Galaxy: Milky Way
Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Sector 4-4-1
Star System: Briar Patch
Star: Unknown
Moons: None
Class: Unknown
Atmosphere: O2 / N2
Species: Ba'ku, Son'a; large diversity in fauna and flora
Federation Affiliation: None

Similar to Terra, the planet is the current homeworld of the about 600 Ba'ku people.

Interestingly, it provides almost eternal life to the Ba'ku, because their genetic structure is being continuously regenerated by the metaphasic radiation coming from the planet's rings.
On the other hand, it enables them also to have a normal childhood as the radiation influence shows effect only since the puberty.
It has been also reported that older people become younger until they are of adult age and that damaged body cells regenerate when staying longer on the surface.

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The Ba'ku planet from outer space
The Ba'ku planet from its orbit