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<%@taglib uri="/struts-tags" prefix="s"%>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<c:set var="contextPath" value="${pageContext.request.contextPath}" />

<title>Beziehungstypen bearbeiten</title>

<p>Hier k&ouml;nnen Sie die Beziehungstypen anpassen.</p>

<s:if test="relTypeList.size() == 0">
<p>Keine Beziehungstypen gefunden</p>
                <th>Bezeichnung A =&lt; B</th>
                <th>Bezeichnung B =&lt; A</th>
<s:iterator value="relTypeList" status="stat">
                <td><s:property value="nameFrom" /></td>
                <td><s:property value="nameTo" /></td>
                <td><s:url id="editURL" action="editRelType">
                        <s:param name="id" value="%{id}"></s:param>
                </s:url> <s:a href="%{editURL}">
                        <img src="${contextPath}/resources/icons/page_white_edit.png" alt="edit" />
                <td><s:url id="deleteURL" action="deleteRelType">
                        <s:param name="id" value="%{id}"></s:param>
                </s:url> <s:a href="%{deleteURL}">
                        <img src="${contextPath}/resources/icons/delete.png" alt="delete" />