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class Dictionary(dict):
A Dictionary (not to be confused with its ancestor, dict)
represents a word dictionary stored in a file.
_language_key = 'en'
37,6 → 38,13
_expressions = {}
def load (self, dictionary_file, language_key='en'):
Loads a word dictionary from a file.
:param dictionary_file:
:type dictionary_file:
:param language_key:
:type language_key:
self._language_key = language_key
dmsg('Loading dictionary '.format(dictionary_file), end='', min_level=1)
105,8 → 113,11
dmsg(' done ({0} entries).'.format(len(self)), min_level=1)
def clean (self):
Cleans dictionary entries
re_parens = compile(r'\(.+\)', DOTALL)
re_parens_no_alt = compile(r'\(([^|]+)\)', DOTALL)
re_parens_no_alt = compile(r'\(([^\|]+)\)', DOTALL)
re_braces = compile(
134,7 → 145,11
m = match(re_braces, orig_phrase)
if m is not None:
phrase ="phrase")
phrase ='phrase')
if callable(getattr(self, 'clean_entry', None)):
phrase = self.clean_entry(phrase)
m_parens = search(re_parens, phrase)
if m_parens is not None:
# alternation and optional parts
148,6 → 163,13
del self[orig_phrase]
def translate (self, phrase):
Translate a phrase according to this dictionary.
For language-specific processing, this method should be
called/overridden by inheriting classes.
:param phrase:
:type phrase: str
translation = self.get(phrase.lower(), None)
if translation is not None:
translation[self._language_key] = phrase
156,7 → 178,13
return None
def translate_expression (self, phrase):
for expression, data in list(self._expressions.items()):
Translate a phrase according entries in this dictionary
based on regular expressions.
:param phrase:
:type phrase:
for expression, data in sorted(self._expressions.items(), key=lambda item:-len(item[1])):
expression_match = match(expression, phrase)
if expression_match is not None:
data[self._language_key] =