Galaxy: Milky Way
Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Sector 4-4-1
Stars: None
Known Planets: Ba'ku Planet
Class: Unknown

Briar Patch

A naturally volatile region of space, the Briar Patch (named by Dr. Arik Soong) is the location of the Ba'ku planet.
It consists of a large amount of ionized gases that prevent subspace communications with outer space except near its edge area, especially highly flammable accumulations of Metreon gas. Another specialty is the high concentration of Metaphasic particles, especially in the rings of the Ba'ku planet.

The image above shows only a short-range scan of the Briar Patch. Since the Ba'ku/Son'a incident when systems have been developed to explore the phenomenon more in detail, there are also photographs available. Click the thumbnails or the description below to enlarge image:

The Briar Patch from its outer edges
Inside the Briar Patch