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         content="Links to distributed computing (Folding@home, SETI@home), Leisure Database, Mozilla/5.0 tips & tools, poetry, standard phrases (psf), JavaScripts & PHP scripts, documents regarding SELFHTML.DE, a songbook and the United Federation of Planets Database (UFPDB). Coming soon: The best internet links categorized and much more via a bilingual (English/German) LCARS terminal styled user interface that can be also used to surf the web anonymously! Bookmark NOW!">
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         content="PointedEars' Website: Access to the United Federation of Planets Databanks and an online songbook. Coming soon: Software downloads always worth a click, the best internet links categorized and much more via a bilingual (English/German) LCARS terminal styled user interface that can be also used to surf the web anonymously! Bookmark NOW!">
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        <td align="center" colspan=2><img
         alt="Dif-tor&nbsp;heh&nbsp;smusma - Live&nbsp;long&nbsp;and&nbsp;prosper - Leben&nbsp;Sie&nbsp;lange&nbsp;und&nbsp;gl&uuml;cklich"
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        <td width="50%"><h1
         align="center">Welcome at PointedEars'&nbsp;Website</h1></td>
        <td width="50%"><h1
         align="center">Willkommen auf PointedEars'&nbsp;Website</h1></td>
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