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# Modern Golic Vulcan (MGV):Federation Standard English (FSE)
# Golic Vulcan (GV):Federation Standard English (FSE)
# Compiled from the website of the Vulcan Language Institute
# at <>.
139,7 → 139,9
# Only when all applying superordered criteria are the same,
# entries are sorted by the FSE alphabet (not the MGV alphabet,
# in order to help learners.)
# in order to help learners.) Note that weak verb forms, although
# combining with “-tor” are sorted before other modifying and
# combining forms because they have the stronger root.
# Therefore, if you cannot find the translation for a compound
# word at entries beginning with the letter of the word, look
148,6 → 150,7
# The following abbreviations have been used:
# adj. – adjective, adjectival
# AGV – Ancient Golic Vulcan (language)
# aero. – aerospace
# agr. – agriculture, agricultural; related to planting
# anat. – anatomy, anatomical; related to body structure
161,6 → 164,7
# bot. – botany, botanical; related to plant life
# card. – cardinal form (of a number); for counting up and when
# used like a noun
# CLGV – Ceremonial/Lithurgic Golic Vulcan (language)
# colloq. – colloquial; used in informal, non-scientific speech
# enum. – enumerating form (of a number); for counting how many
# items there are
171,6 → 175,7
# "place where crops grow", fig. "area of study", or
# fig. a math. structure (like "Galois field") or
# a physical structure or technology (like "warp field")
# gen. – general, generally
# ger. – gerund (form); verb form to describe what happens now
# geo. – related to geosciences
# geol. – geology, geologic; related to stones and minerals
181,7 → 186,10
# irr. – irregular (verb; vs. reg.)
# lit. – literally (vs. fig.)
# math. – mathematics, mathematically
# mech. – mechanics, mechanically
# med. – medicine, medical
# MGV – Modern Golic Vulcan (language)
# mil. – military
# myth. – mythology, mythologic
# n. – noun; word for a thing or being
# naut. – nautical; related to motion in seafaring tradition
191,6 → 199,8
# /pon farr/ etc.)
# ocean. – oceanography, oceanographic
# ord. – ordinal form (of a number): 1st, 2nd etc.
# paleo. – paleontology, paleontological
# phys. – physics, physical
# pl. – plural (form)
# pol. – politics, political
# rec. – recreation, recreational
201,6 → 211,8
# v. – verb; word for doing something
# vs. – /versus/ Latin for "as opposed to", "as compared to"
# zool. – zoology, zoologic; related to animal life forms
# Unless otherwise specified, words are common in MGV.
~al:(reg. strong v., past form)
~au:(reg. strong v.)
217,7 → 229,7
ex=Vasha'voh yel-hali t'nemut..:Destroy the enemy starship!
ex=Tu'ash'voh svep..:Open the door!
~-kam:dear ~ (affection)
a'rak(-~|ik):positive (polarity) ~ {adj.} {anc.} [from in CLGV, "good-direction" in AGV]
a'rak(-~|ik):positive (polarity) ~ {adj.} {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /á-rhak/, meaning "good direction"]
# a'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:[see /vihish/]
raf-a'rak(-):electropositive ["?-positive"]
227,12 → 239,13
abukhau:(to) rule over {arch.} ["up-rule"?]
(abu)khausu:ruler (person) {n.} {arch.}
abu'le:upwards {anc.} [from CLGV /apu'leh/ and AGV /ápuullh/]
abuli(-~|ik):vertical {adj.}
abunaf:uplink {n.} {aero.}
kahr-abu:zenit (directly up) ["?-up"]
abrashau:(to) pick up
ex=Abrashau reshnek Kardassu pi'natuhn s'kitau-skaf.:The angry Cardassian picks up the small box from the desk.
abru'~:above|over ~
abru'~:above|over ~ {anc.} [from CLGV /apru'/ and AGV /ápruu/]
abrupik:dominant (adj.; biol.)
abrupik'es:dominance ["dominant-noun"; inferred]
241,20 → 254,19
achut:brush {n.}
puyan-achut:cleaning brush [see /puyek/]
zud-achut:toothbrush ["?-brush"; see /zud/]
af'tum:galley (kitchen)
ahkh:war {borr.}
af'tum:kitchen|galley {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /àffu'dúmh/, meaning /cooking chamber/]
ahkh:war {anc.} {borr.} [from ancient non-Golic]
ahkhsu:warrior {anc.} ["war-person"]
ahm:name {anc.} [from CLGV and AGV]
ex=Svi'ahm t'Surak ra..:What in Surak's name?!? ["In-name of-Surak what!!!"]
ahn-wun:/ahn-wun/ (traditional melee weapon with leather-strips and metal balls at the ends; anc.) [also transcribed /ahn-woon/]
ang'klung:Angklung {mus.}
anuh'dzhuhr:onager (asiatic ass) {borr.} [from FSE]
ahs:jaw {n.} {arch.}
ahs:jaw {n.} {anc.} [from CLGV and AGV]
ahs-fam(-~|ik):jawless ["jaw-without"]
ahs-fam-aluk:jawless fish ["jawless-fish"; see /ahs/]
ahs-hinek:jawbone {arch.}
abru-ahs|-hinek|:maxilla {n.} {ocean.}
nuk-ahs|-hinek|:mandible {n.} {ocean.}
aifa:these {anc.} [from CLGV /aifu/ and AGV /ayivu/]
aikum:moon {n.} [from CLGV; AGV form is unknown, although possibly related to /álh'úmú/, meaning "companion"]
aitlu:(to) desire [irr. strong v.]
ex=Aitlu Sonok yokul sash-savas.:Sonok wants to eat /sash-savas/.
ex=Aitlu T'Luki foshuhl rasath.:T'Luki wants to lose weight.
263,19 → 275,22
ex=Aitlu tu nash-gad nuh'irak hal-tor.:You want to go too far today. ["Want you today too-far to-go."]
aitlun:desire {n.}
ak'~:soon ~
ak('~):soon ~ {anc.} [from CLGV and AGV]
ex=Vun ak'hal-tor sa-veh.:He must go soon. ["Must soon-go he."]
ex=Ri dotor au ak'hal-tor na'Terra.:They are not planning to go to Earth soon. ["Not plan they soon-go to-Earth."]
ak'spra:heretic {n.} {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /ahr'shprátu/, meaning "one who goes against what is written"]
akansu:alien {n.}
akarshif:a long time
akhlami:among us
aluk:fish {n.}
alem:salt {anc.} [from CLGV and AGV]
alem-tukh:sodium ["salt stuff", because common salt is comprised of sodium and chlorine]
aluk:fish {n.} {anc.} [from CLGV; AGV form is unknown]
abu-vla-nu'leyik khlup-aluk:upside-down jelly(fish) {zool.} ["upward-?-down-? ?-fish"]
kus-vakhik khlup-aluk:bell jelly(fish) {zool.} ["?-? ?-fish"]
kus-vakhik khlup-aluk:bell jelly(fish) {zool.} ["?-? ?-fish"; see /kus-vakh/]
ar'kada:(to) work ["?-same-rotation"?]
ar'kada-has:occupational disease {med.}
285,10 → 300,11
ex=Sonok heh T'Luki fi'ar'kadan.:Sonok and T'Luki are working.
raf-ar'kada-vellar:electronics (equipment) {tech.}
arev:desert wind {?GV} [from ST:ENT "The Forge"]
arlanga-tukh:yttrium [chemical element first found in the Arlanga mountain range]
asal:morning {anc.} [from CLGV /ashahl/, derived from AGV /aξ'àl'el/, the rising (time)]
# asal-yem:[see /yem/]
ash'el (MGV)|ash-vel (TGV):shoe {n.} ["treading thing"]
ash'ai:sock {n.}
ashau:(to) love
ashiv:repeat|repetition {n.}
k'ashiv:often ["with-repetition"]
297,9 → 313,10
ashiv-tor:(to) repeat
ask'er:soldier {borr.}
au:they|them {anc.} [word from CLGV, derived from AGV /á/]
oau:they|them [about superiors or honored persons, "honored they/them"]
t'au:their|theirs ["of-them"]
ausham:venom {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /áξumh/]
aushfa:animal {n.}
aushfamaluhr:animalic {adj.}
falek'es-tash-aushfa:bomeotherm {n.} {ocean.} ["temperature-control-animal"]
307,7 → 324,7
spahk-mal-aushfa:crustacean {biol.} ["claw-leg-animal"]
wehk-mal-aushfa:myriapod {biol.} ["many-leg-animal"]
ulef-masu-aushfa:amphibian {n.} ["half-water-animal"]
avon:hunger {n.}
avon:hunger {n.} [from CLGV /avonn/, derived from AGV /àfhonnh/]
k'avon:hungry ["with-hunger"]
ex=Sa-kan k'avon hi ko-kan rik'avon.:The boy is hungry but the girl is full.
ex=k'le-matya k'avon:with the hungry /le-matya/
330,9 → 347,10
bali-fekik:pachycaul {biol.} ["thick-?"]
bali-wadi-nosh:pachyderma ["thick-?-?"]
balkra:/balkra/ (a type of aromatic casserole) {anc.}
bah-ker:garden {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /báha-kèrru/, meaning "food yard"]
bai'~:by means of|through|via {obs.} [see /fna'/]
bar-kas:spice {n.}
bar-kas:spice {n.} {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /bárrh-kàξu/, meaning "tongue-biter", an effect of spices]
batai:sturdy {anc.} [Batai was the name of Kamin's sturdy son in Ressik province on another planet; see TNG "The Inner Light"]
be'~:beside|by|near|next to|very close to ~
behsu:neighbor {n.} ["next-to person"]
344,12 → 362,14
beidzhorsu:Bajoran {adj.}
ex=shi'kwai beidzhorsu:Bajoran wilderness ["wilderness Bajoran"]
bek:wait {n.}
bek-tor:(to) wait
la'bek:here-wait, wait here
la'bek-tor:(to) wait here
la'bek:here-wait, wait here
Ben:to us (TGV)
ex=>Ben vahl navun.<:"Grant us success." ["To-us grant success."]
bes:drawing {anc.} [from CLGV /bæs/ and AGV /b'hàs/]
bezhun:eye {anc.} [from CLGV /bæshun/ and AGV /b'hàshúnh/]
bezhun-masu:tear(s) {n.} ["eye-water"]
bi'~:along ~
373,18 → 393,24
dah'rak:second {ord.} {TGV}
dahr-~:second {ord.}
dah-halek:bicycle ["two-goer", as in a conveyance with two wheels]
dah-wak:twice ["two-times"]
dakh:(to) cast out
ex=>Dakh orfikkel aushfamaluhr shaukaush fi'aifa mazhiv.<:"Our ancestors cast out their animal passions here on these sands." ["Cast-out ancestors animal passion(s) on-these sands."]
da-tor:(to) rotate
danau:(to) explain ["rotate (knowledge) around"; reg. strong v.]
dan:rotation {anc.} [from CLGV /dahn/ and AGV /dhánh/]
danau:(to) explain ["rotate (knowledge) around"; reg. strong v.; from CLGV, derived from AGV /dháná/.]
ex=Danau Sonok lof na'T'Luki.:Sonok explains the purpose to T'Luki.
padan:spin (rotation) {n.} {aero.}
pada-tor:(to) spin (rotate) {aero.}
da-fek:axle ["turn(ing)-pole"]
da-rala-hali: helicopter ["turning-wing-vehicle"]
da-sfek:axis|pivot ["turn(ing)-point"]
da-tor:(to) rotate
dan-~:~est|most ~ (superlative)
ex=Sehlat t'Soval dan-suk t'elkhrul-shal.:Soval's /sehlat/ is the biggest of the whole area. ["/Sehlat/ of-Soval most-big of-whole-area."]
ex=Skladan t'ko-veh na'spanakhat dan-yauluhk t'ek.:Her message for the government is the most important of all. ["Message of-female-one for-government most-important of-all."]
392,9 → 418,12
dap-lan-pa:/dap-lan-pa/ (children's game) {anc.} ["spot-?-?"]
reh-dap:three-spots ("∴") ["three-spot"; used as "etc." is used in FSE]
ex=Bolau mahr-tor Spolk dunaplar - dun - neshuk ∴:Spolk needs to buy books, paper, ink, etc.
dau:(to) affect {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /dhá/]
daya:effect {n.}
dawan:/dawan/ (an undependable person) {anc.} [from CLGV /dal'wanu/ and AGV /da'w'lhán/]
dif:long life
dif-tor:(to) live (a) long (time)
Dif-tor heh smusma.:Live long and prosper.
ex=>Dif-tor heh smusma - Spohkh.<:"Live long and prosper, Spock." ["To-live-long and to-prosper, Spock."]
405,6 → 434,7
ex=Kelek t'Soval weh-suk do dan-suk t'besular.:Soval's house is bigger than the biggest house of his neighbors. ["House of-Soval more-big than most-big of-neighbors."]
ex=>Dom - ki'sarlah.<:"So, it has come." ["So, (it) has-come."]
don-ka:rich {n.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /dónh-ká/, meaning "money-having"]
dor-~:honorable ~
421,8 → 451,8
t'du:your|yours {sing.}
ex=Yokul nash-veh yarmok t'du.:I eat your salad. ["Eat this-one salad of-you."]
dun:paper {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /dúnh/, a papyrus-like paper made from the fibers of an edible root]
dunap:book {n.} [from CLGV /dunapi/, derived from AGV /dúnh-abù/ "scroll"]
dungi(-~):will {v.}|(future form)
ex=dungi kal-tor:will let [weak verb, /dungi/ not affixed]
ex=dungi-palikau:will ~ [strong verb, /dungi/ affixed]
445,18 → 475,21
ex=Dungi gla-tor au wuh'rak yel t'khru wilat.:Where will they see the first star of the evening? ["Will see they first star of-evening where."]
dukal:ball {n.}
dvar:risk {n.}
dvar-tor:(to) risk
dvel-tor:(to) choose
dvelek:selector [inferred]
glashau-nuk-dvelek:scan mode selector {tech.} ["?-low-selector"]
dvin-tor:(to) serve
ex=Dvin-tor T'Luki yar-sazhlar heh zhar-savaslar.:T'Luki serves grass-vegetables and orange fruits.
kef-has-dvintra |KHD|:Emergency medical service (EMS)
dvin:service {n.} [providing something to]
kadvin:commission {naut.} ["same-service"]
s'kadvin:out of commission
sakadvin-tor:(to) decommission
sakadvin:decommissioning {n.}
kef-has-dvintra |KHD|:Emergency medical service (EMS) ["emergency-medical-service-there"]
dvin-tor:(to) serve
ex=Dvin-tor T'Luki yar-sazhlar heh zhar-savaslar.:T'Luki serves green legumes and orange fruits.
dvun:move(ment) {n.}|motion {n.}|moving {ger.}
dah-da-sfekik gol'dvunek:coaxial relay ["two-?-point help-movement-noun"]
dvunel:motion {biol.}
464,6 → 497,8
dvunel-has-mar:kinetosis {med.} ["motion-medical-?"]
na-dvunel:adduction {med.} ["?-motion"]
sa-dvunel:abduction {med.} ["away-from-motion"]
fandvu:gimbal {n.} {aero.} ["any-move"]
fandvu-tor:(to) gimbal {aero.}
abunuhal-khardvun:pitch maneuver {n.} ["pitch-?"]
tereragel-abunuhal-khardvun:rendezvous pitch maneuver {n.} ["?-pitch-?"]
490,7 → 525,7
ek'an:maximum {n.}
ex=:[see /suk/ for ex.]
ek'zer:gem|jewel {anc.} [originally a compound word]
ek'zer:gem|jewel {anc.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /àh-zèrrh/, meaning roughly "all-value", from a very ancient practice of using gems as monetary units]
Ekkuu-Gollisk:Planar Golic (Vulcan language)
ekon:(a) god
498,8 → 533,13
elakh:cable {n.} {tech.}
elakhtra:cabling {n.}
# esh-tukh:[see /tukh/]
esh:breath [from CLGV /æsk/ and AGV /àξ/]
esh-mev:trachea {med.}|airway {biol.} ["breath(ing)-tube"]
esh-mev-klotaya:airway obstruction {biol.} ["breathe-duct-?"]
esh-tukh:oxygen ["breath(ing)-stuff"]
fezhau-vok t'masu-esh-tukh:dissolved oxygen level {biol.} ["?-? of-water-breathe-stuff"]
# esh-tukh-tuhlek:[see /tuhlek/]
ek'esh-tukh-kupik:euryoxic {adj.} {biol.} ["all-breathe-stuff-?"]
esta:touch {n.}
estuhl:(to) touch [irr. strong v.]
521,7 → 561,7
nenik fa-wak-wis:simple future (tense) ["simple future-tense"]
fai-tukh:knowledge ["know-stuff"]
faik:data [inferred from /faik-vistra/]
# faik-vistra:[see /vistra/]
faka:hernia {n.}
532,14 → 572,14
fal-tor:(to) rejoin ["hot-to-do"]
fal-tor-pan:refusion {anc.} [ceremony to rejoin the body and katra]
falun:charge {n.} {elect.}
falun-krus:ion ["charge-?"]
saya-kapol t'falun-krus:ion radiation filter ["?-? of-charge-?"]
falun-krus-tel:ionic bond {geol.} ["charge-?-?"]
falun-krus-tukh:electrolyte {med.} ["charge-?-stuff"]
falun-krus-yeturek:ion drive ["charge-?-?"]
a'rak-falun-krus:cation ["positive-charge-?"]
vukh-masu-rubaisu (s'fezhal-falun-kruslar):osmoconformer ["?-water-? (from-?-charge-? {pl.})"]
vukh-masu-pakhartausu (s'fezhal-falun-kruslar):osmoregulator ["?-water-? (from-?-charge-? {pl.})"]
falun-krus:ion ["charge-part"]
saya-kapol t'falun-krus:ion radiation filter ["?-? of-ion"]
falun-krus-tel:ionic bond {geol.} ["ion-?"]
falun-krus-tukh:electrolyte {med.} ["ion-stuff"]
falun-krus-yeturek:ion drive ["ion-drive"]
a'rak-falun-krus:cation ["positive-ion"]
vukh-masu-rubaisu (s'fezhal-falun-kruslar):osmoconformer ["?-water-? (from-?-ions {pl.})"]
vukh-masu-pakhartausu (s'fezhal-falun-kruslar):osmoregulator ["?-water-? (from-?-ions)"]
falun-shetaya:ionization ["charge-?"]
falun-tersal-el'mish:charge coupled device (CCD) ["charge-?-?"]
a'rak-falun:positive charge {sci.} ["positive-charge"]
551,9 → 591,11
# hai-fan-wan:[see /fan-wan/]
# hai-fan-wan:[see /wan/]
farr:time (anc., obs.) [only used poetically in Golic Vulcan]
fasei:this (here)
fassu:cook {n.}
fas-tor:(to) cook
ex=Fas-tor opilsu steh natya sazh.:The chef cooks 7 different vegetables. ["Cook chef 7 different vegetable."]
fasei:this (here)
ex=Fas-tor opilsu steh natya sazh.:The chef cooks 7 different legumes. ["Cook chef 7 different vegetable."]
fereik:(to) create|invent [inferred]
608,18 → 650,19
ha'gal-lushun:photon torpedo (photorp)
ha'gal-lushun-mev:photon torpedo tube
ha'gal-lushun-spusayek:photon torpedo launcher
ha'gal-lushan-sutauk:photon torpedo bay [/lushun/ vs. /lushan/?]
ha'gal-lushun-sutauk:photon torpedo bay ["photon-torpedo-?"]
ha'gal-thorshek:photon grenade
na'gal-sayek:polaron emitter
na'gal-vunai:polaron field
pi'gal:particle [inferred]
patalek t'nuk-tepulik vifalunal-pi'gallar:low-energy charged-particle detector ["? of-low-? ?-particles"]
nen-pi'gal:elementary particle
nen-pi'gal:elementary particle|fundamental particle
ritsuri-pi'gal:exotic particle
sih-pi'gal:alpha particle
tih-pi'gal:beta particle
vifalunal-pi'gal:charged particle [inferred]
patalek t'nuk-tepulik vifalunal-pi'gallar:low-energy charged-particle detector ["? of-low-? ?-particles"]
pi'gal-sahrayek:particle accelerator
pi'gal-zehl:particle beam
pi'gal-zehl-mishu:particle beam engine
627,12 → 670,6
pu'gal-kashek:baryon sensor
pu'gal-su'us:baryon number
sesh'gal-zehlek:graviton beam
wek-terauk sesh'gal-zehlek:phase-conjugate graviton beam
sesh'gal-zehlek-sayek:graviton beam emitter
sesh'gal-vunai:graviton field
sesh'gal-tihetilayek:graviton stabilizer
sahr'gal-glashayek:tachyon scanner
sahr'gal-vunai:tachyon field
645,33 → 682,37
thor'gal:thoron [inferred]
leshanik thor'gal-ferek:portable thoron generator (PTG)
thor'gal-kolau-sayek:thoron shock emitter ["?-shock-?"]
u'galik numo-zan-vel:electron microscope
u'gal-fo:electron shell
u'gal-glashaun:electron scanning
u'gal-ha'zehl:electron beam
u'gal-ha'zehl:electron beam ["electron-beam"]
u'gal-kusilau-glashayek (UKG):electron resonance scanner
u'gal-pohshek:electron gun
u'gal-salash:electron stream
u'gal-shif:electron pair
u'gal-shif:electron pair ["electron-pair"]
u'gal-shivak:electron mass
u'gal-thorshkau-kwitek:electron bombardment thruster
u'gal-yumau-tal:electronics {edu.}
u'gal-zehl-mev:cathode ray tube (CRT)
u'galik numo-zan-vel:electron microscope
el-u'gal:free electron
razh-u'gal-shif:exciton ["?-electron-pair"]
tehn-u'gal:positron ["anti-electron"]
wak'gal-zehl(ek):chroniton beam
ne-galu-feshelek:subatomic disrupter
galutravek:molecule ["atom-there-?"]
galutravek-glakuv-glashayek:molecular imaging scanner (MIS) ["atom-there-?-?-?"]
ne-galu-feshelek:subatomic disrupter
galu-dahshaya:(nuclear) fission
galu-dahshau-folayek:fission reactor
galu-dahshau-torvak:fission product ["atom-separate-?"]
galu-dahshau-yehat:fissionable {adj.}
galu-dataya:nuclear propulsion
galu-folayek:nuclear reactor
galu-kaunshaya:(nuclear) fusion
galu-kaunshaya:(nuclear) fusion {phys.}
galu-kaunshau-folayek:fusion reactor
galu-kaunshau-thorshek:fusion bomb
galu-mesurubah:atomic transmutation
galu-pa'ashtra:atomic plane
galu-raf-dataya:nuclear-electric propulsion (NEP)
685,11 → 726,14
galu-su'us:atomic number
galu-tepul:atomic energy
galu-tepul-torvayek:nuclear power plant
galu-thorshek:atomic bomb
galu-thorshek:atomic (fission) bomb
galu-velek:atomic structure
galu-wak-wel:atomic clock
galu-wun:atomic|nuclear weapon
galk:radical {chem.} [inferred]
el-galk:free radical {chem.}
gel:branch|path|segment {n.}
gen-lis-tal:linguistics ["language-study"]
696,22 → 740,22
gish:(to) expect
ex=Gish etek fa-gad lasha.:They expect to arrive tomorrow. ["Expect they tomorrow to-arrive."]
ex=>Gishen worla ihk-banut.<:"He's never what I expect." ["What-is-expected never the-one-of-which-is-spoken."]
gla-tor:(to) see
ex=Vesht gla-tor Sonok kus-vakh - dunap - ha'fek heh math.:Sonok saw a bell, book, candle and plate.
ex=Vesht gla-tor nash-veh sehlat na'svep.:I saw a sehlat at the door. ["Saw this-one sehlat at-door."]
gla-~:optical {tech.}
glan:sight {anc.} [from CLGV /glann/ and AGV /glánh/]
glantau:(to) watch
ex=Glantal Stonn tevyan-morlar taman svi'salan.:Stonn watched the falling leaves dancing in the wind. ["Watched Stonn falling-leaves dancing in-wind."]
toglantau:(to) witness
glan-fam-~:blind ~ ["sight-without"]
glan-fam'es:blindness {med.}
# fa-wak glansu:[see /fa-wak/]
glantau:(to) watch
ex=Glantal Stonn tevyan-morlar taman svi'salan.:Stonn watched the falling leaves dancing in the wind. ["Watched Stonn falling-leaves dancing in-wind."]
toglantau:(to) witness
mathra-glayek:disk camera
glayek-el'torausu:cameraman|camera operator
raf-glayek:electric eye
gla-tor:(to) see
ex=Vesht gla-tor Sonok kus-vakh - dunap - ha'fek heh math.:Sonok saw a bell, book, candle and plate.
ex=Vesht gla-tor nash-veh sehlat na'svep.:I saw a sehlat at the door. ["Saw this-one sehlat at-door."]
gla-~:optical {tech.}
glozho:elixir {anc.}
glu-masu-shal:benthic zone ["deep-water-zone"]
730,12 → 774,12
mev-gnal:angioma {med.} ["pipe-tumor"]
shad-gnal:brain|cerebral tumor {med.} ["brain-tumor"]
slah-gnal:fibroid tumor ["fiber-tumor"]
rihinek-gnal:chondroma {med.} ["cartilage-tumor"]
Gol-Vuhlkansu:Golic Vulcan
golik:Golic (standalone)
gol'nev:help {n.}
gol'nev:aid|help {n.} [probably not coincidence that GV words with "gol" have to do with "help", "access", and "relay"; people would study with Gol masters for help (controlling their emotions) and insight (philosophy, science)]
gol-tor:(to) aid|help {n.}
gonaf:button {n.}
745,71 → 789,80
guv-kozauk vel-zhitlar:gender-specific nouns
ha:yes [anc.: "fire"?]
ha:yes [from {obs.} for "fire"]
ex=Olau tu has-bosh ha.:Are you feeling ill? ["Feel you ill yes."]
ex=Gla-tor du dunap t'Sonok ha.:Do you see Sonok's book? ["See you book of-Sonok yes."]
ex=Ma sa-kan heh ko-kan san-zhellar ha.:"Do the boy and girl have belts?" ["Have boy and girl belts yes."]
ex=Yokul kosu yarmok ha.:Does the woman eat salad? ["Eat woman salad yes."]
ex=Yokul sasu kahm ha.:Does the man eat meat? ["Eat man meat yes."]
ha'fek:candle(stick) ["fire fully contained"]
ha'gel:light {n.}
ha'gel:light {n.} ["fire-branch"; see /gel/]
ha'gel-rubah-dvun:phototaxis {biol.} ["light-change-movement"]
ha'gel-slah-elakh:fiber-optic cable {tech.} ["light-?-cable"]
ha'kiv:life ["fire of being"?]
ha-tor:(to) live [also: "burn"?]
ha'fek:candle(stick) ["fire stick"]
ha'kiv:life {anc.} ["fire-noun"; "fire of being"]
hasu:being {n.} ["life-person"]
ha-tor:(to) live {anc.} ["burn-being"; from CLGV /hahthor/ and AGV /hahdhórh/; see /plak-tau/]
ex=Ha-tor Sonok heh T'Luki svi'pi'kelek svi'suk'solai.:Sonok and T'Luki live in the small house on the big field.
# ha-guhsh:[see /guhsh/]
ha-vel:organism ["life-thing"]
hasu:being {n.}
haran:Fire Beast {anc.} {myth.}
ha'su:angel {n.} {anc.} ["fire-person"]
haran:fire beast {anc.} {myth.}
ha-vol(-~):tall ~
ex=Ha-vol Beituh'zedsu glan-fam heh pen Vuhlkansu zhu-fam.:The tall Betazoid is blind and the short Vulcan is deaf.
haf:gap {geol.}
sa'haf:bladder {bot.}
sov-sa'haf:air bladder {biol.}
halovau:(to) travel|journey
halovausu:traveler ["travel-person"]
halovaya:travel {n.} [inferred]
weh-sahr-ha'gelik halovaya:faster-than-light (FTL) travel ["more-fast-light travel"]
halovau-tvi'haf:travel pod {aero.} ["travel-inter-gap"]
hal-tor:(to) go
ex=Hal-tor Sonak na'ar'kada.:Sonak is going to work.|Sonak goes to work. ["Goes Sonak to work"; do not use gerund in GV]
halan:going {ger.}
ki'haf:basket {anc.} ["have-gap"?; originally a compound word]
pi'haf:follicle ["small-gap"]
sa'haf:bladder {bot.}|pouch {n.} {zool.} ["outward-gap"]
sov-sa'haf:air bladder {biol.} ["air-bladder"]
vazh-sa'haf:bladder {anat.} {TGV}
vazhaf:bladder {anat.} {MGV}
halan:voyage|going {n.} {ger.}
ex=Halan na'krani - toglantal T'Pau tevul t'ifis-hali.:Going to the window, T'Pau witnessed the crash of the transport. ["Going to-window, witnessed T'Pau crash of-transport."]
abunuhal-tor:(to) pitch {aero.}
abunuhalan:pitch (n.) {aero.}
ra'abunuhal:pitchover (n.) {aero.}
ak'hal-tor:(to) go soon
abunuhal-tor:(to) pitch {aero.} ["up-down-go"; see /abu/ and /nu/]
fabehal-tor:(to) pass|overtake
ak'hal-tor:(to) go soon ["soon-go"; see /ak'/]
mahal-tor:(to) swim [see "masu"]
nahal-tor:(to) go towards [see "na'"]
fabehal-tor:(to) pass|overtake ["in-front-of-next-go"; see /fa'/ and /be'/]
nahalan:going-towards, towards-going
skahal-tor:(to) get off of|disembark
nahal-tor:(to) go towards ["towards-go"; see /na'/]
rishihalan:yaw {n.} {aero.} ["not-place-going"]
rishihal-tor:(to) yaw {aero.} ["not-place-go-to-do"]
skahalan:getting-off of|disembarkation
skahal-tor:(to) get off of|disembark ["off-go"; see /ska'/]
ex=Skahal-tor T'Pol shan-hali.:T'Pol gets off the shuttlecraft. ["Get-off T'Pol shuttlecraft."]
skahalan:getting-off of|disembarkation
zahal-tor:(to) follow
zahalan (k'):followed (by)
zahal-tor:(to) follow ["behind-go"; see /za'/]
ex=Zahal-tor pi'Sonok os nesh-sehlat fna'masupik solai na'fau-yut.:Little Sonok follows the old black /sehlat/ through the wet field to the road.
zahalan (k'):followed (by)
halek:wheel {n.}
halek:wheel {n.} ["go-all"; see /ek/]
halitra:fleet ["vehicle-mass", meaning a large group of vehicles]
hali-kel:hangar ["vehicle-structure"]
belk-hali:scout vessel {aero.} ["?-ship"]
ifis-hali:transport (vessel)|freighter {n.} ["transport-ship"]
kla-hil-hali:research vessel ["research-ship"]
masu-hali:boat ["water-ship"]
masu-hali:boat ["water-vehicle"]
ne-masu-hali:submarine ["under-water-vehicle"]
shan-hali:shuttle ["transfer-ship"]
stukh-hali:spacecraft ["space-ship"]
stukh-hali:spaceship|spacecraft ["space-vehicle"]
thorshek-hali:bomber {aero.} ["?-ship"]
thorshek-hali-travek:bomber group (BG) {aero.} ["?-ship-group"]
thorshek-hali-suk'travek:bomber wing (BW) {aero.} ["?-ship-big-group"]
yel-hali:starship ["star-ship"]
yel-hali:starship ["star-vehicle"]
halovau:(to) travel|journey
halovausu:traveler ["travel-person"]
halovaya:travel {TGV}|journey {n.}
weh-sahr-ha'gelik halovaya:faster-than-light (FTL) travel ["more-fast-light travel"]
halovau-tvi'haf:travel pod {aero.} ["travel-inter-gap"]
mashalovau:(to) sail ["water-travel", see /masu/]
samashalovau:(to) sail away
samashalovaun:sailing away
ex=Pehkal kanlar heh glantal masu-hali samashalovaun.:The children stopped and watched the boat sail away. ["Stopped children and watched boat away-sailing."]
samashalovaya:away-sailing|sailing-away {n.}
hal-tor:(to) voyage|go|proceed ["voyage-to-do"; from CLGV /hahlthor/ and AGV /hlahdhórh/]
ex=Hal-tor Sonak na'ar'kada.:Sonak is going to work.|Sonak goes to work. ["Goes Sonak to work"; do not use gerund in GV]
mahal-tor:(to) swim ["water-go"; see /masu/]
dvunel-pi'harr:flagellum ["motion-small-?"]
dvunel-pi'harr-famik:aflagellar {ocean.} ["motion-small-?-without-adjective"]
816,25 → 869,37
has-~:medical ~
has-bosh(-~):ill|sick ~
hash-tor:(to) fly
weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage {n.} {aero.} ["?-upper-?"]
kahla-fishyanik weh-abu-hashkaf:inertial upper stage (IUS) {aero.} ["?-? ?-upper-?"]
dahshaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage separation {aero.} ["separation of-?-upper-?"]
vravshaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage failure {aero.} ["failure of-?-upper-?"]
yonan t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage ignition {aero.} ["fire? of-?-upper-?"]
yontau-pehkaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage burnout {aero.} ["fire?-stop of-?-upper-?"]
hash:flight (act of flying) {n.}
hashkaf:stage {n.} {aero.}
weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage {n.} {aero.} ["?-upper-stage"]
kahla-fishyanik weh-abu-hashkaf:inertial upper stage (IUS) {aero.} ["?-? ?-upper-stage"]
dahshaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage separation {aero.} ["separation of-?-upper-stage"]
vravshaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage failure {aero.} ["failure of-?-upper-stage"]
yonan t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage ignition {aero.} ["fire? of-?-upper-stage"]
yontau-pehkaya t'weh-abu-hashkaf:upper stage burnout {aero.} ["fire?-stop of-?-upper-stage"]
hashkaf-tor:(to) stage {aero.}
hashsu-shal:cockpit {aero.} ["pilot-zone"]
ohashsu:ace|expert pilot
hash-tor:(to) fly
hif-bi:to me (TGV)
hishek:printer (device)
kla-hil:research {n.}
ek'tal-kla-hil:scientific research ["science-research"]
kla-hil-kebitra:research facility ["research-?-there"]
kla-hil-tor:(to) research ["research-to-do"]
ek'tal-kla-hil:scientific research ["science-research"]
hinek:bone {n.}
rihinek:cartilage {biol.} ["not-bone"]
rihinek-gnal:chondroma {med.} ["cartilage-tumor"]
rihinek-pleshek:cartilage crusher {med.}
ahs-hinek:jawbone {arch.}
abru-ahs|-hinek|:maxilla {n.} {ocean.}
nuk-ahs|-hinek|:mandible {n.} {ocean.}
fu-pla'hinek-zehl:notochord {med.} ["leading-back-bone-line"]
hinek-tukh:calcium ["bone-stuff"]
(ritsuri-)nuk-nosh t'hinek-tukh svi'khaf:hypocalcemia {med.} ["(irregular-)low-condition of-calcium in-blood"]
hitra-~:media ~
Hitra-Zukitan:Media Script (Vulcan writing script)
hizh-~:quiet ~
879,13 → 944,14
nuh'irak:too far
irak-nahik:telepathic ["far-?"]
is:use {n.}
nisan:examination|test {n.}
nis-tor:(to) test
is-fam-~:useless ["use-without"]
is-tor:(to) use
isan:using {ger.}
neis-tor:(to) use up
neis:using-up {n.}
ish-~:that ~
ish-veh:he|she|it ["that-one"; preferred in MGV]
ex=>Ish-veh ni komihn.<:"He's so human." ["That-one so human."]
916,7 → 982,8
kahm:meat {n.}
# kahm-yokulsu:[see /yokul/]
kal-tor:(to) allow|let
kaluk:ear {n.} {anc.}
kal-tor:(to) allow|let ["lending an ear", "listen to so."]
ex=>Kal-tor palikau.<:"Let it commence." ["Allow to-commence."]
931,9 → 998,18
ex=>Kashkau - Spohkh - wuhkuh eh teretuhr.<:"Our minds, one and together." ["Minds, Spock, one and together."]
mapi-kashek:very small mind [insult]
ya'akash:(to) ask {anc.}
kastik:plant (general term)
kastik:plant (general term) ["bushy"]
# kastik-goh-yokulsu:[see /yokul/]
kastkau:(to) plant
kastkaya:planting {n.}
kastra:flora|vegetation {biol.} ["plant-there"]
kas-elakh:vine {n.}
kas-fek:stem {n.} ["plant-stick"]
kas-gel:(bush) branch ["plant-branch"; cf. /lap-gel/]
kas-khaf:sap {bot.} ["plant-blood"]
kas-yar-kurek:chlorophyll ["plant-green-coloring"]
kas-wan-tukh:latex ["plant-white-stuff"]
katau:(to) bring [inferred]
sakatau:(to) bring out
943,23 → 1019,24
kaur-~:5th ~
kaukuh:5 {card.}
kauyik:5 {adj.}
kaunshaya:unity [inferred]
ke~:against ~
kef(-~|ik):emergency ~
kef-ha'kiv-nenikaya (KHN):emergency life support {med.}
kef-ha'kiv-nenikaya (KHN):emergency life support {med.} ["emergency-life-?"]
kef-has-dvintra (KHD):emergency medical service (EMS)
kef-has-dvintrasu (KHDsu):emergency medical technician (EMT)
kef-fisolekau-malEmergency landing leg
kef-ifisek:emergency transporter
kef-kipof-shal:emergency battery room
kef-tanilau-mev t'igen-pa-tukh:emergency atmospheric gas feed
kef-thro-svep Emergency hatch
kef-fisolekau-mal:emergency landing leg ["emergency-on-?-leg"]
kef-ifisek:emergency transporter ["emergency-transport-all"]
kef-kipof-shal:emergency battery room ["emergency-?-zone"]
kef-tanilau-mev t'igen-pa-tukh:emergency atmospheric gas feed ["emergency-?-duct of-sky-gas"]
kef-thro-svep:emergency hatch ["emergency-?-door"]
# kef-tuhlau-vis:emergency containment grid [see /tuhlau/]
kef-rishan-tsorayek:emergency survival compartment
kef-tvi-shal:emergency room (ER)
kefik has-reh-bikuvsu (KHRB):emergency medical hologram (EMH)
kefik tehn-sesh-kwitek:emergency anti-grav thruster
kef-rishan-tsorayek:emergency survival compartment ["emergency-?-?"]
kef-tvi-shal:emergency room (ER) ["emergency-?-zone"]
kefik has-reh-bikuvsu (KHRB):emergency medical hologram (EMH) ["emergency medical-?-?"]
kefik tehn-sesh-kwitek:emergency anti-grav thruster ["emergency anti-?-?"]
keful-tukh:opsonin ["?-stuff"]
# prah-vel t'kef-kluhvaya:emergency flush intake [see /kluhvau/]
# kef-kluhvau-krau:emergency flush vent [see /kluhvau/]
980,6 → 1057,10
khaf-spol:heart ["blood-pump"]
dah-sfek-kharat:bearing (direction) {naut.} ["two-point-direction"]
khardvun:maneuver {n.} {aero.}
khardvu-tor:(to) maneuver {aero.}
khav-~:brown ~
1006,9 → 1087,10
ex=Ki'yaretal tomasular t'du eshikh.:Your relatives have visited the desert. ["Have visited relatives of-you desert."]
ex=Ki'yokul du aru-yem ha.:Have you eaten dinner? ["Have eaten you dinner yes."]
ex=Vesht dungi ki'kital nash-veh.:I would/should have written. ["Would have written this-one."]
ki'haf:basket {anc.} [originally a compound word, see /haf/]
kil:spark {n.}
kil-tor:(to) spark
kilko:answer {n.}
ex=:[see /t'i/]
1042,9 → 1124,11
kef-kluhvaya:emergency flush ["?-flush"; inferred, see /kef/]
prah-vel t'kef-kluhvaya:emergency flush intake
kef-kluhvau-krau:emergency flush vent
klun:collision {anc.} {obs.} [inferred]
klu-tor:(to) collide {anc.} {obs.} [inferred]
klunyau:(to) ram
klunyanuhp:embolon {arch.}
klunyanuhp:embolon {arch.} {mil.} ["ram-thought"; flying wedge formation]
klunyaya:ram {n.} {aero.}
klunyayek:ram {n.}
klunyavush:ramjet ["ramming-jet"; see /vush/]
1054,7 → 1138,6
klunya-tavat:ram ratio {aero.} ["ram-?"]
klunya-vetsaya:ram recovery {aero.} ["ram-?"]
klunya-vihish:ram pressure {aero.} ["ram-pressure"]
ko-kan:girl ["female-child"]
1083,25 → 1166,33
korsau:(to) conserve [inferred]
nala-korsau-haf:vacuole ["cell-conserve-bag"]
ne-solektra-korsayek:tuber ["sub-?-conserver"]
ne-solektra-korsayek:tuber ["sub-ground-conserver"]
ex=>Sha'koshtri korseivel bai'elkhrul-akteibuhl t'Kolinahr.<:"Our race was saved by attainment of Kolinahr." ["Our-own-race saved through-entire-attaining of-Kolinahr."]
kov:rock|stone [Kov was the name of a Vulcan engineer in "Star Trek: Enterprise"]
karf-kov:aggregate {n.} {geol.}
karf-tor:(to) aggregate {geol.}
ha-guhsh-kov:organic rock {geol.} ["life-debris-rock"; see /ha-gush/]
ul-kohvik mazhiv-kov:quartzose sandstone {geol.} ["partial-? sand-stone"]
thas-yon-kov:opal {geol.} ["milk-fire-rock"]
kraffaya:abort {n.} {aero.}
krahkra:it is nothing {anc.}
kraisek:cage {n.}
krani:window {n.}
kras:paint {n.}
kras-tor:(to) paint
krau:vent {n.} {aero.}
kraulaya:ventilation [inferred]
a'rak-vihish-kraulaya:positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ["positive-pressure-?"]
sakrau-tor:(to) vent {aero.}
kres-~:aggressive ~
krahkra:it is nothing {anc.}
a'rak-vihish-kraulaya:positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ["positive-pressure-?"]
krus:part|piece {n.}
krus:part|piece|component {n.}
krusol:state {pol.} ["part-ground"]
k'torr:completely lacking {anc.}
1110,7 → 1201,7
kuht t'sehlat:herd of /sehlats/ ["herd of /sehlat/"]
kum:catch {n.}
kum-tor:(to) catch
kum-tor:(to) catch|capture {aero.}
ex=Kum-tor yon-kur le-matya os teresh-kah fi'yut.:The red /le-matya/ catches the old /teresh-kah/ bird on the path.
kumfa:catcher [animal]
1118,7 → 1209,7
kumsu:catcher [person, e.g. in a ballgame]
kun-ut-travek:marriage party
kup:can|(to) be able to {v.}
kup:can {v.}
ex=Kup kitau nash-veh.:I am able to write. ["Can write this-one."]
ex=Kup uralau du.:You can/are able to sing. ["Can sing you."]
ex=Kup hash-tor nash-veh.:I can fly. ["can fly this-one."]
1131,24 → 1222,67
ex=Kupi ki'sarlah kanlar t'dular na'ha-kel.:Your {pl.} children could have come home. ["Could have-come children of-you {pl.} to-home."]
ex=Kupi ki'dvel-tor au wuh'ashiv dunap ha.:Could they have chosen another book? ["Could have-chosen they another book yes."]
ex=Kupi ki'tam-tor Kardassu ek'gad.:The Cardassian could have danced all day.
kup-~:(to) be able (to) ~
ex=:[see /stariben/]
ex=Vesht dungi ki'kital du kuv ma wak.:You would have written if you had time. ["Would have written you if have time."]
ex=Vesht dungi ki'kitau ish-veh kuv ma wak.:He/she would have written if he/she had time.
ex=Vesht dungi ki'yokul ten-mal Sonok kuv tor-yehat.:Sonok would have eaten early if (it had been) possible.
ex=Vesht dungi ki'kum-tor mor-gril etek kuv vohris.:The /mor-gril/ would have caught us if we had been slow.
mokuv:ring ["enclosure"; /mo/ may be omitted in compound words]
kuvol:contingency {n.} {aero.}
vunai-kuvoran:field winding {aero.}
mokuv:ring ["enclosure"; /mo/ may be omitted in compound words?]
mokuv-zul-mev:ring dike {geol.} ["ring-lava-duct"]
nuk-vikuvtra:cay|key {ocean.} ["low-?"]
viikuftra-~:insular ~
Viikuftra-Golik:Insular Golic (Vulcan language)
kup-~:(to) be able (to) ~
ret'kuv:washer (spacer) {auto.} ["?-?"]
klacha-ret'kuv:lock washer {n.} {auto.}
da-kuv(~-|ik):circular [inferred]
da-kuv-zuneshek:circular saw ["?-?-?"]
da-kuvau-~:circulating [inferred]
va'ash-da-kuvaya:recirculation ["?-?-circulation"]
va'ash-da-kuvaya t'saguhsh-pa-tukh:exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) ["?-?-circulation of-?-gas"; inferred]
vidvun-fek-pakuv t'va'ash-da-kuvaya t'saguhsh-pa-tukh:exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid ["?-?-? of-?-?-circulation of-?-gas"]
torektra t'va'ash-da-kuvaya t'saguhsh-pa-tukh:exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system ["system of-?-?-circulation of-?-gas"]
spunek t'va'ash-da-kuvaya t'saguhsh-pa-tukh:exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve ["system of-?-?-circulation of-?-gas"]
da-kuvayek:circulator {aero.}
da-kuvau-spol:circulating pump
dahs-da-kuv:equator ["?-?-?"]
dahs-da-kuv(-~|ik}:equatorial [inferred]
Dahs-Da-Kuvik Gihni:Equatorial Guinea
dahs-da-kuvik pa-yut:equatorial orbit {aero.}
terk-da-kuv:bolt circle {tech.} ["?-?-?"]
kur-kuv:areola {med.}
raf-kuv:circuit {tech.}
raf-kuv t'ralash-netakidaya:noise reduction circuit (NRC) ["circuit of-sound-?"]
raf-kuv t'vunai-khlop-thon:field geometry circuit {tech.} ["circuit of-field-?-measurement"]
raf-kuvtra:circuitry ["circuit-there"]
fukat-raf-kuv:buffer circuit ["?-circuit"]
ka-zehlik fukat-raf-kuv:isolinear buffer circuit (IBC) ["iso-linear ?-circuit"]
ikap-raf-kuv:closed circuit {n.} {aero.} ["?-circuit"]
khartayik tehnyak-raf-kuv:command override circuit ["? anti-?-circuit"]
vifalun-raf-kuv:charging circuit ["?-circuit"]
visatilau-raf-kuv:encryption circuit ["?-circuit"]
feretai t'visatilau-raf-kuv:encryption circuit assembly ["? of-?-circuit"]
raf-kuv-gol'dvunek:circuit relay ["circuit-?-?"]
raf-kuv-shayek:circuit breaker ["circuit-break-all"]
raf-kuv-threshan:circular velocity ["circuit-?"]
yel-halek-kuv:galactic circle ["galactic-?"]
kuvish:bearing {n.} {mech.}
kuvish t'ok-fek-leshek:camshaft carrier bearing {auto.}
dukal-kuvish:ball bearing {auto.}
kur:color {n.}
kurau:(to) color
mu-kur-tukh:melanin ["?-color-stuff"]
sash-kur-tukh:acidic dye ["acidic-color-stuff"]
kus-vakh:bell {n.}
kus-vakh:bell {n.} ["bird-bold" in the sense of "boldly bird-imitating"?; see /vakh/]
k'kvai'ei:through which [TGV only, rare]
1157,9 → 1291,9
kwi-~:tele~ [rare; see /irak-~/]
ex=Gish ko-veh nash-gad la'lasha.:She expects to arrive here today. ["Expects she today here-arrive."]
lasha:(to) arrive [irr. strong v.]
lasha:(to) arrive {irr. strong v.} ["here-transfer"]
ex=Lasha kanlar heh sehlat na'yon-kur svep.:The children and the /sehlat/ arrive at the red door.
lashan:arrival ["here-transfer"]
lashan:arrival ["here-transfer-noun"]
lashayan:arriving {ger.}
la'ash:axe {anc.} [originally a compound word]
lafosh:error {n.} {anc.}
1169,11 → 1303,15
lafot-patalan - -sameskaraya eh vetsaya (LP-S|V):Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) ["fault-?, ? and ?"]
lafot-ufesan:fault tree {aero.} ["fault-?"]
lafot-wivel'es:fault tolerance ["fault-?"]
lan:rank [inferred]
ne-lan:cadet ["under-rank"]
ot-lan:lieutenant ["?-rank"]
lanet:bottom {geo.}
lapek:boom (beam, pole) {n.} {aero.}
laptra:forest ["tree-there"]
lap-gel:(tree) branch|tree segment [see /gel/]
ex=Lau tal-tor nash-veh yut fa-gad.:I might find the way tomorrow. ["Might find this-one way tomorrow."]
le-matya:/Le(-)matya/ (large, venomous desert predator) {anc.}
1198,12 → 1336,12
le-sumau:(to) freeze
le-sumalik:frozen {adj.}
le-sumalik asal-masu:frozen dew ["frozen morning-water"]
le-sumalik sov-masu:sleet|ice pellets ["frozen ?-water"]
le-sumalik sov-masu-vikaya:sleet warning ["frozen ?-water-?"]
le-sumalik sov-masu:sleet|ice pellets ["frozen rain"]
le-sumalik sov-masu-vikaya:sleet warning ["frozen rain-warning"; see /sov-masu/ and /vikaya/]
le-sumaunik:freezing [inferred]
le-sumaunik pi'sov-masu:freezing drizzle {meteo.} ["freezing small-?-water"]
le-sumaunik pi'sov-masu:freezing drizzle {meteo.} ["freezing small-rain"; see /sov-masu/]
le-sumaunik ihsek:freezing fog {meteo.} ["freezing ?"]
le-sumaunik sov-masu:freezing rain ["freezing ?-water"]
le-sumaunik sov-masu:freezing rain ["freezing rain"; see /sov-masu/]
le-sumaya:freeze {n.}
svitan-vel t'le-sumaya:freezing nucleus ["?-thing of-freeze"]
le-sumau-sfek:freezing point ["freeze-point"]
1221,7 → 1359,7
le-suma-pasht:icebound {ocean.} ["ice-?"]
svitan-vel t'le-suma-shidau:ice nucleus {meteo.} ["?-thing of-ice-?"]
le-suma-sahriv:ice storm ["ice-storm"]
le-suma-solektra:permafrost ["ice-?"]
le-suma-solektra:permafrost ["ice-ground"]
le-suma-tal:glaciology ["ice-study"]
le-suma-talsu:glaciologist ["ice-study-person"]
le-suma-teraya:pack ice {ocean.} ["ice-?"]
1339,6 → 1477,7
ex=Lasha sa-mekh t'du lu.:When does your father arrive? ["Arrive father of-you when."]
ma:(to) have|own|possess
ex=Ma sa-kan dukal heh kep - ko-kan mokuv heh leitri.:The boy owns a ball and a gong; the girl a ring and a toy.
ex=>Ma etek natyan — teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on.<:"We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us:" —Surak [">Have we difference — together may we grow greater than sum of-both.<"]
1356,7 → 1495,9
makh:glass [inferred]
makh-tuhlau'es:glassiness {geol.} ["glass-contain-noun"]
mal:leg {n.}
abru-mal:thigh {anc.} ["above-leg"]
fa-mal:foreleg {biol.} ["fore-leg"]
ne-mal:shin ["under-leg"]
mal-nef:knee {n.} {biol.} ["leg-?"]
mal-nik:ankle {biol.} ["leg-?"]
keh-shif-malfa:arachnid {biol.} ["four-?-leg-animal"]
1370,15 → 1511,23
malat-nemut:natural enemy {biol.} ["nature-enemy"]
malat-tal:ecology (study) {biol.} ["nature-study"]
malat-tash:natural control {biol.} ["nature-control"]
mamut:aid {n.} {obs.}
mamuk:(to) aid {n.} {obs.}
man:climb {n.}
man-tor:(to) climb
mantuhs:mantis {zool.} {borr.} [inferred; from FSE]
ekon-shoretan-mahntuhs:praying mantis {zool.} {borr.} ["?-?-mantis"; from FSE]
ex=Nam-tor nash-gad masupik.:It is wet today. ["To-be this-day wet."]
ex=(Nam-tor) nash-gad masupik.:It is wet today. ["(Be) this-day wet."]
ex=Sonok heh T'Luki masupik heh samek.:Sonok and T'Luki are wet and cold.
k'mag:thirsty ["with-thirst"]
nemashau:(to) dehydrate ["under-hydrate"]
nemashaya:dehydration ["under-hydration"]
lesek-masu:synovial fluid {med.} ["joint-water"; see /lesek/]
nuk-masu:? ["low-water"]
nuk-masu:? ["low-water"; see /nuk/]
ulidar t'nuk-masu:low-water mark {geo.} ["scar of low-water"]
nuk-masu'es-kasik:xeric {adj.} {biol.}
nuk-masu'es-kastik:xerophyte {biol.}
1385,12 → 1534,10
svi-wak t'nuk-masu:low-water interval {ocean.} ["inside-time of-low-water"]
nuk-mashen:low tide {ocean.}
dan-nuk-mashen:neap tide {ocean.}
slor-masu:freshwater ["sweet-water"]
slor-masu:freshwater ["sweet-water"; see /slor/]
# slor-masu-tuhlek:[see /tuhlek/]
nemashau:(to) dehydrate ["under-hydrate"]
nemashaya:dehydration ["under-hydration"]
k'mag:thirsty ["with-thirst"]
sov-masu:rain {n.} ["air-water"; see /sov/]
sov-masu'es:humidity ["air-water-noun"]
math:plate {n.}
mashya:/Mashya/ (a type of vegetable)
1413,9 → 1560,9
nalatra-meskaraunik wonil-kik-ruskarayek:tissue holding /tenaculum forceps/ ["cell-? ?-?-?"]
to-mesksu:police officer|policeman ["working-?-person"]
falun-krus-mesnoshek:ion transtator ["charge-?-transtator"]
falun-krus-mesnoshek:ion transtator ["ion-transtator"]
messahran:overrunning {n.} {meteo.} ["across-running"]
messolektra-izh-haltan:cross-country skiing ["cross-?-?-?"]
messolektra-izh-haltan:cross-country skiing ["cross-ground-?-?"]
mestau:(to) contact [inferred]
mestaya:contact {n.} [inferred from /mestaya-ek'rubah'es/]
mestaya-gisam:contact poison {biol.}
1422,36 → 1569,34
abru'mesukh:across {obs.} ["over-translation"]
ek'mesukh-stari-vel (ESV):universal translator (UT) ["all-translation-speak-thing"]
mesukh-tor:(to) translate
ek'mesukh-zhit-isan:universal grammar {gr.} ["all-translation-word-use"]
spes-vitoral-mesukhek:voice-activated translator ["?-?-translate-all"]
yahv-mesukh:calque {gr.} ["?-translation"]
mesukh-tor:(to) translate
mesut:bridge (structure)|pons {med.} ["across-noun"]
mesya:/mesya/ (game similar to "tag")
mesyut-~:counter(-)~|anti(-)~|retro~|back~ [inferred]
mesyut-ha'gelan:counter-illumination {ocean.}
mesyut-kharat-dan:anticyclonic rotation {meteo.} ["?-?-rotation"]
mesyut-kharat-dvun:retrograde motion {meteo.} ["?-?-move"]
mesyut-kharat-praduk:backdoor front {meteo.} ["?-?-?"]
mesyut-kharatik:cum sole {ocean.}
mesyut-kharat-dan:anticyclonic rotation {meteo.} ["?-direction-rotation"]
mesyut-kharat-dvun:retrograde motion {meteo.} ["?-direction-move"]
mesyut-kharat-praduk:backdoor front {meteo.} ["?-direction-?"]
mesyut-kharatik:cum sole {ocean.} ["?-directional"]
mesyut-kuran:countershading {ocean.} ["?-coloring"]
mes-thonek:calipers {med.} ["across-meter"; see /thonek/]
mes-tvi-temok:transverse bulkhead ["across-inside-wall"]
mes-zhel:transverse band {meteo.} ["across-band"]
mev:duct (med., tech.)|vessel {med.}|tube (meteo., ocean., tech.)|conduit {tech.}|pipe {tech.}
mev:conduit {tech.}|duct {med.} {tech.}|pipe {tech.}|tube {meteo.} {ocean.} {tech.}|vessel {med.}
numo-pi'mev:microtubule {biol.} ["microscopic-small-tube"]
pi'mev t'kas-sa-nei:pollen tube {biol.} ["small-tube of-?-?-?"]
pi'mev t'kas-sa-nei:pollen tube {biol.} ["small-tube of-plant-?-?"]
solek-pi'mev-torai:capillary action {med.} ["?-small-vessel-?"]
solek-pi'mev-masu'es:capillary moisture {med.} ["?-small-vessel-moisture"]
lap-pi'mev:vein {bot.} ["tree-small-vessel"]
naskonn-zul-mev:volcanic pipe {geol.} ["?-lava-pipe"]
esh-mev:airway {biol.} ["breathe-duct"]
esh-mev-klotaya:airway obstruction {biol.} ["breathe-duct-?"]
khaf-mev-eikangnal:aneurysm {med.} ["blood-vessel-?"]
kov-mev s'fal-masu-toran:hydrothermal vein {geol.} ["rock-duct from-hot-water-?"]
mor-mevaya:venation ["?-vessel-noun"]
pekh-mev-tal:proctology {sci.} ["?-duct-study"]
sov-mev-klotaya:air embolism {med.} ["?-duct-?"]
sov-mev-klotaya:air embolism {med.} ["air-duct-?"]
uzh-khaf-mev:artery {biol.} ["new-blood-vessel"]
pi'uzh-khaf-mev:arteriole {biol.} ["small-new-blood-vessel"]
tik uzh-khaf-mev:aorta {biol.} ["? new-blood-vessel"]
1460,7 → 1605,6
# yokul-mev:[see /yokul/]
yu-mur-mev:oviduct {biol.} ["?-?-duct"]
zul-mev:dike (lava) {geol.} ["lava-duct"]
mokuv-zul-mev:ring dike {geol.} ["ring-lava-duct"]
# mev-gnal:[see /gnal/]
mevak:/Mevak/ (a hollow-stemmed, reed-like plant)
1473,14 → 1617,16
moh'rak:1000000000th (billionth, short scale; TGV)
mohr-~:1000000000th (billionth, short scale)
mohik:1000000000 (billion, short scale) {adj.}
mokh:aim {n.}
mokh-tor:(to) aim
mon-tor:(to) drink
mor-gril:/mor-gril/ (a wolverine-like animal)
mo'uh:? {borr.}
abu-solektra-mo'uh:upland moa {zool.} ["up-?-moa"]
abu-solektra-mo'uh:upland moa {zool.} ["up-ground-moa"]
mu'yor:night {anc.} [originally a compound word]
ex=Gla-tor etek wuh'rak yel t'mu'yor.:We see the first star of the night. ["See we first star of-night."]
ek'mu'yor:all night
1510,16 → 1656,18
ex=>Nahp - hif-bi tu throks.<:Your thoughts, give them to me. ["Thoughts - to-me you give."]
nah-tor:(to) think
panahp:consideration ["about-thought"; inferred]
panah-tor:(to) consider ["about-think"]
nah-tor:(to) think
nakarat:endeavor {n.}
nakh:index {n.}
nakh-tor:(to) index
mes-nakh-tor:(to) cross-index
nala-kaunshaya:fusion {biol.} ["cell-?"]
nala-litra:cell culture
nalatra:tissue ["cell-there"]
nalatra-tin t'el-lesek:synovial membrane ["tissue-layer of-?-joint"; see /lesek/]
sakasu-nalatra-neshuhk:biotroph ["bring-out-being-tissue-parasite"]
torupik nalatra-ifis:active transport ["working tissue-transport"]
1526,12 → 1674,12
tersau-nalatra:connective tissue {biol.} ["connect-tissue"]
namishau:(to) adjust ["existence-now-verb"]
nam-tor:(to) be|exist
ex=Nam-tor la reh Vuhlkansu -- Sarek - Spohkh heh Saavik.:There are three Vulcans here: Sarek, Spock and Saavik.
ex=Nam-tor wehk pla-kur kovlar svi'solai hi zam yon-kur kovlar.:There are many blue stones on the field but few red stones.
nam-tor ish:that is ["to-be it"]
namishau:(to) adjust ["existence-now-break"?]
a'rak-narak'es:positive polarity
nash-~:this ~
1538,6 → 1686,7
nash-veh:I|me ["this-one"]
onash-veh:me [when spoken by a superior about themselves, "honored this-one"]
nashiv:attack {n.}
nashiv-tor:(to) attack
ravot-nashivanik:entomopathogenic (adj., med.) ["insect-attacking"]
1555,6 → 1704,7
naur-~:9th ~
nauyik:9 {adj.}
naukuh:9 {card.}
ne'~:below|under ~ {anc.} [from CLGV /næ/ and AGV /nàh/]
nehau:(to) rot ["under-add"]
ex=Nehau urozh svi'solai.:The crops are rotting in the field.
1567,14 → 1717,14
yon-nelau-torektra (YNT):fire suppression system (FSS) ["fire-?-system"]
(yon-)nelau-tukh:(fire) suppressant
# ne-yartra:[see /yar/]
ne'~:below|under ~
nemut:enemy ["he who takes (e.g. water, without asking)"]
nem-tor:(to) take
ex=Vesht tar-tor Surak >Nam-tor ri thrap wilat nem-tor rim.<:Surak said, "There is no offense where none is taken." ["Past say Surak >Be not offense where to-take none.<"]
nemut:enemy ["he who takes (e.g. water, without asking)"]
nen(-~|ik):simple ~ {gr.}|primary ~ {tech.}
busnem-tor:(to) abort {med.}
nen:base|foundation {n.}
starun-nentular:speech frames ("> — <") [used as quotation marks/double quotes in FSE]
ex=:[see /nemtor/ for ex.]
1582,7 → 1732,12
ex=Nam-tor ish ¦suk¦ sehlat..:That is a *big* /sehlat/!
tuhsk-nentular|wuh-nentular:comment frames|single frames ("| — |") [used like parantheses in FSE]
ex=Dungi nam-tor keh os-yel-hali | ek s'kadvin | moguhshau.:Four old starships (all out of commission) will be scrapped. ["Will be four old-star-ship (all out-of-commission) scrap."]
nesh-tor:(to) cut
nenikau:(to) support
nenikaya:support {n.}
nen(-~|ik):simple ~ {gr.}|primary ~ {tech.}
nen-su'us:(number) base {n.} {math.}
sunena:(military) base {n.} {mil.} ["person-base"]
nesh:cut {n.}
neshuhk:parasite {biol.}
1592,6 → 1747,7
ul-neshuhk-kastik:partial parasite {bot.} ["partial-parasite-plant"]
nesh-tor:(to) cut
neshuk:ink {n.}
nesh-kur:black ["ink-color"]
ex=Sehlat nesh-kur hi le-matya wan-kur.:The /sehlat/ is black but the /le-matya/ is white.
1630,7 → 1786,7
sokasitau-solek-nosh:tilth {biol.} ["?-?-condition"]
pid-sovash-nosh:alkalemia {med.} ["high-alkaline-condition"]
ritsuri-sovash-nosh:alkalosis ["irregular-alkaline-condition"]
fam-thas-nosh:agalactia {med.} ["without-?-condition"]
fam-thas-nosh:agalactia {med.} ["without-milk-condition"]
fam-thasek-nosh:amastia {med.} ["without-?-nosh"]
ritsuri-vazhaya-nosh:anuria {med.} ["irregular-?-condition"]
spoh-wadi-nosh:achromasia {med.} ["?-?-condition"]
1638,14 → 1794,13
pa-noshik:ambient {med.} ["?-conditional"]
noshtra:characteristic {n.} [inferred]
prah-noshtralar:acquired characteristics {biol.}
dau-tukh t'sa-noshtra:androgen {med.}
dau-tukh t'sa-noshtra:androgen {med.} [affect-stuff of-male-condition-there"]
nuk-~:low-~ [inferred]
(ritsuri-)nuk-nosh t'hinek-tukh svi'khaf:hypocalcemia {med.} ["(irregular-)low-condition of-?-? inside-blood"]
(ritsuri-)nuk-nosh t'spoh-tukh svi'khaf:hypokalemia {med.} ["(irregular-)low-condition of-?-? inside-blood"]
(ritsuri-)nuk-nosh t'alem-tukh svi'khaf:hyponatremia {med.} ["(irregular-)low-condition of-?-? inside-blood"]
ritsuri-nuk-nosh t'wadi-kur:hypopigmentation {med.} ["irregular-low-condition of-?-color"]
nuk-krus-storaya:hypoplasia {med.} ["low-?-?"]
nuk-krus-storaya:hypoplasia {med.} ["low-part-?"]
uzh-khaf-mev t'nuk-vukhut:iliac artery {med.} ["new-blood-? of-low-?"]
os-khaf-mev t'nuk-vukhut:iliac vein {med.} ["old-blood-? of-low-?"]
nuk-khaf-ne'hish:hypotension {med.} ["low-blood-?"]
1671,11 → 1826,13
ex=numo-kushel:an insignificant bird [one that is so small that it is almost not worth mentioning, but can also mean that it is a bird that is totally adorable]
numo-zan-vel:microscope ["microscopic-view-thing"]
nu'~:down ~
nu'le:downwards {anc.} [from CLGV /nu'leh/ and AGV /nuuhellh/]
nuh'~:too ~ {adj.}
o'kapi:okapi {borr.} [from FSE]
o~:honored ~
# osu:sir|madam ["honored person"; see /su/]
ogan:sewing {n.}
og-tor:(to) sew
ex=Og-tor Sonok os sai-vel.:Sonok sews old clothes.
oh:8 {enum.}
1700,7 → 1857,6
os-khaf-mev:? ["?-blood-?"]
ma'os-~:ancient ~
Mha'us-Gollhìkh:Ancient Golic (Vulcan language)
ex=Ozhika - fai-tukh heh kenan – nam-tor u'vellar etek saven-tor.:Logic, knowledge and understanding – these are the things we teach.
ex=>Ozhika -- palik t'kau ri shaht.<:"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end." ["Logic: Beginning of-wisdom not end."]
1721,9 → 1877,10
skapa'shau:(to) clear off
skapa'shaya:clear-off|clearing-off {n.}
pa-tukh:gas {n.} {chem.} ["around-stuff"]
wan-solektra-pahz:? ["cloud-?-?"]
a'rakik wan-solektra-pahz:positive cloud-to-ground lightning {meteo.} ["positive cloud-?-?"]
wan-solektra-pahz:? ["cloud-ground-?"]
a'rakik wan-solektra-pahz:positive cloud-to-ground lightning {meteo.} ["positive cloud-ground-?"]
pakh:stroke (" - ") [used like comma or semicolon in FSE]
abu-pakh:up-stroke ("|") [used as a virgule ("/") in FSE or in mathematical fractions]
ex=Orenal T'Luki terrupik wak-krus 1999|2000.:T'Luki studied the Earth period 1999/2000.
1754,6 → 1911,7
per-tor:(to) act|perform
ex=Sehlat pi.:The /sehlat/ is small.
ex=Sehlat pi hi le-matya suk.:The /sehlat/ is small but the /le-matya/ is big.
1764,8 → 1922,8
ex=pi-T'lar:Li'l T'lar [use with children only]
mapi-~:very little|small|tiny (diminutive) [see /ma/]
ex=mapi-kushel:a very little or very small bird [can mean it is very young, a hatchling and/or suggest a level of extreme cuteness or affection]
pid-kom:matriarch ["high-mother"; from /ko-mekh/]
pid(-~):high ~
pid-kom:matriarch ["high-mother", from /ko-mekh/]
pid-masu'es-kasik:hydric {adj.} ["high-moisture-plant-related"]
pid-masu'es-kastik:hydrophyte ["high-moisture-plant"]
pidsu:Lord ["high-person"]
1774,10 → 1932,10
lesek-pi'fek:culm {biol.}
pilsu:cook|food preparer
opilsu:chef ["honored-person-preparing-food"]
pil-tor:(to) prepare (food)
ex=Pil-tor T'Luki yem-tukh.:T'Luki prepares food. ["Prepare T'Luki food."]
pilsu:cook|food preparer
opilsu:chef ["honored-person-preparing-food"]
pla'~:back(-~) ~|retro(-~) ~
pla'dor:dorsal [inferred]
1784,9 → 1942,11
# pla'dor-ralek:[see /ralek/]
pla'rak:reverse [inferred]
# pla'rak-tselaya:[see /tselaya/]
fu-pla'hinek-zehl:notochord {med.} ["leading-back-bone-line"]
pla-~:blue ~
plak:blood {obs.} [see also /plak-tau/]
plis:glide {n.} {aero.}
plis-tor:(to) glide {aero.}
plo-~:quasi-~|somewhat like ~|sort of ~
ex=Nam-tor du tab-ma va'ashiv po.:Why are you late again? ["Be you late again why."]
1795,7 → 1955,7
pohkau:(to) mind
polau:(to) jump [?]
the'polau:(to) sauté
ex=The'polau Opilsu nev-kur sazhlar.:The chef sautés the maroon-colored vegetable.
ex=The'polau Opilsu nev-kur sazhlar.:The chef sautés the maroon-colored legume.
pontau:(to) breed|mate [inferred]
pon farr:/Pon farr/ {anc.} ["breeding time"]
1815,9 → 1975,10
puk:fight {n.}
puk-tor:(to) fight
puyek:washer (appliance)
sov-puyek:air cleaner
sov-puyek:air cleaner ["air-washer"]
# puyan-achut:[see /achut/]
ek'puyik:sterile ["full-?"]
1825,16 → 1986,22
ragtau:(to) introduce [inferred]
tereragelan:rendezvous {n.}
tereragel-tor:(to) rendezvous
ragel-tor:(to) meet
a'rak-raflehk:positive (battery) terminal {auto.} ["positive-?"]
ex=ri bolau nash-veh:I do not need ["not need this-one"]
ex=Ri tishau sa-veh ko-veh.:He does not like her. ["Not like male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau sa-veh ri ko-veh.:he does not like *her*. ["Like male-one not female-one."]
ex=Ri tishau sa-veh ko-veh.:He does *not* like her. ["Not like male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau sa-veh ri ko-veh.:He does not like *her*. ["Like male-one not female-one."]
ex=Tishau ri sa-veh ko-veh.:*He* does not like her. [Like not male-one female-one."]
ex=Tishau Sonok T'Sau hi ri T'Pan,:Sonok likes T'Sau but not T'Pan. ["Likes Sonok T'Sau but not T'Pan."]
ex=Tishau ri Sonok hi Stonn T'Pol.:Sonok does not like Stonn but he likes T'Pol. [single verb is not repeated: "Likes not Sonok but Stonn T'Pol."]
ex=Ri tishau Sonok heh Stonn T'Pol.:Sonok and Stonn don't like T'Pol. ["Not like Sonok and Stonn T'Pol."]
ex=Tishau Sonok T'Sau hi ri T'Pan.:Sonok likes T'Sau but not *T'Pan*. ["Likes Sonok T'Sau but (does) not (like) T'Pan."]
ex=Tishau ri Sonok Stonn hi T'Pol.:*Sonok* does not like Stonn but he likes T'Pol. ["Likes not Sonok Stonn but (likes) T'Pol." (single verb is not repeated; orig. /hi/ before object is illogical)]
ex=Tishau ri Sonok hi Stonn T'Pol.:*Sonok* does not like Stonn, but Stonn likes T'Pol. ["Likes not Sonok but (likes) Stonn T'Pol."]
ex=Ri tishau Sonok heh Stonn T'Pol.:Sonok and Stonn do not like T'Pol. ["Not like Sonok and Stonn T'Pol."]
ex=Ri tishau Sonok Stonn heh T'Pol.:Sonok does not like Stonn and T'Pol. ["Not like Sonok Stonn and T'Pol."]
ex=Ri tishau il bolau Sonok uzh dunaplar.:Sonok does not like or need new books. ["Not like or need Sonok new books."]
ex=Tishau hi ri bolau Sonok uzh dunaplar.:Sonok likes but does not need new books. ["Like but not need Sonok new books."]
ex=Ri tishau mavau T'Pan ka'athaira.:T'Pan does not like to play the /ka'athyra/. [/ri/ precedes helper verb: "Not like play T'Pan /ka'athyra/."]
1860,9 → 2027,9
ex=Tishau nash-veh kahm hi ri savas.:I do not like meat but I like fruit.
ex=Tishau T'Pring ri Spock hi Stonn.:T'Pring does not like Spock but she likes Stonn.
ex=Tishau Sonok heh Stonn du hi ri nash-veh.:Sonok and Stonn like you but not me.
ex=Tishau ko-veh Sonok - T'Luki eh T'Sai hi ri T'Pol.:Sonok likes her, T'Luki and T'Sai, but not T'Pol.
ex=Tishau Sonok ko-veh - T'Luki eh T'Sai hi ri T'Pol.:Sonok likes her, T'Luki and T'Sai, but not T'Pol.
ex=Ri tishau Vorik Stonn - T'Pring il T'San.:Vorik does not like Stonn, T'Pring or T'San.
ex=Tishau hi ri bolau Sonak thas.:Sonok likes but does not need /thas/.
ex=Tishau hi ri bolau Sonak thas.:Sonok likes but does not need milk.
ex=Ri tishau mavau Tuvok kal-toh.:Tuvok does not like to play /kal-toh/.
Rihansu:Romulan ["no-?-person"]
1887,14 → 2054,15
rau-nol:shelter {n.}
rau-tor:(to) shelter
abulik sov-razh:air pocket
sov-razh:? ["air-?"]
abulik sov-razh:air pocket ["? air-?"]
reh:three {enum.}
ex=Ma ko-veh reh snauk.:She has three forks. ["Have female-one three fork."]
ex=Nesh-tor ko-kan reh krus t'kap.:The girl slices three loafs of bread. ["Cut girl three piece of-bread."]
ex=Nesh-tor ko-kan reh krus t'kap.:The girl slices three loafs of bread. ["Cut female-child three piece of-bread."]
reh'rak:third (TGV)
rehr-~:third ~
1904,16 → 2072,15
reshan:rage {n.}
reshen-~:angry ~
ret'kuv:washer (spacer)
# ri(k'~):[see /rai/]
rihinek:cartilage {biol.}
rihinek-pleshek:cartilage crusher {med.}
ro'fori:information {anc.} [originally a compound word]
rom(-~):good ~
ohrom:excellent ["eightfold good"]
rok:hope {n.}
rok-tor:(to) hope
ex=Rok-tor nash-veh tal-tor os-dunap.:I hope to find the old book. ["Hopes this-one to-find old-book."]
ru'lut-masu:saliva ["mouth-water"]
ru'lut-sai:napkin ["mouth-cloth"]
1937,6 → 2104,8
rub-zhit-shidlar:adjectival forms
rubitaya:alteration|modification {n.}
ruken:egress {n.} {aero.}
ruk-tor:(to) egress {aero.}
s':from|out of|by ~ [as in the author of, etc.]
sa(-~):male|ex~|outward(-) ~|from out of|away from {comb.}
sa-kan:boy ["male-child"]
1947,7 → 2116,7
ex=Sonok dah'rak sa-telsu t'nash-veh.:Sonok is my second husband. ["Sonok second husband of-this-one."]
sa-veh:he ["male-one"; TGV]
ex=Nem-tor ko-kan dunap t'sa-veh.:The girl takes his book.
ex=Nem-tor ko-kan dunap t'sa-veh.:The girl takes his book. ["Take female-child book of-male-one."]
sasu:man|male {n.} ["male-person"]
osa(su):gentleman|sir ["honored man"]
sayik:male {standal. adj.}
1971,12 → 2140,12
salasharaya:pronunciation ["native-?"]
salasu:native {n.} ["native-person"]
sam-~:cold ~
samek:cold {adj.}
pid-samek:boreal ["high-cold"; inferred]
# pid-samek-ek'nosh:[see /ek'nosh/]
pid-samek-kastik:hekistotherm ["high-cold-plant-related"]
pid-samek-laptra:boreal forest ["high-cold-tree-there"]
sam-~:cold ~
sarlah:(to) come|arrive
1983,8 → 2152,6
ex=Sarlah wuh le-matya..:There is a le-matya coming!
ex=Vesht sarlah nemut | Kardassular || il sos'eh Dzhem-Hadaru || |.:The enemy (the Cardassians [or perhaps the Jem-Hadar]) arrived.
ex=ki'sarlah:has come|arrived
abu-sarlah:(to) come up
fasarlah:(to) come forward
nusarlah:(to) come down, descend
1991,9 → 2158,11
nusarlahn:come-down, down-coming, descent {n.}
visarlah:(to) come in/into|enter [referring to beings; otherwise use /svi-tor/]
abu-sarlah:(to) come up
sash-~:acidic ~
sash-savas:citrus-like fruit ["acidic-fruit"]
sash-savas:/sash-savas/ (citrus-like fruit) ["acidic-fruit"]
sastorau:(to) make a breakthrough
saul:shout {n.}
2000,11 → 2169,11
saul-tor:(to) shout
saven-tor:(to) teach
savensu:teacher ["teaching-person"; usually /osavensu/, see o~]
osavensu:teacher ["honored teacher", as a token of respect]
saven-tor:(to) teach
sazh:legume (gen. term)
seheik:pilgrims {borr.} ["declared ones"]
sehlat:/sehlat/ (bear-like, often domesticated, animal, with six-inch fangs)
2021,6 → 2190,15
ex=Nam-tor Spock 1☐ heh Kirk 2☐.:Spock is 1st and Kirk is 2nd.
sele-an t'li:/Sele-an-t'li/ (secondary level of adult discipline) {anc.}
seshan:pull {n.}
sesh'gal:graviton ["pull-particle"; see /galu/]
sesh'gal-zehlek:graviton beam
wek-terauk sesh'gal-zehlek:phase-conjugate graviton beam
sesh'gal-zehlek-sayek:graviton beam emitter
sesh'gal-vunai:graviton field
sesh'gal-tihetilayek:graviton stabilizer
nu-seshan:gravity ["down-pull"]
set:drop {n.}
set-tor:(to) drop
ex=Set-tor Rihansu suk'snauk fi'yar-pasu.:The Romulan drops the big fork on the green table.
2056,14 → 2234,14
masu-ek'shal:hydrosphere ["water-all-zone"]
seshan-ek'shal:magnetosphere {meteo.} ["?-all-zone"]
si-ek'shal:exosphere {clim.} ["exo-all-zone"]
pid-sov-ek'shal:stratosphere ["high-?-all-zone"]
sviti-sov-ek'shal:mesosphere ["?-?-all-zone"]
pid-sov-ek'shal:stratosphere ["high-air-all-zone"]
sviti-sov-ek'shal:mesosphere ["?-air-all-zone"]
a'rak-shal:positive area {meteo.} ["positive-zone"]
elkhrul-shal:area ["whole-zone"]
shaya:break {n.}
ex=masuk-shayaf:a very big ego [insult]
tal-shaya:/Tal-shaya/ (anc. technique once used for merciful execution) ["study-of-breaking" another's neck with one hand]
tal-shaya:/Tal-shaya/ (anc. technique once used for merciful execution) ["neck-breaking"; breaking another's neck with one hand; see /talu/]
moguhshau:(to) scrap ["?-debris-verb"]
guhsh(-tukh):debris {geol.}
guhsh-khartau-torektra:waste management system (WMS) ["debris-?-system"]
2087,12 → 2265,10
shei:(to) scream [irr. strong v.]
ex=Shei le-matya.:The /le-matya/ screams.
shen:rise|ascent {n.}
shen:rise {n.}|ascent [from CLGV /skæn/ and AGV /ξ'ành/]
she'rak:east ["rise-direction" (from the rising suns)]
she-tor:(to) rise|ascend|go up
she'rak:east ["rise-direction"; referring to sunrise]
shetau:(to) grow
ex=:[see /ma/ for ex.]
shoret:(to) call out|beckon
kwi'shoret:(to) call out to/beckon from far away
ex=:[see /hokni'es/ for ex.]
2102,6 → 2278,8
shehkuh:6 {card.}
sheh'rak:6th (TGV)
shehr-~:6th ~
shetau:(to) become [from CLGV /shætau/ and AGV /ξ'àntá/]
ex=:[see /ma/ for ex.]
shitau:(to) place|put
ex=Shitau Sonok ras-dunap fi'suk'pasu.:Sonok puts the heavy book on the big table.
shi'~:place of ~
2140,6 → 2318,8
skveon-~:east ~
Skveon-Mershtijki:East Mershtak
pla'yumaya t'skaun-sa'haf-tuhllar:gastroesophageal reflux ["back-? of-?-?-?"]
skothon:survey {n.} {aero.}
skothon-tor:(to) survey {aero.}
slah:fiber {biol.}
slahtra:bundle {med.}
2158,15 → 2338,23
potau-slor-tukh:sucrose {biol.} ["?-sweet-stuff"]
savas-slor-tukh:fructose {biol.} ["fruit-sweet-stuff"]
sheh-slor-tukh:hexose {biol.} ["six-sweet-stuff"]
thas-slor-tukh:lactose {biol.} ["?-sweet-stuff"]
thas-slor-tukh:lactose {biol.} ["milk-sweet-stuff"]
smertau:? {v.}
smertaufa:? {n.}
smertausu:? {n.}
sochya-bosh(-~):peaceful ~
stego'sohruhs (abu-math-pla'dorfa daino'sohr):stegosaurus {zool.} {borr.} ["stegosaurus (up-plate-?-?-dinosaur"]
solai:field {agr., fig.}
suk-sov-dan:cyclone (rotation area) {meteo.} ["big-?-rotation"]
solektra:ground {n.} ["field-all-there"]
sov:air {n.}
visovau:(to) blow up|inflate
sovtra-vohraun:aerobraking ["air-there-pausing"]
sov-~:aerial {adj.}
sov-morov:aerial combat ["air-?"]
suk-sov-dan:cyclone (rotation area) {meteo.} ["big-air-rotation"]
sovash-~:base|alkaline ["air-?", due to gasses being a part of bases]
spahk:claw {n.} {biol.}
# spahk-mal-aushfa:crustacean {biol.} ["claw-leg-animal"; see /aushfa/]
2175,7 → 2363,7
spanadvelan:vote {n.} ["govern-choosing"]
spanadvelsu:voter ["govern-choose-person"]
spanakausu:governor {pol.} ["govern-person"]
krusol-spanakausu:state governor {pol.} ["?-governor"]
krusol-spanakausu:state governor {pol.} ["state-governor"]
spanakhat:government {pol.} ["?-rule"]
2208,6 → 2396,7
spana-ornasu:chancellor {pol.}
spo'~:à la|after|in the manner/style of ~
sposhan:eruption [from CLGV /spohshan/ and AGV /sp'àξònh/]
spol:pump {n.}
# khaf-spol:[see /khaf/]
2221,9 → 2410,10
stehr-~:7th ~
stehik:7 {adj.}
stehkuh:7 {card.}
stonn:horn|antler [from CLGV, derived from AGV /stònh/]
ex=stor-shidlar:advanced forms
stron:escape {n.}
stron-tor:(to) escape
stukh:(outer) space ["from-stuff"?; see /tukh/]
2255,9 → 2445,11
ex=Svep pi eh yon suk.:The door is small and the fire is big.
# svi'~:amid(st)|among(st)|in the midst of|inside (of) ~ [see /vi/]
swana:/swana/ (a rare and precious item) [from CLGV /swlana/ and AGV /s'w'lhánh/]
t'~:of|belonging to ~
t'forti:finally {anc.}
t'hai'la:(close[st]) friend|soulmate [often transcribed /t'hyla/]
ex=>Goh kup-tar-tor nash-veh nash pa't'hai'la – t'katralar ki'ragel-tor svi'halovayalar - vesht nam-tor t'osa-veh dan-komihn t'ek.<:"Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human." ["Only able-to-say this-one this about-closest-friend – of-souls have-met in-travels - past to-be of-honored-male-one most-human of-all."; from Kirk's funeral speech for Spock]
t'san s'at:a process of eliminating emotions {anc.}
(ho-)ta'a:/taal/ (traditional Vulcan hand salute) [right hand raised vertically so that the palm is shown to the person greeted; angle between thumb and index finger, and middle and ring finger, to form a "V" each]
2270,17 → 2462,23
tal:study {n.}
ek'tal:science ["all-study"]
ek'talsu:scientist ["all-study-person"]
talal:find(ing)|discovery {n.} ["studied"]
tal-tor:(to) find
talal:find(ings) {n.}
patal-tor:(to) detect
patalan:detection {n.}
tam:dance {n.}
tam-tor:(to) dance
tan:donation|gift|present {n.}
tanek:dispenser {auto.} ["donation-all"]
khaf-tansu:blood donor {med.}
tan-tor:(to) give (MGV)
tanaf:art {n.}
nuk-yem-tanekik:oligotrophic {ocean.} ["low-meal-?"]
tar:say {n.}
taran:saying {n.}
tar-tor:(to) say
tash:control {n.}
tashal (MGV)|tash-shal (TGV):control console
2304,7 → 2502,7
kvath-tash-svitan:emergency bridge ["?-command-?"]
nel-tash-svitan:main bridge ["?-command-?"]
tash-tol:regulator gene
tash-tor:(to) control [inferred]
tash-tor:(to) control
ek'nosh-tash:climate control {meteo.} ["all-condition-control"]
fik-nu-tash:top-down control {ocean.} ["?-down-control"]
lanet-abu-tash:bottom-up control {ocean.} ["?-up-control"]
2317,7 → 2515,6
folau-tash-torektra (FTT):reaction-control system (RCS) {tech.} ["?-control-system"]
kvath-tash-svitan (KTS):auxiliary control (room) {tech.} ["?-control-?"]
vlaik kwitau-tash-torektra (VKTT):lateral impulse control system ["? ?-control-system"]
ha'zehl-tash-feretai:beam control assembly ["?-line-control-?"]
zakar-tash:damage control ["damage-control"]
vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system ["pressure-control-system"]
ek'meklar t'vihish-tash-torektra:pressure control system safeties ["all-? of-pressure-control-system"]
2326,9 → 2523,13
tashuhnu-tukh:rhyolite {geol.}
tashuh-~|tashuhk:felsic {geol.}
tau:fever {anc.}
plak-tau:/plak-tau/ {anc.} ["blood-fever", also transcribed /plak tow/; metabolic chemical imbalance due to the Vulcan mating cycle, terminal if untreated; see /pon farr/]
tau-kath:"fever healing" ["fever-?"]
taul-tulek:dive tank {ocean.} ["?-?"]
tav:rate {n.} [inferred from /tselau-tav/]
tav:rate {n.}
ha'gel-haulan-tavat:albedo ["light-?-?"]
tav-tor:(to) rate
tchas:warp {n.}
tchas-apalikau-tikap t'Skoht:Scott warp startup method ["warp-?-? of-Scott"]
tchas-klai:warp factor ["warp-?"]
2386,9 → 2587,12
Tela'at:elder (title of respect for advanced age /Kolinahru/)
telv:reading {n.}
telv-tor:(to) read
temok:wall {n.}
ten-mal:early ["?-leg"]
terek:affix {n.}
terek-tor:(to) affix
teresh-kah:/Teresh-kah/ (a type of bird)
ex=Teresh-kah suk.:The /teresh-kah/ bird is big.
ex=wan-kur teresh-kah:white /teresh-kah/ bird
2413,19 → 2617,10
tevan:fall|descent {n.}
tev-tor:(to) fall|descend
ex=Tev-tor wu-lipau fi'lan-tol.:The long knife falls on the floor.
mestev-tor:(to) fall across
mestevan:across-fall, falling-across
nutev-tor:(to) fall down [see /nu/]
ex=Nutev-tor Sonok kaiden.:Sonok falls down the stairs. ["Fall-down Sonok stairs."; *not*: /Tev-tor Sonok nu'kaiden./]
nutevan:downfall, falling-down {n.}
ex=tevyan-morlar:the falling leaves
tevi-~:dead ~
tevul:crash {n.} ["fallen"]
tevun:year [inferred]
tevun:year [from leaves falling every autumn?]
tevunik:perennial {adj.} ["yearly"]
wuh-tevunik:annual {adj.} ["one-yearly"]
dah-tevunik:biennial {adj.} ["two-yearly"]
2434,11 → 2629,55
to'ovau-tevun-yonuk:growing season [see /to'ovau/]
teh-tevun:century ["hundred-year"]
leh-teh-tevun:millennium ["thousand-year"]
tev-tor:(to) fall|descend
ex=Tev-tor wu-lipau fi'lan-tol.:The long knife falls on the floor.
mestev-tor:(to) fall across
mestevan:across-fall, falling-across
nutev-tor:(to) fall down [see /nu/]
ex=Nutev-tor Sonok kaiden.:Sonok falls down the stairs. ["Fall-down Sonok stairs."; *not*: /Tev-tor Sonok nu'kaiden./]
nutevan:downfall, falling-down {n.}
ex=tevyan-morlar:the falling leaves
thas:milk {n.}
thasau:(to) lactate
thasaya:lactation ["milking"]
pehk-thasaya:ablactation ["stop-milking"]
thask:breast {TGV} {LGV} [cognate with /thasek/ "milk-all"]
thasek-gonaf:nipple [from {anc.} /thask-gonaf/ "breast-button"]
thask-dah'haf:bra {TGV} {LGV} ["breast-two-gap"]
thask-rasathra:breast cancer {TGV} ["breast-?"]
thask-vishi-vel:breast implant {TGV} ["breast-into-place-thing"]
thask-yem-tor:(to) breastfeed {TGV} ["breast-meal-to-do"]
thak:breast {MGV}
thak-dahf:bra {MGV} ["breast-?"]
thak-rasathra:breast cancer {MGV} ["breast-?"]
thak-vishi-vel:breast cancer {MGV} ["breast-into-place-thing"]
thak-yem-tor:(to) breastfeed {TGV} ["breast-meal-to-do"]
thasnemek:milking machine
thasnem-tor:(to) milk (by machine) ["milk-take-to-do"]
sfith-thas:sour milk ["?-milk"]
thas-aluk:milk fish ["milk-fish"]
thas-aushfa:mammal ["milk-animal"]
deltuh'therihdiuhm (reh-tarkiv-zud'veh ten-malik thas-aushfa):deltatheridium {paleo.} {borr.}
fe-thas-aushfa:protomammal {paleo.}
lai'keinaps (wolf-limukalik fu-thas-aushfa):lycaenops {paleo.} {borr.}
thrihnahksuh'dan (ten-malik fu-thas-aushfa):thrinaxodon {paleo.} {borr.}
sa'haf-thas-aushfa:marsupial {n.} ["pouch-mammal"]
gad-keshtanik sa'haf-thas-aushfa:alphadon {paleo.}
bosh-patam'veh (thas-aushfa-orfikk):hadrocodium {paleo.}
thas-mev:lactoferous duct {anat.}
thas-pi'nafek:mammary gland {anat.} ["milk-small-organ"; see /pi'nafek/]
thas-skaun-zalu:lactase {biol.}
thas-spol:breast pump ["milk-pump"]
thas-tehsik:casein {biol.}
thas-tor:(to) milk (manually) ["milk-to-do"]
thas-vedik-ravot:milkweed bug {zool.} ["milk-?-bug"]
thanai:(to) adopt [irr. strong v.]
ex=Thanai Sonok heh T'Luki sa-kan heh ko-kan.:Sonok and T'Luki are adopting a boy and a girl.
thal-tukh:detritus {anorg.}
Theisuhs|Theizuhs:Thasus {borr. from FSE}
thel-~:fat ~
thel'an-~:obese ~
2446,16 → 2685,14
vunai-khlop-thon:field geometry {tech.} ["field-?-measurement"]
raf-kuv t'vunai-khlop-thon:field geometry circuit {tech.} ["?-? of-field-?-measurement"]
thon-tor:(to) measure
thonalik:measured {adj.}
sov-dukal-vel na'salan-thonan:rawinsonde ["?-?-thing for-wind-measuring"]
sov-dukal-vel na'salan-thonan:rawinsonde ["air-?-thing for-wind-measuring"]
thonan-fek:ruler {med.} ["measuring-?"]
glu-masutra-thonaya:bathymetry ["deep-?-measuring"]
thonek:meter (device)
thonek t'masu-muhs-tuhl:psychrometer ["meter of-water-vapor-contain"]
thonek t'wan-tin-lanet:ceilometer {meteo.} ["meter of-white-layer-bottom"; device for determining the height of a cloud base]
thonek t'sov-masu-theklar:disdrometer ["meter of-?-water-?"]
thonek t'sov-masu-theklar:disdrometer ["meter of-air-water-?"]
bal-thonek:calipers {tech.} ["?-meter"]
numo-bal-thonek:microcaliper ["microscopic-?-meter"]
seshu-bal-thonek:gravitic calipers ["?-?-meter"]
2466,7 → 2703,7
gluder-thonek:depth finder ["depth-meter"]
halek-dan-thonek:cyclometer ["wheel-rotation-meter"]
ihn-thonek:densitometer ["?-meter"]
kahat-thonek t'kas-yar-kurek:fluorometer ["?-meter of-?-green-coloring"]
kahat-thonek t'kas-yar-kurek:fluorometer ["?-meter of-plant-green-coloring"]
khaf-spolik raf-bes-thonek:electrocardiograph ["heart ?-?-meter"]
khaf-vihish-thonek:sphygmomanometer ["blood-pressure-meter"]
kur-thonek:colorimeter ["color-meter"]
2473,7 → 2710,7
kurtra-thonek:spectrometer ["color-there-meter"]
masu-thonek:hydrometer ["water-meter"]
asal-masu-thonek:drosometer ["morning-water-meter"]
sov-masu-thonek:hygrometer ["?-water-meter"]
sov-masu-thonek:hygrometer ["air-water-meter"]
na-sovau-thonek:evaporimeter ["?-?-meter"]
pidek-thonek:altimeter ["height-meter"]
dvunek-toranik raf-bes-thonek:electromyograph ["?-busy ?-?-meter"]
2483,13 → 2720,14
shad-pralik raf-bes-thonek:electroencephalograph ["?-? ?-?-meter"]
smish-thonek:dynamometer ["?-meter"]
solektra-hutaya-thonek:seismometer ["?-?-meter"]
sov-ne'hish-thonek:barometer {tech.} ["?-?-meter"]
sov-vihish-thonek:barometer {ocean.} ["?-pressure-meter"/"?-?-meter"]
dvunek-elekik sov-vihish-thonek:aneroid barometer {meteo.} ["?-? ?-pressure-meter"]
sov-ne'hish-thonek:barometer {tech.} ["air-?-meter"]
sov-vihish-thonek:barometer {ocean.} ["air-pressure-meter"]
dvunek-elekik sov-vihish-thonek:aneroid barometer {meteo.} ["?-? air-pressure-meter"]
vath-yut-thonek:interferometer ["?-way-meter"]
vul-thonek:climometer ["?-meter"]
yumau-thonek:flowmeter {geo.}|flow monitor {tech.} ["?-meter"]
zhu-thonek:audiometer ["hearing-meter"]
thon-tor:(to) measure ["measure-to-do"]
ex=:[see /nem-tor/ for ex.]
2498,7 → 2736,9
abuli-threshan-yal:vertical speed indicator {aero.} ["vertical-?-?"]
abuthresha:(to) throttle up {aero.} ["up-?"]
abuthreshan:throttle-up {n.} {aero.}
throks:(to) give (TGV)
thro:access {n.}
throks:(to) give (access) (TGV)
thro-tor:(to) access
thurai(-~):next ~
abuli-tihetilayek:vertical stabilizer {aero.} ["vertical-?"]
2531,11 → 2771,12
to'ovau-tin t'lap-vukhut:cambium {bot.} ["grow-layer of-tree-body"]
nala-to'ovaya:cell growth
tor:(to) do|make
tor:(to) do|make [from CLGV /thor/ and AGV /dhórh/]
~-tor:(weak verb form)
tor-bosh:process {n.}
tor-zhit:verb ["to-do-word"]
# tor-yehat:possible ["make-true"; see /yeht/]
torah:(to) act (on sth.) [produce an effect]
ex=Au toranik svi'solai.:They are busy|occupied in the field.
ex=Du toranik.:You are busy|occupied.
2549,6 → 2790,8
ex=Rok-tor etek tra'tal-tor sehlatlar.:We hope to find sehlats there. ["Hope we there-find sehlats."]
ex=Aitlu tu fa-gad tra'hal-tor ha.:Do you want to go there tomorrow? ["Want you tomorrow there-go?"]
trasha:(to) leave
tral:surge {n.} {aero.}
tral-tor:(to) surge
trau(-~):honest ~
ritrau(-~):dishonest ~
ex=Ferengi ritrau hi Vuhlkansu trau.:A Ferengi is dishonest but a Vulcan is honest.
2557,6 → 2800,8
ex=treit t'kushel:flock of birds ["flock of-bird"]
trel:slip {n.} {aero.}
trel-tor:(to) slip {aero.}
tsaebb-~:west ~ {obs.}
Tsaebb-Mershtijkk:West Mershtak (Vulcan language)
2578,7 → 2823,7
kef-tuhlau-vis:emergency containment grid ["?-contain-web"]
tuhlek:container {tech.}|tank {ocean.}
tuhlek t'vimashal-masu-tukh:liquid hydrogen tank ["tank of-?-water-?"]
tuhlek t'vimashal-sov-tukh:liquid nitrogen tank ["tank of-?-?-?"]
tuhlek t'vimashal-sov-tukh:liquid nitrogen tank ["tank of-?-air-?"]
tuhlek t'vimashal-esh-tukh:liquid oxygen tank ["tank of-?-oxygen"]
esh-tukh-tuhlek:oxygen tank {ocean.} ["breathe-stuff-tank"; see /esh-tukh/]
set-tuhlek:drop tank ["?-tank"]
2589,17 → 2834,13
tukh:material|substance|stuff|element {chem.}
bal-tukh:erbium {chem.} ["?-?"]
bali-tukh:samarium {chem.} ["thick-?"]
esh-tukh:oxygen ["breathe-stuff"]
fezhau-vok t'masu-esh-tukh:dissolved oxygen level {biol.} ["?-? of-water-breathe-stuff"]
# esh-tukh-tuhlek:[see /tuhlek/]
ek'esh-tukh-kupik:euryoxic {adj.} {biol.} ["all-breathe-stuff-?"]
masu-tukh:hydrogen {chem.} ["water-stuff"]
(nen-)nala-tukh:cytoplasm {biol.} ["(?-)cell-stuff"]
nen-kas-tukh:cellulose ["?-?-stuff"]
nen-kas-tukh:cellulose ["?-plant-stuff"]
ras-tukh:lead {chem.} ["heavy-stuff"]
skamau-tukh:attractant {biol.} ["?-?-stuff"]
sov-tukh:nitrogen ["air-?"]
reh-masuyu t'sov-tukh:ammonia [NH_3; "three-hydrogen (out-)of-(one-)nitrogen"]
tehn-ausham-tukh:antivenin {biol.} ["?-?-stuff"]
tehn-hasam-tukh:antitoxin {biol.} ["?-?-stuff"]
2630,6 → 2871,11
uf wehk:how many
ugel-~:bright ~
ukraluk:reptile {n.} [from CLGV, derived from AGV /úhrállu/, meaning "one who crawls"]
saino'dant (dag-zud'veh thas-aushfa-ukraluk):cynodont {paleo.} {borr.}
sainag'nathuths (dag-ahs'veh thas-aushfa-ukraluk):cynognathus {paleo.} {borr.}
teno'spandihluhs (thalv-pla'dorfa thas-aushfa-ukraluk):ctenospondylus {paleo.} {borr.}
pluh'seriuhs (thas-aushfa-ukraluk):placerias {paleo.} {borr.}
# ul-shivaya:[see /shivaya/]
2645,6 → 2891,8
Va'Vuhnaya s'Va'Terishlar (VVVT):Infinitite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) {phil.}
vah:as [inferred]
vak-zehl:x-ray {n.} {aero.}
vak-zehl-tor:(to) x-ray {aero.}
vakav(-~):frequent ~
rivak:course {n.} ["infrequently (changing)"?]
vakav'es:frequency [inferred]
2653,6 → 2901,7
tchu-nuk-vakav'es (TNV):very low frequency (VLF) {tech.}
mair-pid-vakav'es (MPV):extremely high frequency (EHF)
ohm-pid-vakav'es (OPV):ultra high frequency (UHF) {tech.}
vakh:bold {adj.}
vahl:(to) grant
vanu-~:ceremonial ~
Vanu-Zukitan:Ceremonial Script (Vulcan writing script)
2713,21 → 2962,20
a'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:Positive-tilt trough {meteo.} ["positive-tilted low-pressure-?"]
u'rak-ayaunik nuk-vihish-tauf:Negative-tilt trough {meteo.} ["negative-tilted low-pressure-?"]
nuk-vihish-svitistoraya:cyclogenesis {meteo.} ["low-pressure-?"]
vikau:(to) warn [inferred]
vikau:(to) warn
vikaya:warning {n.} [inferred]
vikayek:alarm (device) {n.} {aero.}
vikwam:alert {n.}
vikau-torektra:warning system ["?-system"]
vin-~:mature ~
vikau-torektra:warning system ["warn-system"]
vinik:mature {adj.}
wehk-tevun-vinik:multivoltine {adj.; biol.} ["many-year-mature"]
wuh-tevun-vinik:univoltine {adj.} ["one-year-mature"]
vin-tor:(to) mature
vin-~:mature ~
vin-tor:(to) mature ["maturity-to-do"]
visak'a:legacy {anc.}
visolektrau:(to) bury)
visovau:(to) blow up|inflate
vit-~:static ~
vis:net {tech.}|web {biol.}
2746,9 → 2994,10
vo'ekti:? {anc.} {borr.}
vohr-~:slow ~
vohrau:(to) pause [inferred]
vohraya:pause [inferred]
nosh-vohraya:diapause {biol.} ["condition-pause"; see /nosh/]
vokau:(to) remember [inferred and from ST:ENT "The Forge"]
vokau:(to) remember [also in ST:ENT "The Forge"]
vokau-patam:memory head {tech.} ["remember-?"]
vokau-tviyan:memory core {tech.} ["remember-?"]
vokau-val:memory chip ["remember-?"]
2764,6 → 3013,8
vukhut(-~):body|corporeal ~
ri-vukhut-~:non-corporeal ~
ri-vukhut-hasular:non-corporeal beings
vul:incline {n.} {aero.}
vul-tor:(to) incline {aero.}
vun(-~):have to|must
ex=Vun hal-tor sa-veh tal-tor paki-sehlat.:He must go find the lost sehlat. ["Must go he to-find lost-sehlat."]
ex=Vun-vashau dah yel-hali skyem-kushel tlingansu.:The two starships have to destroy the Klingon bird-of-prey. ["Must-destroy two starship bird-of-prey Klingon."]
2788,7 → 3039,7
vi-yumau-vush:inflow jet {meteo.}
vush-dataya:jet propulsion {tech.}
vush-mishu:jet engine {tech.}
vush-sov-hali:jet aircraft {tech.}
vush-sov-hali:jet aircraft {tech.} ["?-air-ship"]
vush-su-yata:jetliner {tech.}
wa('~):especially|particularly|really|truly [etc.; used for emphasis]
ex=Wa'aitlu nash-veh gla-tor per-gluvaya.:I really want to see the play. ["Really-wants this-one to-see play."]
2803,13 → 3054,15
lat-wak:local time {aero.} ["?-time"]
wakli:in what way
ex=>Wakli ak'wikman - ot-lan?<:"What surprises you, lieutenant?" ["In-what-way surprises, lieutenant?"]
wan:cloud {n.}
wan-kur:white ["cloud-color"]
wan:cloud {n.} {anc.} [from CLGV /wlan/ and AGV /w'lhán/]
waneti:/Waneti/ (a type of white?, flowering plant; borr.)
wan-tukh:alumin(i)um ["cloud-stuff", because the metal is light in color and weight]
wan-kur:white ["cloud-color", because clouds are one of the few "white" items historically on Vulcan]
ex=Le-matya wan-kur.:The /le-matya/ is white.
wan-~:white ~
kahs-wan:/Kahs-wan/ (maturity test) {anc.} ["flesh-white", see /kahm/?; Vulcan children go/are sent into the deep desert (the Forge) to prove their survival skills, that they are actually Vulcans – only those who survive can take a mate; see /Vuhlkansu/]
waneti:/Waneti/ (a type of white?, flowering plant; borr.)
watosh(-~):ugly ~
wedzh:intent {n.}
wedzh-tor:(to) intend
ex=Wedzh-tor du gla-tor per-gluvaya ha.:Do you intend to see the play? ["Intend you to-see play yes."]
weh-~:~er|more ~ (comparative)
2819,6 → 3072,8
ex=Isan t'Wehk- heh Gol'nev-Zhitlar svi'Zhit-ballar:Use of Multiple & Helper Verbs in Sentences
weil:whale [borr. from FSE]
ralek-weil:fin whale [see /ralek/]
wek:phase {n.} {aero.}
wek-tor:(to) phase {aero.}
ul-wihka:hypothesis {ocean.} ["partial-?"]
2859,10 → 3114,10
yel:star {n.}
# yel-hali:[see /hali/]
yel-halek(-~|ik):galactic [inferred]
yel-halek:galaxy ["star-wheel"]
Yel-Halek t'Thas-Yut:Milky Way Galaxy ["galaxy of-milk-way"]
yel-halekik shi-kethel:galactic coordinate ["galactic place-?"]
yel-halek-kuv:galactic circle
yel-halek-pa'ashtra:galactic plane
yel-halek-dan:galactic rotation
yel-ulidar:sunspot ["star-scar"]
2902,16 → 3157,15
za'~:behind ~
za(-)~:posterior|aft(-)~|rear(-)~|stern(-)~ {naut.}
zahvan:taste {n.}
zahv-tor:(to) taste
zahvan:taste {n.}
zakar:damage {n.}
zakar-tor:(to) damage
ex=Zakar-tor sahriv urozh svi'solai t'sa-veh hi ri t'etek.:The storm damaged the crops in his field but not in ours.
zanan:? {n.}
zan-tor:? {v.}
zanan:view {n.}
zan-tor:(to) view
zehl:line {n.}
ek'zehl:border ["all-line"]
ek'zehl'es:lineage ["line-noun"; inferred]
2918,6 → 3172,8
wakrubau-zehl'es:evolutionary lineage ["evolution-lineage"]
lap-ek'zehl:baumgrenze ["tree-border"]
yetur-ek'zehl:driveline|drivetrain {tech.}
ha'zehl:beam (ray) ["fire-line"]
ha'zehl-tash-feretai:beam control assembly ["?-line-control-?"]
zek:order {n.}
zhai-~:gray ~
2934,6 → 3190,8
zhit-gir:word root ["word-root"; inferred]
zhit-isan:grammar ["word-use"]
zhit-vesht-tal:etymology ["word-past-study"]
ex=>Zhit-Vesht-Tal Ba- eh Iyi-Gol-Vuhlkansu<:"Traditional and Modern Golic Vulcan Etymology"
nazhitovau:(to) spell
dannosh-zhit:superlative {n.}
deshkaun-zhit:interrogative {n.}
4,29 → 4,47
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<h1>Modern Golic Vulcan – Federation Standard English Dictionary</h1>
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// if ($is_example)
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// $phrase = preg_replace(REGEXP_PREFIX_EXAMPLE, '', $phrase);
// $prev_phrase['examples'][$phrase] = $transl;
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// $level = mb_strlen($matches['lws']) / 2;
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// $translation = $data['translation'];
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// . " <span lang='$target_lang'>" . $translation . '</span>';
// if (isset($data['examples']))
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// echo '<ul>';
// foreach ($data['examples'] as $original => $translation)
// {
// echo "<li><i lang='$source_lang'>" . htmlspecialchars($original) . '</i>'
// . " <span lang='$target_lang'>" . $translation . '</span></li>';
// }
// echo '</ul>';
// }
// $prev_level = $level;
// }
// echo '</ol>';
// }
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