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2011-10-04  PE
  - Added diagnostics (just in case)
  - Use `binmode STDOUT' instead of `use encoding' (compat.)
  - Documentation update, moved changelog and TODO to files 
  - `##' for leading comments to handle dev artifacts better
  - Sorted supported newsreaders alphabetically
  - Added support for Microsoft Windows Mail (OE successor)
  - Use uniform sub identifiers (words delimited with `_')
  - Use ISO/IEC units of data storage (KiB, MiB) uniformly
  - Space after header field's `:' are optional now,
    see RFC 5536, section 2.2 ("MAY")
  - Convert old `From' format to new one, collapse whitespace,
    remove outer ("protocol") quotes
  - Seconds are optional in `Date' header field values now,
    see grammar in RFC 5322, section 3.3 (ref. by RFC 5536, 2.2)
  - commify() adapted to perlfaq5
  - clean(): Simplified whitespace stripping
  - write_data(): writes XDATA using UTF-8, removed bogus print()
  - Fixed all Perl::Critic-ized code except nested get_agent()

2011-10-03  PE
  - Use more compatible shebang
  - Fixed some Perl::Critic-ized code
  - Fixed wrong indent for non-ASCII names
  - Formatted source code

2011-07-03  PE
  - Use Encode to decode/encode MIME encodings
  - Use warnings, utf8 (just in case)
  - Documentation update
N/A         NN
  - Take newsgroup name as argument

2004-06-19  NN
  - newsgroup name is $ARGV[0]
  - Allow command line flags for subtracting
    output if not pertinent for a group
2002-11-09  NN
  - Put Garry's writedata() function back in.
  - added "rn" to my list of UA's
  - Started using %distinct_agent for both User agent
  - named it version 0.3
2002-11-06  NN
  - Fixed the earliest/latest file problem by using
    mtime rather than ctime, and simplifying the logic
2002-11-05  NN
  - moved user configurations to the top
  - fixed the cross-posting section
  - introduced the $newsgroup_name variable which
    later becomes $news$group
  - changed $name to $agent_name in countagents()

NN  Nomen nominandum (name to be determined later)
PE  Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn <>