwarp corridor ["trans-war-?"]
te'koshif:architecture {anc.} [originally a compound word]
teh:100 {enum., card.}
teh'rak:100th (TGV)
2120,12 → 2392,21
teresh-kah:/Teresh-kah/ (a type of bird)
ex=Teresh-kah suk.:The /teresh-kah/ bird is big.
ex=wan-kur teresh-kah:white /teresh-kah/ bird
tersau:(to) connect [inferred]
tersaya:connection [inferred]
satersau:(to) disconnect
tersau:(to) connect
tersa'es:connectivity ["connect-noun"]
fau-ku-tersaya:saddle connection ["?-?-connection"]
mes-tersaya:cross connection ["cross-connection"]
pla-yumau-tersaya:backflow connection ["?-?-connection"]
tersayek:connector {aero.}
nisau-tersayek t'hal-tukh-spol:fuel pump test connector {auto.} ["?-connector of-?-stuff-pump"]
raf-tersayek:electrical connector {aero.} ["?-connector"]
yemtersau-tersayalar:umbilical connections {aero.} ["?-connections"]
satersau:(to) disconnect
tersau-fek:connecting rod {auto.} ["connect-?"]
terti-~:compound ~
terra:Terra (Earth)
Terrasu:Terran (Earthling)|Human {n.}
2134,7 → 2415,8
tevan:fall|descent {n.}
tev-tor:(to) fall|descend
ex=Tev-tor wu-lipau fi'lan-tol.:The long knife falls on the floor.
# mestev-tor:[see /mes~/]
mestev-tor:(to) fall across
mestevan:across-fall, falling-across
nutev-tor:(to) fall down [see /nu/]
ex=Nutev-tor Sonok kaiden.:Sonok falls down the stairs. ["Fall-down Sonok stairs."; *not*: /Tev-tor Sonok nu'kaiden./]
nutevan:downfall, falling-down {n.}
2150,8 → 2432,8
tevun-yonuk:season ["year(ly)-burning"; see /yon/]
pseth-tevun-yonuk:dry season [see /psethau/]
to'ovau-tevun-yonuk:growing season [see /to'ovau/]
teh-tevun:century ["hundred-year"; inferred]
zho-tevun:millennium ["thousand-year"; inferred]
teh-tevun:century ["hundred-year"]
leh-teh-tevun:millennium ["thousand-year"]
thanai:(to) adopt [irr. strong v.]
ex=Thanai Sonok heh T'Luki sa-kan heh ko-kan.:Sonok and T'Luki are adopting a boy and a girl.
2213,7 → 2495,7
abuli-threshan:vertical speed {aero.} ["vertical-?"]
abuli-threshan:vertical speed indicator {aero.} ["vertical-?-?"]
abuli-threshan-yal:vertical speed indicator {aero.} ["vertical-?-?"]
abuthresha:(to) throttle up {aero.} ["up-?"]
abuthreshan:throttle-up {n.} {aero.}
throks:(to) give (TGV)
2238,6 → 2520,12
Tlingansu:Klingon {n.}
to'ankhasu:politician ["political-person"]
to'ankhatra:politics ["political-there"]
to'ankha-stau:assassinate {pol.} ["political-kill"]
to'ankha-stausu:assassin {pol.} ["political-killer"]
to'ankha-staya:assassination {pol.} ["political-killing"]
to'ovau:(to) grow
# to'ovau-tevun-yonuk:[see /tevun-yonuk/]
to'ovau-tin t'lap-vukhut:cambium {bot.} ["grow-layer of-tree-body"]
2251,6 → 2539,7
ex=Au toranik svi'solai.:They are busy|occupied in the field.
ex=Du toranik.:You are busy|occupied.
torektra:system ["do-all-there"]
toru-zhit:imperative ["make-word"]
dotor:(to) plan
2263,7 → 2552,7
trau(-~):honest ~
ritrau(-~):dishonest ~
ex=Ferengi ritrau hi Vuhlkansu trau.:A Ferengi is dishonest but a Vulcan is honest.
travilau:(to) compile [inferred]
travilau:(to) compile
travek:party (group)
2283,8 → 2572,8
ex=Tu'ash sa-kan gahv-kur svep.:The boy opens the purple door.
tuhlau:(to) contain [inferred]
tuhlau-nelka t'dah-pim-khushlar (TNDPKh):dilithium containment pedestal ["contain-? of-two-?-?"]
tuhlau-torektra:containment system ["contain-?"]
tuhlau-torektra t'tukh-tehn-tukh (TTTT):matter/antimatter containment system ["contain-? of-?-?-?"]
tuhlau-torektra:containment system ["contain-system"]
tuhlau-torektra t'tukh-tehn-tukh (TTTT):matter/antimatter containment system ["contain-system of-?-?-?"]
# tuhlau-vunai:[see /vunai/]
kef-tuhlau-vis:emergency containment grid ["?-contain-web"]
tuhlek:container {tech.}|tank {ocean.}
2321,8 → 2610,11
wu-dau-tukh:auxin {biol.} ["?-?-stuff"]
tum:(to) tally {v.}|sum {n.}
tum-vel:computer ["tally(ing)-thing"]
tunuh:tuna {zool.} {borr.}
suk-bezhun-tunuh:bigeye tuna ('ahi po'onui, mebachi)
tvah:meaning {n.}
tvesh-~:original ~
tvi-~:endo~|inner-~|inter~ {adj.}
2329,8 → 2621,6
tvik:inside (adj. standalone)
tvur:corridor [inferred from /mesakh-tchas-tvur/]
u'~:as ~
u'gal-kusilau-glashayek (UKG):electron resonance scanner
u'rak(-~|ik):negative [inferred]
# u'rak-falun:negative charge
# u'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:[see /nuk-vihish-tauf/]
2361,6 → 2651,8
mair-nuk-vakav'es (MNV):extremely low frequency (ELF)
ohm-nuk-vakav'es (ONV):ultra low frequency (ULF) {tech.}
tchu-nuk-vakav'es (TNV):very low frequency (VLF) {tech.}
mair-pid-vakav'es (MPV):extremely high frequency (EHF)
ohm-pid-vakav'es (OPV):ultra high frequency (UHF) {tech.}
vahl:(to) grant
vanu-~:ceremonial ~
Vanu-Zukitan:Ceremonial Script (Vulcan writing script)
2367,7 → 2659,8
vazgau:(to) steal
ex=Vazgau ridorli Tellarsu ek'zerlar t'etek s'pi'kitau-skaf.:The dishonorable Terran steals jewels of us from the small desk. ["Steal dishonorable Terran jewels of-we from small desk."]
ved-~:quite ~
ved-~:quite ~
vel-zhit:noun ["thing-word"]
veli-~:easy|simple ~
2420,6 → 2713,11
a'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:Positive-tilt trough {meteo.} ["positive-tilted low-pressure-?"]
u'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:Negative-tilt trough {meteo.} ["negative-tilted low-pressure-?"]
nuk-vihish-svitistoraya:cyclogenesis {meteo.} ["low-pressure-?"]
vikau:(to) warn [inferred]
vikaya:warning {n.} [inferred]
vikayek:alarm (device) {n.} {aero.}
vikwam:alert {n.}
vikau-torektra:warning system ["?-system"]
vin-~:mature ~
wehk-tevun-vinik:multivoltine {adj.; biol.} ["many-year-mature"]
2432,7 → 2730,8
vit-~:static ~
vis:web {biol.}
vis:net {tech.}|web {biol.}
nen-shar-vis:primary security net ["?-shar-?"]
vistra:network [inferred]
faik-vistra (FV):data network
gla-faik-vistra (GFV):Optical Data Network (ODN)
2496,10 → 2795,12
ex=Wa'bolau nash-veh i'trasha.:I really need to leave now. ["Really-needs this-one now-leave."]
ex=Wa'tev-tor Kardassu i.:The Cardassian is truly *dying* now. ["Truly-dies Cardassian now."]
ex=I'tev-tor Kardassu wa.:The Cardassian is truly dying *now*. ["Now-dies Cardassian truly."; different shade of meaning]
wa'hu:wahoo (ngaal, ono, paala, toson) {zool.} [from FSE]
wak-krus:period ["time-part"]
wak-vel:clock ["time-thing"]
lat-wak:local time {aero.} ["?-time"]
wakli:in what way
ex=>Wakli ak'wikman - ot-lan?<:"What surprises you, lieutenant?" ["In-what-way surprises, lieutenant?"]
wan:cloud {n.}
2558,6 → 2859,12
yel:star {n.}
# yel-hali:[see /hali/]
yel-halek(-~|ik):galactic [inferred]
yel-halekik shi-kethel:galactic coordinate ["galactic place-?"]
yel-halek-kuv:galactic circle
yel-halek-pa'ashtra:galactic plane
yel-halek-dan:galactic rotation
yel-ulidar:sunspot ["star-scar"]
yem-tukh:food ["meal-stuff"]
2567,6 → 2874,7
yerak:bowl {n.}
yetur:(to) drive
yeturek:drive {n.} ["drive-all"; inferred from /mesakh-tchas-yeturek/]
weh-sahr-ha'gelik yeturek:faster-than-light (FTL) drive ["more-fast-light drive"]
yokul:(to) eat [irr. strong v.]
ex=Yokul ravot yar.:The insect eats the grass.
2624,6 → 2932,7
zhit-bal:sentence ["word-?"]
ex=velik zhit-bal, krus 1:simple sentence, part 1
zhit-gir:word root ["word-root"; inferred]
zhit-isan:grammar ["word-use"]
nazhitovau:(to) spell
dannosh-zhit:superlative {n.}